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Eliška Harantová

2018 Wahoo Route Contest

Wahoo Fitness and Rouvy announce a route video contest for the second year in a row! Wahoo joins this “getting-to-become-a-tradition” cycling route contest with some extraordinary prizes. Let's sum up all the necessary info!
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Tereza Huříková - Rouvy Team Member and Olympian

Tereza Huříková is a former professional cyclist representing the Czech Republic in multiple disciplines throughout her career. She joined the Rouvy marketing team in May and as an accomplished cyclist, we wanted to learn more about Tereza and her cycling career.
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Rouvy Legends - Christophe Gino

"Believe in you, have a strong mental outlook, take the opportunity to ride with others, who will help you to push your own limits a bit further each day. Don’t forget: “Limits are made to be exceeded!!!” But always stay on the safe side! Ride with a helmet outdoors; do not go beyond what you can..."
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