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Power meters priority and categorization on iOS apps

We are glad to inform you that we have released new functionality for iPads and iPhones. Let's have a quick review what is there.

Routes & Workouts categorization

Our goal is to simplify your search for the routes and workouts you’d like to conquer, all while being able to recommend the best ones. Based on the feedback from riders like you, we release a new system of categorization for routes and workouts for both iPad and iPhone versions. Routes will be divided into groups, containing route profile, famous races, terrain and more. Workouts will also be categorized by groups reflecting workout focus, difficulty level and author.

In "Routes" there are categories for anybody. Would you like to feel like a pro? Let´s choose our "Grand Tours" categories. Do you prefer "Time Trials" or "Triathlon" courses? You´re very welcome to check them out.

Are you rather enthusiastic about interval training? Don´t hesitate and check out categories relating to "The SufferFest" or "CycleOps" workouts!

Improved list of trainers

We simplified the process of equipment connection and now it´s much easier to connect your trainer and sensors! There are plenty of brands sorted in a clear table. What´s more important? You can find

and connect all available sensors during the scanning process, so you´re one step closer to an instant ride setup than ever before!

Power meters priority over trainers

Due to multiple requests we´ve prepared the following new functionality for iOS Apps. Now you´re able to use your favorite power meter as a source of power. What does it mean? Your data from outdoors will be even more comparable to your Indoor efforts. From now on VirtualTraining App reads the power data from your Power Meter by default, controls and provides the resistance on your trainer respectively.

Full support of PowerTap P1 pedals

PowerTap P1 is the most advanced cycling power meter ever developed. And now, this ultimate cycling weapon is fully integrated in VirtualTraining iPad/iPhone App. How is it working?

P1´s with a Smart trainer

As you can see above we´ve integrated Power Meter's priority over the trainer's output and it´s quite easy to set up those devices. Just choose your "Smart trainer" and proceed to "Scan mode". All you need to do is tap on your trainer and on both "L/R P1" pedal. So it is there and you´re ready to ride on!

P1´s with a Turbo trainer

Do you have P1´s and a Turbo trainer in your Paincave? Your way to riding is so straight. Simply choose PowerTap brand in Trainer's selection, tap on "P1" pedals and explore routes from all over the world.


The full list of release updates for 2.2.0 is available on iTunes.

What is needed for a quick to start? Try any compatible trainer/power meter and download one of our iOS Apps. Enjoy your ride and feel free to share your training impressions!

Comments to "Power meters priority and categorization on iOS apps"

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  • 11/09/2018
    Finally---if I just decide to ditch windows and go with ipad....and then I could easily assure the stages power meter would control the resistance on the kickr it seems....BUT WOULD I STILL GET CADENCE from the stages??
  • 11/09/2018
    Can you answer this? I powermatched my stages power meter to my Kickr using the wahoo fitness app on ipad. For Rouvy I used the desktop app. I am seeing the Kickr with power and speed icons, and the stages as power and cadence icons. I can only assume Rouvy is using/getting the powermatched broadcast from my sensors. It would really help to be able to select what sensors do what---for example Stages meter acts as "cadence only".....I am thinking this is what is happening but with the power icon appearing on both I have no way of knowing......
    • 12/27/2018
      Yes! Without the feature to select what does what it's really hard to use iPad as you need more than once sensor to do it all and the app just gets confused if more than one sensor reports the same kind of data.