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Aleš Razým - Rouvy Team Member and Olympian

In today's blog, we´re bringing you a hot interview with Aleš Razým. Who is he?

We´re very proud to say that he's a member of the Czech National Olympic Team, as well as working on our Rouvy development team! 


So Aleš, let´s talk about your beginnings. Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in Pilsen; now I reside in Jablonec nad Nisou.


How did you get into XC skiing, your first steps?

My parents are both cross-country skiers, so I started to ski from the time it was possible. :)


Do you remember your first race?

No, not really. I remember that Grandpa and Grandma did timekeeping, and I always told them my position in reverse. Once I came and told them I was last (means I won the race).


Have you always wanted to be an XC skier? 

For about three years, from age 9-12, I played handball, too. When training for winter, we did a lot of running and cycling (MTB), but my performance was far superior in winter compared to summer. :)


Tell us something about the main theme - the Olympic games.  How many times have you been in the Olympic games? Could you tell us your best achievement so far?

This is my 3rd time. The goal for PyeongChang was to improve my personal best, which was 44th from the classic sprint in Vancouver. I made 43rd in the classic sprint here and 30th in 15km free. In teams, we were 8th in relay and 9th in the team sprint, both in Sochi. (meanwhile, Aleš finished 7th in Team Sprint with his teammate Martin Jakš)

PyeongChang 2018 - 15 km FT


How long have you been preparing for the Olympics? Did you believe you can qualify for Czech National Team?

One can say that my whole life has been preparation for such an event. :) For almost four years, I struggled with injury and the recovery took more time than expected. I can say that since WSC 2015 in Falun, my main goal was to get over being injured and improve my performance to be faster than ever before. The second one hasn’t come yet. :D Yes, I believed, but the way was not easy...


Do you have any personal goal or wish for the results?

Ha, see above. :)


What does the Olympic Village look like? 

PyeongChang Village is a newly built housing estate with eight, 15-floor buildings with common underground parking. The apartments are sold already. Gangneung Village has higher houses, but I don’t know the details.


What do you do between races - in your leisure time? 

Easy training. Once we went to see Gangneung town. We have therapists here, so they also help me to recover and develop. Also, I do some programming, but just for fun.