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The new Augmented Routes 2.0

Our goal has always been to bring you the most realistic riding experience when you connect and ride on Rouvy. That´s why we keep developing our technologies to offer you an even better feel of riding outdoors. For this reason, we are preparing the new edition of Augmented Routes
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The exciting premiere of Rouvy eRace

Isn’t it amazing that this year Tour de France celebrated its 106th edition? Cycling has been a popular sport for ages, but in recent years, this two-wheel sport has experienced a virtual revolution.
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Standard and Branded Challenges for Q3/2019

Summertime is here!! Summer is in full swing for those in the Northern Hemisphere! Most of you are riding your bikes outside, but Rouvy is still here with Challenges to motivate you in your training!! New Challenges also give you a chance to finish your Rouvy career! No matter whether you are riding outdoors or indoors, we wish you a nice summer!
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If you have read our article about our new Rouvy Ambassadors, you might know Lauren Wolff, aka “BianchiGirl.” She is our ambassador and our first women’s Double-Legend and longtime user, who regularly recommends route tips for you in our Facebook Group - Rouvy Athletes. We’ve decided to gradually add articles with her tips to our blog. Here's the first one. Happy reading and riding! :-)
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