MARTIN SKUHRAVÝ - 11/24/2021

A month after the last ‘Most trending routes’ blog post, we are bringing an updated and extended list of routes that you like to ride the most! Check out the selection and plan your next workout!

10. Nagano Prefectural Road 256

You are going to enjoy riding on quiet countryside roads, in a mountainous region, south of Nagano, a 1998 Winter Olympic games host city. The fact that the route follows the shores of the Ontake Lake means that the views are always great and also, you never have to climb too much!

Check out the route here


9. Tour De France 2021 | Changé-Espace Mayenne

This is a rare occasion, where you get the chance to ride on an official AR route covering a stage of the Tour de France! The Changé-Espace Mayenne course was the 5th overall and at the same time the first time-trial stage, on the 2021 edition of the famous race. And now you can experience it from wherever you are!

Check out the route here



8. Lavender Fields in Provence

What is the first thing you imagine when you read ‘Provence’? Right, it is the lavender fields indeed! But, the region is not only famous for its purple blooms and the Tour de France, it is also known for some great riding on sunny backroad routes through quaint villages, vineyards, olive groves and cherry orchards.

Check out the route here


7. The City of London

This great route featuring famous landmarks like the Tower Bridge, Saint Paul's Cathedral and Leicester Square was on the 4th position in our last ‘Most trending routes’ Blog Post. It’s now getting less busy, thanks to other new interesting routes; but it’s still totally worth checking out!

Check out the route here


6. Cow Creek

Cow Creek is an absolutely awesome route that explores the rough mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Even though you are going to cycle through the mountainous south of the Oregon state (US), there is next to no climbing to be done.

Check out the route here



5. RBC GranFondo Whistler - Sea to Sky

The Sea to Sky route, which hosted the third event of the 4-episode RBC Granfondo Whistler racing series, attracted hundreds of cyclists from all over the world, to ride on ROUVY, this November. The course brings you to a stunning and scenic section of the famous Sea to Sky Highway between Vancouver and Whistler, another city with Olympic Games history.

Check out the route here



4. Beverly Hills

Join fellow Rouviers and explore the city that is home to Hollywood stars, luxury hotels, the Rodeo Drive shopping district and the scenes of notorious TV shows. After a short ride in a busy urban area, you’re going to climb a bit above the city to enjoy the surprisingly quiet roads.

Check out the route here



3. Paris - The City of Love

Explore ‘the city of love’, packed with famous landmarks, on an easy 11 kms ride and enjoy cycling on the famous Champs Elysées boulevard and right around the Eiffel Tower! Along with the ‘Ha Long Bay’, ‘The City of London’ and the ‘Lavender Fields in Provence’ routes, the Paris course belongs to a new ‘Explore The World’ category, where we list the most interesting places to ride from all over the world.

Check out the route here



2. Vietnam - the awesome Ha Long Bay

There is no big need to introduce the exotic Hạ Long Bay in northeast Vietnam. The emerald waters and the thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rainforests are a popular haunt for junk boat and kayak tours. Now, you can join hundreds of other cycling explorers and experience the atmosphere of this special place from your home.

Check out the route here


1. Swiss countryside

The ‘Swiss Countryside’ route has been leading the ‘most trending routes’ chart for two months already! It is the perfect example of a ride in an amazing landscape with perfect blue skies and a really enjoyable profile and length.

Check out the route here



What is YOUR favorite route to ride? Share your popular courses with fellow Rouviers in the comments!



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  • rageguy - 11/24/2021
    You forgot to link Vietnam
    • Skuhry - 11/24/2021
      Good spotting! You're a thoughtful reader. I've added the link, thanks!


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