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Jesus Tabuyo - The Route Creator!

"I´ve to say that the possibility of creating your own video courses was the first ability of the VT software that took my attention... It’s been fun to watch VirtualTraining grow into a full-blown tool."

We´re back with another VirtualTraining Spotlight, this time with a bit of a twist. Instead of highlighting one of the Legends, we wanted to present one of the most active and loyal cyclists, Jesus Tabuyo. 

This Spaniard is not just "a user", he´s one of our best Route Creators! If you’ve spent time in VirtualTraining, you’ve likely experienced some of his routes like Peyresourde, Navacerrada, or Puerto de San Lorenzo. We’re so happy he willing to talk with us to share his experience and advice. Now, let´s chat and get to know Jesus!


Hi Jesus, thank you for finding time for us. We start with a traditional question, where did you grow up?

I was born in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, a historical small town near Madrid (Spain) and it was there where I spent my childhood.


And how did you first get acquainted with cycling? How did you acquire your first bike?

I’ve liked bikes and cycling since I was a child. At the beginning, the bicycle was a toy to play with, especially in the summer. It was in this playing that I discovered I enjoyed being able to do a hill without stopping or going further than my friends. This attraction for the challenge was the seed for my cycling "addiction".

I feel that I´ve had several “first bikes”. My very first bike was bought by my grandad when I was maybe 7-years-old, and it was the bike on which I learned to cycle. Then, when I was 12-years-old, my parents bought me a BMX bike. It was very special for me. I still remember with a smile on my face how they surprised me. I spent a lot of time with and had a lot of fun on that bike, with its blue frame and yellow clinchers, and still, have it as a relic. My first road bike was a Peugeot, 2x5 speed, no automatic pedals, outside cables, “shifters” in the frame. That road bicycle was my father’s bike and he passed it to me.


Nice story. So, where are you based at the moment?

Nowadays I live very close to the place that I was born, in another town, midway between San Lorenzo de El Escorial and Madrid city.


What are you doing outside of the training room (aka: what do you do for work)?

I have an office job, doing investments (both financial and real state) so I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. It´s not the ideal place to work, but I enjoy what I do (the majority of the time).


Please visualize your “PainCave” space for us (i.e., bikes, trainers, accessories)

I have a reserved room at home solely for my Pain Cave, as it’s an “essential” place for me.

In my Pain Cave I have a permanent bike installed on the CycleOps Hammer smart trainer, an indoor bike (IC 400 Pro), a dedicated PC (only to be used in my indoor sessions) and a projector to display the computer screen in front of me on the wall.