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Consider for a moment what it could be like to experience riding a grand tour such as La Vuelta. The great news is that ROUVY will present 15 virtual versions of this exciting Spanish Grand Tour on the same days the pros ride. You can participate and ride or race each event virtually on specifically chosen segments and see how you fare in the general classification with a chance to win some incredible prizes.

Many keen and passionate cyclists who have consistently watched La Vuelta and followed their cycling heroes' battles, wins and losses will know the passion and excitement this Tour elicits. One of the many exciting aspects is watching and following one's cycling heroes and team journeys and their trials, tribulations and victories throughout the Spanish Tour. But perhaps you have also wondered what it could be like to join them somehow. Racing the La Vuelta like a pro rider is probably an idea that only happens in one's dreams and imagination.



Experience the final Grand Tour of the year


La Vuelta is the final Grand Tour of the year, held between the 19th of August and the 11th of September and is unique. It is a Grand Tour known for its exceptionally rugged terrain, shark tooth profiles, challenging steep climbs, and of course, the heat. The peloton begins the Gran Partidas this year in Utrecht, Netherlands. The riders will tackle epic and classic stages through diverse landscapes and scenery, from the harsh and wild Pyrenees to the idyllic beaches and coastline of Galicia and Asturias. From the olive groves and rolling countryside of Andalusia to meandering along the tropical and magnificent Mediterranean coastline. The fans will be there in their hordes, shouting, cheering and screaming along the route for the peloton and their favourite pro riders to 'Vamos' as the crowds get thicker towards the summits of the steepest climbs.


Legendary battles are on show while you ride


Race the same route that the pros will be battling on the same day, and feel the spirit while watching all the action unfold virtually in your race and reality while the pro riders are making history on each stage.



Beginning with the Grand Partida in Utrecht, Netherlands, you can continue to ride and follow 15 of the 21 stages on ROUVY, which concludes in the centre of Madrid. There will be laps of 5.8km around the medieval Spanish capital city centre, culminating in a showdown for glory in an exciting fight and battle to the line. Here the sprinters that remain will fight it out, and the crowds will enjoy the celebration of the victory of the top riders in the General Classification and the overall winner of the Spanish Tour in grand style. But here, the Grand Final will include something special for ROUVY participants, who will also have the opportunity to feel and experience the intensity and unique atmosphere of the victorious end to the race in flamboyant Spanish style and celebration.

The La Vuelta Virtual Race Series


One can watch how the scene plays out and have the opportunity to ride the specially chosen 800km + digital segments over 17 of the actual stages for an immersive experience with other riders in real-time. And if you love climbing, you can go to climbing heaven with around 16,000m of ascent. These races take place on the same courses filmed from the stages where the pro riders will be racing through the various Spanish terrains. Get to know and feel the spirit, intensity, passion, scenery and excitement of La Vuelta right from your home on your trainer. Get to ride the iconic and legendary climbs that the polka dot King Of the Mountains jerseys will be conquering and sprint to the same finish lines as the green jersey sprinters, and bask in the glory and the victory of the red jersey leader.



So now is the time to put on your race face and test your fitness against other virtual riders in an exciting virtual La Vuelta race series and group rides coinciding with the real Spanish Grand Tour and an explosive three weeks of racing! Give it your best shot for the general classification, with your eight best races counting towards the General Classification in all the presented events. Take on flat, rolling and mountainous routes through the spectacular countryside and villages and get a sense of what it's like to be right there!



There is more! Your avatar will receive a special jersey as a reward after each stage. Each jersey is a specifically chosen and specially designed La Vuelta jersey in unique colours, depending on the course and terrain: the red leader's jersey or 'maillot rojo,' the green sprint and points jersey, the white jersey for the best young rider and the blue polka dots for the King of the mountains classification.


You'll also be able to select one of the four time zones that suit you best to participate, be in contention and qualify for the General Classification. There will be a leaderboard and results for each time zone, so you'll know exactly where you are placed directly after each race for your specific time zone.


You have to be in it to win it!


Also, every rider participating in the event stands a chance to win. By participating, one can get into the final draw to win some fantastic prizes! 


So you have to be in it to win it! Every rider participating in the event stands a chance to win by being in the final draw for some fantastic prizes. Prizes include the latest pieces of cycling equipment valued at €1,000 for one lucky winner, 10 La Vuelta jerseys and 30 ROUVY subscriptions for 12 months, and there are virtual jerseys for everyone who has completed an event! 


Moreover, the Grand Final will be held onsite on a stage with a race featuring 20 riders on indoor trainers, comprising 12 participants who qualified from the La Vuelta Warm Up, and 8 influencers and ambassadors (Jose Hermida, for example). They will compete on the same route as the pros on the day, while other riders join virtually in a live broadcast from Madrid on social and partner channels in an entertaining and carnival-type atmosphere.



Be there from start to finish in this multi-dimensional and immersive experience of witnessing and enjoying the spirit of La Vuelta riding indoors from home on ROUVY!

It's easy to join. Under the events section of the website, register for a race, pair your trainer and enter a bit before to warm up. Make sure you have some towels, a fan to cool you down, and water and nutrition. You will be well prepared to take on the Grand Tour stage race. Join your friends and others ready to roll off the start line with heart rates escalating as the counter counts you down 5,4,3,2,1 - Vamos! Ride like a pro and give it your all in La Vuelta on ROUVY right from home.

Did you know these interesting facts about La Vuelta?



And finally, did you know something else that differentiates La Vuelta from other grand Tours is that it has an official song? The Vuelta chooses a song every year as its official music theme.


You can participate too and register for the La Vuelta Virtual race events for the La Vuelta Virtual starting on 19th August!

View and ride the La Vuelta routes from the La Vuelta Category.




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