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Premium subscription in 2017

At the beginning of 2017 we´ve made some changes in Premium content. Let´s take a look.

Season is running at the full speed and in our office it´s the time to start work on very new future features and functionalities for 2017. We´ll be releasing these ones exclusively for Premium members during the whole year. 

Premium routes

We would like to focus on Premium routes much more so therefore the list of Premoum routes is growing continuously. Right now we have about 2100 km of high quality routes featured by our partners - BikeLabVideo.it and RealLifeVideo.de. Be sure we´ll continue to provide you the best routes from the best authors!

There are few of the latest:

Les Deux Alpes

Col de Vars

Col de la Croix de Fer

premium workouts

As you certainly noticed we don´t offer PainCave video workouts anymore in 2017. Instead of these Premium content we´ll bring you the CycleOps educative video workouts as a part of all VirtualTraining subscriptions.

train with the power

As the first on the market we´ll release online advanced power analysis during the ride same as post-ride analysis on web portal as a part of Premium subscription. You can look forward for even more power features in 2017 so you´ll be able to make your pedal stroke more efficient - especially if you are owner of PowerTap P1 pedals which support Advanced Pedal Metrics.

All current Premium features like popular Family sharing, Real Partners and cross-platform solution remain! Do you want more? Don´t worry! We´re working on to bring you really amazing features for the next indoor season!

Happy riding in 2017!

Comments to "Premium subscription in 2017"

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  • 04/05/2017
    The loss of free access to the Pain Cave video workouts has been a big disappointment.

    Still waiting for the new Cyclops video workouts that you advised on 6th February would be available in 14 days. What is your current forecast date for their availability?
  • 03/24/2017
    Is there a way to do a partial of a route, not necessarily starting at the beginning? ie do just the climb on the zoncolan, and not the beginning part? Thanks.
  • 03/21/2017
    hola no he podido cancelar la suscribcion iniciando no manejo bien el ingles me pide un codigo de descuento ¿ cual es ?plis
  • 02/17/2017
    Will it be possible to get pedal metrics from the Pioneer power meters now or in the future?
  • 02/06/2017
    @jaymcd: CycleOps Video workouts will be available in 14 days!

    @BaronWave: We´re working together with Elite which process could be the best to integrate these Elite trainers. We want to make it as real as possible for the future.
  • 02/03/2017
    Great! Please make the 2014 software compatible with wired trainers. I have an Elite RealAxiom wired trainer and cannot use the 2014 software at present. This feature is necessary for me to continue using the CVT software, as the older version is no longer supported.
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