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Eliška Harantová

Rouvy Legend - Eva Klusoňová

"Virtual Training is a great choice when it's raining, freezing cold or you're sick of traffic on the roads. Rouvy has made it much more enjoyable. You can ride so many different routes around the world with real life videos. It makes you feel you are really climbing, e.g., the Alpe d'Huez, and you put all your efforts into the climb, so you get off the bike absolutely exhausted.."
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Rouvy Legend - Stan Lindquist

"Work hard, keep at it and amazing things will happen! I have titanium plates in my shoulder from a broken collarbone and titanium rods in my leg; both are from different crashes on my bikes. I am still riding and driving hard. Riding gives you a chance to be outdoors, keep yourself in good shape and meet great people.."
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Rouvy Team Group Rides - Schedule for November

With the upcoming release of the Augmented Routes, we are presenting a new feature called “Group Ride,” which brings you a new possibility of riding with your teammates, friends or other riders from all over the world. Our new technology is based on the augmented reality concept. The platform generates and tracks different 3D objects within real 2D videos. Stable and animated objects include riders, gates, checkpoints and more. The full description will be released tomorrow, November 1.
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