MARTIN SKUHRAVÝ - 10/27/2021

One of the greatest features of ROUVY is the enormous number of real world routes that you can ride on. There are nearly 10,000 of them, from more than 100 countries in the world! Depending on the season and other factors, ranking of the busiest routes is ever-changing. Check out the 5 most popular routes on ROUVY right now!

Level of beauty: 5 stars. Level of fun: 5 stars. Level of climbing: zero. This is how we can simply describe all the routes below. Check out the selection, ride the routes one by one and let us know how you like them in the comments.

5. Paris - The City of Love


Explore ‘the city of love’, packed with famous landmarks, on an easy 11 kms ride and enjoy cycling on the famous Champs Elysées boulevard and right around the Eiffel Tower! By the way, this is a brand new route that we created as part of a new ‘Explore the World’ category. There, we are listing the most interesting places to ride from, all over the world.

Enjoy cycling around the Eiffel Tower



4. The City of London


Another brand new AR route on ROUVY sees pretty much the same amount of riders per week, as the one above. There is no big surprise to it - who would not like to cycle across the Tower Bridge, right through the banking capital of the world called ‘The City’ and along Saint Paul's Cathedral? The 11 kms route, with only 50 m of climbing, crosses the river Thames 3 times and finishes just after passing another famous landmark - Leicester Square.

Ride through the heart of London



3. Vietnam - Awesome Ha Long Bay


There is no big need to introduce the exotic Hạ Long Bay in northeast Vietnam. The emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rainforests are a popular haunt for junk boat and kayak tours. Now, you can join hundreds of other cycling explorers and experience the atmosphere of this special place from your home.

Explore Hạ Long Bay



2. Beverly Hills


Join fellow Rouviers and explore the city that is home to Hollywood stars, luxury hotels, the Rodeo Drive shopping district and the scenes of notorious TV shows. After a short ride in a busy urban area, you’re going to climb a bit above the city to enjoy the surprisingly quiet roads.

Ride in Hollywood



1. Swiss Countryside


There may be even more scenic routes in Switzerland. But honestly, how many of you are keen to suffer the nearly 2 kms of ascent, on the famous Alpine climbs of Switzerland? The ‘Swiss Countryside’ route is the perfect example of a ride in an amazing landscape with perfect blue skies and a really enjoyable profile and length. There is no surprise that this is the busiest route on ROUVY.

Explore the busiest route on ROUVY



Have you already ridden any of the routes above? If yes, share your experience in the comments!

Haven’t ridden them, yet? Then don’t wait; go riding now! Alternatively, you can open the routes, tap ‘Add to my favourites’, and ride them later.




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  • creekside911 - 12/02/2021
    Really wish the camera could briefly rotate to the side when riding past something of note. The straight ahead view misses so much.
    • harlan - 12/02/2021
      I would settle for making sure the camera view was a little UP so that there's more scenery and less tarmac.
  • Laszlo17 - 11/07/2021
    Beverly Hills kicked butts.. I did enjoy it alot, the cops didnt even chase me!
  • harlan - 11/02/2021
    Just spent some time searching routes. The "suggested routes" are ALWAYS climbs. How about more TOURS? They don't have to be pancake-flat. But I'll admit, some of my favorites are descents, and I have segments set up on Strava to track how fast I do them. The scenery is just a video game; whizzing past is encouraging, standing still is not.
  • harlan - 11/02/2021
    Second the motion on "challenges" that reward endurance and effort .... at a slightly lower level. Consider Strava - they have challenges to do 200k or 400k or 15 hours in a month, challenges that even old folks can aim at. And since the only reward is an icon on a web page and a feeling of accomplishment, it's not particularly expensive for the service to offer.
  • pthomas745 - 11/01/2021
    Great suggestions. Rouvy "challenges" might take some notes from these: why do the "challenges" all seem to be focused on 130 pound 25 year olds who can climb 30, 000 feet a week? I don't have the time, the legs, or the endurance for all.
    • Skuhry - 11/02/2021
      Hi Thomas, thanks for your feedback! Your point of view totally makes sense, I will raise this during our future product meetings.

      Happy riding!
      • pthomas745 - 11/02/2021
        Thanks! I do enjoy the rides I've found, there are plenty of nice options....but it would be kind of nice to have a set of challenges or accomplishments for my 68 y.o. legs!
  • shoreylj - 10/31/2021
    I have ridden Swiss Countryside and Vietnam Ha long Bay. Great scenery in Swiss Countryside, but no real views of Ha Long Bay, which Is what I hoped to see. Plan to ride London and Paris soon. I am quite familiar with the City of London on foot and eager to see if I recognize places.
    • Skuhry - 11/01/2021
      Hi! I know you can see more of Ha Long Bay in real life, it's a small sample but still nice and fast course I think! At least according to the number of other Rouviers who have done the course in recent days.

      London and Paris are really cool!


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