Thanks to the great popularity of Double Point weekends during our previous seasons, we’ve brought them back for another year! Again, they will be twice a month throughout the main season and then, once for a whole month! During specific weekends, your points in the Career Mode will be counted twice!

Use this opportunity to fuel your Rouvy Career progress at double speed.


Mark your season calendars for these dates in 2018 & 2019:

  • October 19- 21
  • November 2-4
  • November 16-18
  • November 30 - December 2
  • December 14-16
  • December 28-30
  • January 11-13
  • January 25 - 27
  • February 8-10
  • February 22-24
  • March 8-10
  • March 22-24
  • April 5-7
  • April 26-28
  • May 17- 19
  • June 21-23
  • July 19- 21
  • August 16-18
  • September 20-22

*Please note:  the system hours for the Double Point weekends are Friday-Sunday 00.01 - 23:59 UTC time zone.

How Points Are Calculated
Both indoor and outdoor ride points are calculated based on an equation of TSS. On this special weekend, points are calculated by the “TSS x 2” formula. So, on a Double Points weekend, if your training TSS is 100, you'll receive an additional bonus with 200 career points instead of the usual 100 points.

Outdoor Ride
All outdoor activities must be done with a cycling power meter - just to ensure that we have your TSS information and this data is accurate, so we can count your points.

Indoor Rides
No changes here! Simply connect your trainer to Rouvy and pedal away.



Enjoy and have fun on our DOUBLE POINT WEEKENDS!



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  • armyslowrdr - 11/04/2018
    Why no 2d weekend for May through Sept...oh yeah. Right... need to make sure it will be very difficult for people in the 10,000 pt required level woyld be my guess.
    • eliska_ha - 11/05/2018
      They will be twice a month throughout the main season and then, once for a whole month! That's the reason why for example in May is only one Double Point Weekend.
      • ldskater - 01/23/2019
        Since there have been so many issues with the new releases especially the On-Line Racing, and people couldn't progress through the levels, you may want to consider adding a couple more DP weekends to make up for the ones we've had to miss.
  • armyslowrdr - 10/18/2018
    Awesome! Now can we get the two race requirement for the Regional level moved to the professional level--I ask this because the on line race functionality per a different announcement is said to be off line for November...and many of us will be on Regional level and even thoough it might be remote chance--still a slight possibility to be done with it before the end of Nov (if not for the races).
    • eliska_ha - 10/19/2018
      Hello, thank you for your feedback!
      We know about this problem, but we have the solution for it! We've updated tasks for "Regional class level" (without an online race). So everyone will have a chance to complete this level even during November. Thank you for understanding!
      • meumerke - 10/21/2018
        Nice mistake though with the Ratzenried ride. Last Friday night I rode Col dear Telegraph as my last compulsory ride for Elite level when I noticed that someone had added the Ratzenried ride to the Elite level. I decide to finish this ride as well to progress to the Regional level. It turn out that this ride was mistakingly added. So, 30 km's extra after the Telegraph, wasted time and wasted double points!
        • eliska_ha - 10/22/2018
          I've already answered you on our FB page.
          Please, contact our support on with this problem. We will check it out in your activities and help you with solving this issue.
          Thank you for understanding!
      • armyslowrdr - 10/19/2018


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