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To follow up on announced Challenges and changes, we now unveil the details. There was nothing wrong with the old Career concept in general. However, with having first Top 10 riders (and a bunch of others getting close) who completed this (sort of) “motivational challenge”, the time has come to breathe some fresh air into it.  

A typical problem (but not the only one) for all kind of remote competitions is the difference in time zones, equipment, age, available time and training goals. Without some reasonable time pressure, competitive drive is always in question. That is why all team sports (and most teams) live on an annual cycle. On the other hand, individual athletic careers or training goals are subject to long-term planning and strategy. We have taken into account every comment of yours, and made a decision which we hope will comprise different needs and points of view. We have never ignored the requests of core users in the past. Nor we are going to do it in the future. With that in mind, let’s jump to overview the changes.      


It is worth noting that for the majority of Rouvy (formerly VT) users, the beginning of the “Career Mode” was never an issue of first, second or, sometimes, even third importance. There is nothing wrong or special in that. Rouvy is mostly about great routes, planning and tracking of individual trainings; being a platform for riding structured workouts and a community of like-minded people. On the other hand, it is a decent gamification feature that sets us apart from others. It is also one of the ways we can bring new and best quality content to the attention of beginners on the platform. We hope the new dynamic format will help many stay focused and motivated for a longer period of time than just “next winter.” 

Seasonal Timing 

  • Rouvy Season will last for 11-12 months, and starts every year in October-November.
  • To make numbers comparable on a season-to-season basis, the intensity of each level separately (and altogether overall) in TSS points will be the same year after year. 
  • Outdoor points are welcomed and continue to be valid (but power meter is still a must). More info is in the knowledge base. 

Subject of Reset

  • To keep things fresh and interesting, “Career Tasks” for each level will be updated every season.
  • Accounts with an absolute “0” activity on the trainer in the last season will be downgraded to “Starter” (relates to Legends as well).
  • All tasks and accumulated points in your current Career Level (“My Career”) will be reset every year to zero. 

Thus, you are not going to be limited in time needed for career building (no distraction from any specialized training), and you will always keep the current status and badge for the next season. Of course, it will cause more pressure regarding whether or not you are going to make the next level before the end of the season. But there should be some intrigue, right? Everything is in your hands, so plan the end of seasons smartly and accordingly.  

Seasonal Results 

  • All current results, up to November 7, 2017, are to be counted as those reached for Season 16/17.
  • Career Level resets will never affect any personal and all-time statistics.
  • All records will be archived in seasonal results.

You'll be able to see how hard anyone rides and performs over the current season leaderboards based on age groups and some other metrics, later, on year-to-year boards (to be elaborated upon later).




First, congratulations to all those who have reached Legend status! Everyone is proud of you! You have made it to the “Hall of Fame” of Legends that will stay there for all time.



Being a live Legend is cool, but there should be something else down the road, right? 

The first good news is that you can stay in ‘Legend’ status as long as you want and still be eligible for all draws. The second good news is that a reset for Legends (at the moment) is manual. (If you want one, please request our support to do so.) There won’t be any special levels for Legends. Stating this, we are established on the following assumptions:

  • Obviously making your Career a lifelong, never-ending journey is neither our objective nor your expectation.
  • If you are concentrating on completing one, it is possible to finish ‘Career Mode’ in one season. For multiple and esteemed reasons, this has not been a choice of many people.
  • The main battle is against yourself. Rouvy is a facilitator in this encounter on the light side, not a conductor. 

Making a long story short, there will be some special badges for those who will complete a Career a few times. An available reset for Legends is possible only to full “zero” (Starter), but the status of the former Legend will be demonstrated by a special icon in the rider’s profile. 

‘Double/Triple Legends’ will receive a special master’s badge and intergalactical respect. We are curious which names you would like us grant to those??? 

So, may the power be with you… and way to go!



In the new season Rouvy will take you across the globe, from the top of the Alps in Europe to the United States featuring the most famous cycling places  - Col du Galibier, Passo dello Stelvio, Valley of the Tears, etc. Then you´ll be facing different types of workouts, online races, and last but not least our branded Challenges. With every next level tasks are getting harder and you´ll be challenged even more and more. 

There is no change in the number of levels. Just the first two were renamed for a “better feel and look.” 'Registered' turned to 'STARTER' and 'Novice' is 'TALENTED' now. To make loss of points in the level less of a regret, there is an unprecedented annual budget (the same as for Challenges) for Career 17/18: up to $10,000 in different sweet prizes! 


Level Badge Level Name / Prizes Sponsor




A draw for 1 Tacx Flux smart trainer



A draw for 1 heart rate monitor every month



A draw for a package of branded items every month


Regional Class

A draw for 2 subscriptions every month



A draw for 1 New Kickr smart trainer


National Champion

A draw for 2 tyres' packages every month


World Class

A draw for 1 PowerCal every month


Rouvy Cycling Jersey for everyone who reached the level



*Upper levels are automatically part of the drawings of the lower ones for the current season with the exception for idle accounts (“0” activity in the last season). Those are not part of the draws. Find all rules in the details of the respective levels.  

Surely the lottery is not a thing that is going to work for everyone, but that comes only as a bonus, right? We believe a hundred loaded riders during the season can make quite a difference. Moreover, a branded jersey is promised and guaranteed to everyone who will climb their way up to the top.  

Please note that whether the 18/19 season will remain equally sweet depends on you. To be more precise, it will depend on how well you help spread the word. The more people who will take part in Career Mode this season, the more chances the number of prizes will grow. At the end of each season, some short summary of the most interesting moments is to be presented. 

If we missed something important to you, please let us know in the comments or contact our support team.  

Today, November 8, 2017, a new milestone for Rouvy riders is (RE) set. Let’s make it happen... enjoy the new season and ride on!  


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  • 11/29/2017
    The link to the (Rouvy) FTP test in level regional class is not working - please fix it...
    • 11/29/2017
      Link has been fixed on dev right now. We will release the fix in next days. Thx for help!
  • 11/29/2017
    And seriously guys, you have so many routes to chose from, but for two consecutive career levels you chose the Sella Ronda as a requirement. Really?
    • 11/29/2017
      You are right! Our mistake. So we have replaced Sella Ronda in "Regional class" level by the premium route "Menador" right now. Of course who already finished Sella Ronda, he has this task done...
  • 11/28/2017
    You should mention that any route required to ride for completion of a level, is to be done in 'race mode' - that may be obvious for some, but as there is a 'training mode' available as well, chances are that at some point someone will have busted their ass on a three hour route, only to find out that it didn't count for their career...
    • 11/29/2017
      Updated. We integrated some kind of notice into Apps in past, but "race mode" information is helpful in description of career level too. Thx.
    • 11/28/2017
      Fully agree with you Cyclopaat! On the other hand, even after completing routes in race mode in my current level (I only had 1 more route to complete to move to the next level), Rouvy randomly changed two of my completed routes as if I had not completed them. I reported the issue 2 weeks ago and I did not even get an acknowledgement yet. I have had so much frustration with how amateurish Rouvy's team is in managing some of the "features" that I gave up a few days ago and canceled my subscription and went back to Sufferfest.
      • 11/29/2017
        That's unfortunate and sorry to see you go... I really believe Rouvy is offering more than most platforms in terms of value for money and now with the prizes mixed in - slim chance of winning, but still - it could potentially be one of the best. But I fully agree with your assessment that support is - often - seriously lacking and communication is not their strongest point. I've pointed out several (other) potential conflicts in their wording or some of the rules in their game and I hope they address those and solve them...
        • 11/29/2017
          Guys, thank you for feedback. I will check with our support team what is wrong.
  • 11/20/2017
    Do you still offer Double Points Weekends ?
    • 11/29/2017
      The closest double weekend - December 15-17. We will inform more begin of December.
    • 11/24/2017
      We will keep them but the final schedule is in the process yet. More details in December.
  • 11/15/2017
    With 'Ascend at least 4000 m during 7 days' you mean that this has to be achieved within a 7 day period, or in 7 training days / rides during the total time it takes you to complete the level?
    • 11/16/2017
      Correct is "this has to be achieved within a 7 day period". We check the 7 days period with each new upload of activity...
      • 11/16/2017
        Thanks - I suspected as much and anticipated on it already :-) Finishing that level tomorrow with the Prettyboy Hills Loop...
  • 11/09/2017
    You seem to have "cleaned up" some of the most outrageous TSS values in the season rankings. However, your job is far from over :) In the current Top 10, only 5 of the 10 have realistic TSS values. A 50% accuracy rate is obviously too low and I repeat what I said previously: Unless you can calculate realistic TSS values for everyone using Rouvy, I suggest you use a different formula for season rankings.
    • 11/09/2017
      We are working on this issue. It relates with correct setting of user's FTP. TSS is calculated based on user's FTP and that's the point... We have implemented some check and we eliminate the totally wrong TSS yet (totally wrong TSS is replaced by some maximum allowed value yet). Next step is that we will inform user about bad FTP, he has some time to fix the setting in user profile. Users with wrong activities for significant period will be banned from the career and results.