YURIY RYASHKO - 10/20/2021

We have now merged the best from ROUVY WORKOUTS with the ROUVY AR app to create the ultimate experience just called ROUVY. (ONE) ROUVY is the best and all-in-one solution for your indoor riding all year long!

We are introducing upgraded ‘Workouts’ now into the ROUVY AR app. No more multiple applications to juggle with! It is a more straightforward, all-in-one solution for all your indoor training needs.


In cycling, structured training is one of the most efficient ways to improve your fitness or reach short-term and long-term training goals. Where is the best place to do a structured cycling workout, you may ask? Of course, it is at home, in your training cave, on ROUVY - where you can have greater control over the environment and focus only on your training and performance.


New Features

ONE ROUVY, which is just the name of the ROUVY AR release 2.0.0 (not the app), brings you the following



The functionality of the initial app ‘ROUVY Workouts’, is merged into ‘ROUVY AR’ - the workout features are now accessible via the present ROUVY AR apps: Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS devices. 



[We are still working on Apple TV, which will come later this year, so please kindly bear with us for now. Until then, try out the new Workouts functionality on any other device and cast it to Apple TV.]



The new user-friendly UI incorporates ease of use and clear in-ride visualization of what to do. We have also built an entirely new great Workouts screen which will allows you to

  • get in-ride real-time feedback about your effort
  • see how well you are following the prescribed intervals
  • control the workout with easy-to-use buttons by making it easier or harder depending on how you feel


 Find more UI explanations here



Once you choose the workout, you can also select any of your favorite AR routes and enjoy doing a workout in the beautiful landscape of, for example, the Alps or the urban environment of London.

The benefit, of course, is that you will see your avatar as you would during any other rides on ROUVY. (Please note, during the workout other live riders on the course will not be visible for now.) 


Though not all AR videos are displayed by default, use specific route names in 'search' to get hold of the whole AR catalogue. 



The Workout Catalog has received a structural update with revised category folders that enable quicker access. We kick off with a great new UI with fewer categories to keep the workouts offering simple. Additionally, we are already working with excellent coaches to bring you fresh well-structured training content. And you can still access the entire library of the Workouts on MY ROUVY



Please welcome an introduction to the concept of multi-week training plans with a 5-week program aimed at beginners. We have cooperated with our ambassador and coach, Rick Schultz, from Bike Fitness Coaching, to create this five-weeks plan. The goal is to improve your fitness and do it in a controlled and gradual manner, building up your fitness slowly. Make sure to check out the ‘First Weeks’ category in your ROUVY app.



An extensive ROUVY library provides enough workouts for the most demanding athletes and coaches to fill any individual or team training plan. Additionally, to receive an instant ready-to-go plan from the most popular coaching platform there is an automatic sync of data exchange with TrainingPeaks. Connect your account in the ‘Cloud’ section of My Rouvy and have your daily workouts uploaded to ROUVY. They will appear in the TrainingPeaks category. 


Naming Update

ROUVY AR -> transcends back to -> ROUVY


How It Works



-> Update your apps first to ROUVY 2.0 or download here


While performing ERG workouts, you are able to see your avatar over the specific AR course, turning a casual prescribed training routine into a real-time adventure.

  • Go to the workout app section and choose the interval in the existing categories. 

   -> Alternatively, to access the full library of workouts, it is recommended to start with the ‘Search’ tab on ‘myrouvy’ web in the catalog. Then, the chosen Workout is added to “Favourites'' which can be easily accessed later in the apps.  

   -> Launch the ROUVY app, switch to the “Workouts” section, and find the chosen workout in the “Favourite” folder.

  • Choose the augmented route. For the best experience, it is recommended to download the route in advance in the route section; but in most cases, streaming works fine as well. Click "Start workout" button and complete a workout where the rider’s avatar can be displayed in different distance positions or turned off. The intensity of intervals/level of resistance can be adjusted manually with “+” plus and “-” minus buttons on the right side of the screen.
  • TrainingPeaks members should sync their accounts in the “Cloud” section on ‘myrouvy’ (in user settings) to be able to locate the ‘Workout of the Day’ in the TrainingPeaks folder. 
  • If you would like to import a workout, you can do it by clicking the button "Add workout" and importing .ERG or
    .MRC file.
  • One more option is to create your on workout via the web and add to your 'Favourites' folder. 


Important notes

- While the smart trainer resistance is controlled by the ERG segments, the rider’s avatar is moving just by power, like if you were riding on a 0% slope.

- The workout session done on the AR route is not considered for this route leaderboard.



Legacy Apps

Divided into 2 apps after the release of ‘ROUVY AR’, this app update now finishes the process of merging and unifying ROUVY Workouts into ROUVY AR as a one and single ‘ROUVY’. ‘ROUVY Workouts’ apps are getting set into a deprecation mode; and functioning of these apps will be eventually discontinued. A fraction of riders whose legacy trainers or sensors may not be compatible with the new ROUVY will be provided with a discount from vendor partners and invited to acquire more modern equipment. 



Today ROUVY provides 500 famous and iconic cycling locations in the augmented mode allowing for racing and group riding, and around 10,000 video routes for your individual exploration or race recon. Complemented with 10,000 workout options and more than 60 official race partners, ROUVY is a #1 platform for all your indoor sessions. 

With an all-in-one solution and “Family” option (2 more household members on 1 subscription) ROUVY provides the best value for money on the market. A unique mix of efficient structured training, real-life video, interactive 3D world elements and events will keep you motivated all year long. That is all new ROUVY!

The updated and extended ROUVY workout catalog can be accessed here, and the iconic locations all over the world can be explored here


So, go ahead and start working out! 




Still need help? If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our friendly support team on the support page.



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  • dempo890 - 02/24/2022
    I have just set up for 2 week trial. I cannot access workouts - is that correct?
    • yuriy888 - 02/25/2022
      Surely, you can. In the app, click "workout" on the right bottom side. To access the catalog of workouts, use "search" tab here and
      Once found the needed interval add it to "favourites", to later locate it in the same "favourites" folder in the app. Have a great training!
  • lucafuntosbike - 02/13/2022
    utilizzo un whaoo kickr core, faccio solo gare virtuali, challenge o pedalate time trial AR, non faccio allenamenti.
    La mia domanda è: la funzione ERG nel rullo deve essere disattivata o attivata?
    oppure non cambia nulla se faccio solo gare e non uso rouvy per gli allenamenti?
    • yuriy888 - 02/14/2022
      Nothing changes if you just ride races and rides. The ERG is always automatic in workouts, meaning the resistance will change by prescribed intervals. Those, who do not want to have the resistance set by the trainer, can disconnect the trainer sensor from "controllable". Cheers.
  • bob2805 - 02/09/2022
    Am I correct in assuming you have totally cut back resistance mode from workouts?
    I'm not referring to the below discussion about setting sensors to do a workout In non-ERG mode, but rather to doing/creating workouts in %gradient blocks. Next to not being able to create gradient based workouts, I tried adding an existing one to my favourites, but it's not appearing in the app. Also the only FTP tests available are ERG ones, while most are resistance based.
    While merging apps into 1 makes a lot of sense from a maintenance/cost perspective, here it seems some pretty standard functionality got scrapped which is (more than) a pitty.
    Or am I missing something?
    (I am on version

    kind regards
    • yuriy888 - 02/09/2022
      "you have totally cut back resistance mode from workouts?"
      No, all workouts provide resistance by default. Make sure you connect your trainer as "controllable".

      "Next to not being able to create gradient based workouts, I tried adding an existing one to my favourites, but it's not appearing in the app." It should work, so pls drop a ticket to our help desk to troubleshoot.

      To locate workouts use 'search' tab here
      Make sure to follow instructions for workout creation here
      You can also create workouts in TariningPeaks and automatically sync to the app.

      Yes, some functions remained in the old app (which are not critical I believe), you can still try using it but there will be no updates and one day its API to be turned off. And the new workout feature will have further improvements.

      Stay tuned.
      • bob2805 - 02/09/2022
        thx for your reply.

        If you are sure workouts of type "% grade" should still be supported I will raise a ticket. (the one added and visible under favorites in is not visible in the app under favorites)
        But that means that the new app is still able to run type "% grade" ('resistance mode') workouts next to type "% FTP" (ERG mode). In which case I don't see the point of no longer letting users create these kind of workouts.
        If this is what you refer to as 'non critical functions' remaining in the old app, then I'm afraid I disagree.
        looking fwd to upcoming improvements.
        • yuriy888 - 02/11/2022
          Pls address our support desk with the specific scenario of your use case. You may also check out the TrainingPeaks Workouts builder (there are way more options) but not absolutely all types of created workouts that sync to ROUVY from there are supported originally, so you can test for yourself. This also can be checked with the help desk as to what actually was ported in the latest API in the TP sync.

          Regarding the favourite and/or critical features to everyone his/her own. If you miss anything, drop a message to the same desk, so the product team could give it a thought. Thanks for the feedback.
  • cornaz - 01/27/2022
    Hi, just tried the workout feature, great. The possibility to overlap with any AR video and get persuaded by the landscapes all around is really a plus.

    However, I noticed it was difficult (at least to me) to quickly realize the interval endings, and so the beginning of the following ones. The only way was to focus on the top bar, which shows the time to interval end. Unfortunately, while training, you largely focus on the power data, because you're mostly concerned with matching your power target for that interval (and on the surroundings, of course!). As a result, it happens frequently that you "switch" too late to the next interval power.

    Would it be possible to add some signalling effect to clearly highlight the end of the interval? I'm thinking to some audio completion effect or some virtual finishing line on the track, similar to what happens in Zwift.

    Thank you.
    • yuriy888 - 01/27/2022
      Hi, the visual and audio instructions for interval segments are already in consideration. Thanks for the feedback.
    • Ipedraz - 01/27/2022
      yes, I support this. Audio signal for me is not ideal, as I usually have rouvy in 2nd screen with audio muted and another screen with tv content.... but a visual banner will be very welcomed.
  • derektu - 01/21/2022
    In the select route screen, can you show my favorite routes ? On iPad it's a pain to have to key in text to search, will be much painful on Apple TV.

    Besides that, the workout feature is really great. Thanks for the hard work.
    • yuriy888 - 01/21/2022
      Thanks for the feedback, forwarded to the product dep. For the future, the support desk is the best place for the new features/improvements requests.
  • Ipedraz - 01/20/2022
    I really miss the workouts saving as well the gps data from the route chosen...
    • yuriy888 - 01/21/2022
      not sure what it is talking about here but maybe drop a ticket to the help desk for the possible workaround, thanks


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