Rouvy offers many charts with which you can compare your data and compare performance with other users. All rankings are primarily available on the community sites of in the Rankings section, but some of them you’ll be able to find in the apps as well.



Season Results


Summary results of the current Rouvy season and results from the history of all previous seasons sorted by career level and TSS. Only TSS based activities (activity contents the second-by-second power data) can be included in the ranking.




Route Leaderboards


Route records within the route details. Any user who completes the route in RACE mode will be enrolled in the route record table and can match with each other. Rankings are counted separately for each new version of the route (So, if the route composer changes the altitude profile, the route is saved with a higher version, and the leaderboard counts again.).


Season Rankings


Time: The ranking of the basic user’s calculated values. Main calculated value is total training time in the period. You can view the number of active days, the total number of workouts in period etc.

Heart rate zone: User ranking by time spent in each of the heart rate zones.

Watt zones: User ranking by time spent in each of the load (watt) zones.

Energy Ranking: User ranking by total energy burned expressed in calories.

Climbing Ranking: User ranking by total climbed meters.


Prestige awards - Champions of the Week - are given for the past week every Monday at 15:30 CET (Europe Time):


Guy of Week: User who trained most hours for the last week.

Route creator: A user who created and sent the most virtual routes to the portal for the last week.

Calory Burner: A user who burned the most energy during training for the last week.

Climber: A user who climbed the most elevation meters in total during training for the last week.


Result of Challenges

If you sign up for a challenge, you always have some tasks to complete. Depending on the type of the challenge, all activities or indoor/outdoor only, etc., are counted. If you want to go through certain routes, do not forget to ride in ‘RACE’ mode!


What activities are counted in the charts? Is there a check?


Generally, Rouvy works with all activities that have “second” data (second-by-second data). Once the activity is uploaded, the data is automatically scanned, the validity checked, etc. If the system detects a suspicious phase, our support team then scans the data and, in extreme cases, the activity is marked as damaged / invalid and is not counted in the leaderboards. More about it in a separate article.


We are currently intensively working on an enhanced version of the invalid activity recognition system, and, at the same time, we are preparing a tool to discard all specific users' data from ladders. For example, if they use a user profile for multiple users, we will be able to recognize this "issue," and the user will be tagged. Also, users who attempt to circumvent the rules in some way will be called upon to redress, and if they do not, they will be removed from the leaderboards.


How are Winning Challengers Drawn and Monthly Winners in Rouvy Career?


All winning draws in the Rouvy application match the draw standards. Because of possible frauds that cannot be avoided in the indoors, the winner always is drawn from the group that has met the rules and does not win the "best" automatically. Drawing is done in an automated internal system, the algorithm is built on a random selection.



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  • user_546619 - 11/07/2020
    Bonjour j'ai eu une coupure sur une course ironman Malaisie j'ai du redémarrage en pleine course et j'ai réussi à faire une petite place malgré tout mais je ne trouve pas le classement et surtout cela m'a mis deux demie parties d'activité pourquoi ? Peut-on les fusionner ?
    • ROUVY - 11/09/2020
      Bonjour, veuillez nous contacter directement à, il nous sera plus facile de vous aider. Merci.
  • Anonymous_fVp6 - 01/29/2018
    As the separate article is not open for comments, I'll post them here:
    Final average speed between 2 and 100 kph: seems like the upper limit is way too high and half of that (50 kph) is already more than enough.
    Includes a heart rate: that seems to be new, as I haven't noticed that rides without a HR recording did not count before. This is good :-) You should probably couple this requirement to the calculation of TSS points, so that not only power is mandatory - no HR, no TSS...
    Final average load: my bet is that no-one on Rouvy - or anywhere in the world for that matter - will be able to sustain 1,000 Watts for any long(er) period of time. Perhaps during very short sprinting intervals, but not during any serious workout / activity. Also for this upper limit, half of the present value seems more than enough. Regarding the lower limit: my wife's FTP is around 125, so she'll drop below 100 easily during a normal, low(er) intensity workout. I guess more riders - probably not only women - will face that problem...
  • BikeOps - 01/26/2018
    About the last two issues, finally! Hoping these first steps towards fair users will help!... Although not really sure...


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