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The new Augmented Routes 2.0

Our goal has always been to bring you the most realistic riding experience when you connect and ride on Rouvy. That´s why we keep developing our technologies to offer you an even better feel of riding outdoors. For this reason, we are preparing the new edition of Augmented Routes
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Petr Vabroušek: the real iron man

As you already know from our previous article, Petr Vabroušek is one of our new Brand Ambassadors. This man is the long-time most successful Czech Triathlete who has become a legend worldwide. He currently holds the record of 41 Ironman victories, the last victory was in Sahara this January. We're so excited for Petr Vabrousek to tell us the well-deserved story of his successful career. Learn more about this celebrated athlete, for whom cycling has always been a way to get from swimming to running but also means freedom for him.
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Rouvy is changing the current 5 training zones into 7 levels. Are you curious as to why you should follow your power output and why we decided to do this update? There are many reasons to do so.
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