MARTIN SKUHRAVÝ - 12/30/2021

New year is nearly here and with it comes a 4-week free training plan to get you back in shape! Follow the plan step by step and see your progress. Besides getting fitter, you are going to explore 18 great locations from all over the world and here is our selection of the most interesting ones!

Having a well structured training plan is an effective way to improve your fitness in a sustainable way as well as provide you with the motivation to fulfil it, step by step. That is why we carefully handpicked 18 stunning AR routes that not only match the desired training goal but also allow you to travel the world, from rainy Vietnam or over coastal Japan in the East to the hilly Swiss countryside in the West.

Each of the 4 weeks follows a specific goal and includes training sessions on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are rest days. Remember, resting well is an important part of your training! If you miss one of your training sessions, no problem; you can move it to a rest day! Definitely better than skipping it.

The 4-week plan

The first week is a bit longer than the other three as it starts Saturday, the 1st of January; it’s goal is basically to introduce you to structured training and act as a warmup.

The second week is focused on endurance. Between the 11th and 16th of January, you are going to gain some training hours that you can later build upon. Endurance is key to improving your long term performance. These solid basics never go wasted!

The third week of training is all about high intensity. All 4 training sessions are designed to prepare you for race speed. Easier warm-up training sessions during the week will have prepared you for the real work on the weekend.

The fourth and last week is focused on tempo sessions and a taper after the last two intensive training weeks.

5 best routes to ride


Ha Giang Downhill


Ha Giang is a town in the far north mountainous part of Vietnam, close to the border with China. It’s a unique location filled with incredible limestone formations spread across the country, with small cultivated fields in between. Because of its beauty, the ‘Ha Giang Loop’ is one of the best motorcycle multi-day adventures in the country and you can now enjoy part of it on ROUVY!


TORTOUR Walenstadt - Niederurnen


The TORTOUR is the largest multi-day non-stop ultracycling event in the world. The Walenstadt - Niederurnen stretch is a stunning part of this year’s edition of ‘Sprint category’, where participants have to cover 270kms. You can now complete your planned workout on this 27km lakeshore that is part of a famous race!


Tour de Okinawa | Ti-da


The Tour de Okinawa is a one-day UCI race held anually on the Japanese island of Okinawa. You are going to especially enjoy the part of the race route that has a gentle profile with pleasant views over the ocean and the plentiful lakes dotted with water lilies.

Tour des Stations | Anzère climb from Contey


‘You need to be a lunatic to sign up for the Tour de Stations,’ theGCN presenter Oliver Bridgewood said in an interview once. Good news, you don’t need to be one! Enjoy the amazing Swiss countryside filled with endless vineyards, little villages, churches and endless mountain views.


PEDALITALY Parma-Emilia-Italy


Every Pedalitaly race is a blast and all the routes selected for the events are in a category of their own. The Parma-Emilia-Italy route is located on the foot of the UNESCO listed Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park. Get on your bike and enjoy this great mixture of nature and southern architecture!

Do you like the route selection above? There are many more interesting routes to ride during the ‘Get Back In Shape’ training plan.

Complete the workouts one by one, get fitter and explore the world! The 4-week training plan starts on the 1st of January 2022. Learn more here.



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  • downhill_herbie - 01/03/2022
    I do find the option in Apple TV even after deleting the app and downloading the newest one from the AppStore. On my iPad and iPhone the workouts are shown…
  • DanOrider - 01/02/2022
    A Mea Culpa to Mr. Skuhravý : it turns out there *IS* a web page for this Plan - the link to it is at the very bottom of the blog post: https://rouvy.com/series/get-back-in-shape.
    I got so quickly intrigued by the concept of a Get Back In Shape "plan" that I went to try to find the Plan before I finished reading the post! No excuses (I was reading it on a nice large 32" hi-rez monitor, not some teeny 'phone screen).
    Mind you, if I'd been the author, I'd have put the link right up top - have learnt the hard way to do that in my own work, since so many people DO use 'phones for everything, and you an only count on a couple of up-swipes before they get bored.
    The key info on that page for the Plan is mid-page: go to Workouts, and etc.
    Minor quibble: there's no other way to find that page for the Plan, on the web site or in the program, at least as far as I can tell
    Quibble #2: the screen shot of the 2nd (Tortour) of the "5 Best Routes" in the post is the same as the the 1st (Ha Giang)
    Thanks, Rouvy Team. This will be fun!!
  • alang24 - 01/02/2022
    @kimette - thanks for the explanation. I had found those same workouts but was put off because they aren't noted as a workout *plan*.

    It's odd, though, that the workouts are not in consecutive order, e.g., theres 1.1, 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 8.1 but no 3.1 or 7.1...maybe those are rest days.

    @jimwil87: I did find one of the videos mentioned in the blog post, "Ha Giang" is the video for 6.1. I'm assuming the other videos are in subsequent workouts.

    Bottomline, the blog post could definitely have been much more clear about where to find the plan!
    Now, I'll have to give it a go. Happy New Year to all!
  • DanOrider - 01/02/2022
    Same problems as others have described: no "Training Plan" or "Get Back in Shape" I can find, in the Rouvy program itself (Win7 PC), or the My Account web site. Perhaps it'll be different on the Win10 PC setup I run my Tacx trainer on? Or perhaps in one of the other-platform variants (Android, IOS, etc.) - but I've no way to find out.
    Nor does Training in the Rouvy program itself yield anything.
    However, Workouts (lower right) in the latest Windows variant I can find (, with the "Rouvy" item hi-lighted, does bring up a the first couple of items in what would appear to be the "Training Plan" described in this blog post: "1.1 New Year's Starter" & "2.1 Spin ..." in big boxes, and those two plus "4.1 ..." & "6.1 ..." and all the others up to "29.1 Tempo" in smaller boxes in rows below.
    Good thing I'm patient, and don't give up easily! But still ... "Training Plan", "Get Back In Shape", ???
    C'mon Rouvy ... you can do better ... PLEASE!!!!
    As in: don't use descriptions/phrases/names which can't be found in the program itself &/or in My Account.
    Rule #1: have someone on the Rouvy team, who did NOT write a blog/post/news/announcement about some new feature or function, try to do what has been described ... that is, try to USE (!) it ... BEFORE the blog/etc. gets put out to the audience.
    Rile #2: if they can't make it work as it's supposed to ... go back to the drawing board!
  • jimwil87 - 01/01/2022
    Kimette: Looks like I just needed to update to the latest version of Rouvy and all the workouts showed up in what is an entirely revised interface, including a new "Workouts" tab at bottom right. Thanks!
    • Kimette - 01/02/2022
      Yay!! glad it worked for you & happy pedaling
  • Kimette - 01/01/2022
    If you click on the workout(bottom right of the main screen where you pick your route) then you’ll see 1.1 New Years Starter, then a box with 2.1 Spin Your legs and so on...the first # is the date in January for that days workout, 17 boxes in total, just click on the box for that day & the workout comes up, hope that helps! Slainte
    • jimwil87 - 01/01/2022
      Not sure what main screen you mean Kimette, but I had to search for a "workout" to find them, not search for a route. The only way I could pull anything up was to go: Dashboard > Workouts > Search and then type in 1.1, 2.1, 4.1, 6.1 etc. Of the 17 workouts, all of them stated: "This workout not synchronized with Specific video content". Where are the Ha Giang Downhill, the Tortour Walenstall Niederurnen and the 3 other Best Routes they trumpet above??
  • bonjelo2 - 12/31/2021
    Where do I find the well structured training plan you mention?
    • Kimette - 01/02/2022
      First make sure the rouvy app is updated , to include the “new” workout tab(which will appear on the bottom right ) on the screen where you change your route, start your ride, the first screen that comes up after you login; the workouts all appear when you open the workout tab. As for the new routes mentioned, possibly look under routes, I haven’t tried to find them so can’t help there; but I know the workouts are there for January
  • alang24 - 12/31/2021
    I just direct messaged @gorouvy on Twitter to ask them to reply to our posts with specific info on where to find the plan. >>>Maybe you could try the same - the more that do, the more likely they might be to respond. | Blogs are social media so it's more likely a marketing or communications department would be responsible for monitoring posts. It's a holiday week/weekend so maybe they will check on Monday?
    • jimwil87 - 12/31/2021
      OK, I will try that.; good idea. Happy New Year!
  • EDowd - 12/31/2021
    Likely what you expected ... I doubt that anyone at Rouvy reads these.
    Same philosophy why companies don't put phone numbers on their web sites.
    But, you must admit that it is a little bit therapeutic for us.


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