YURIY RYASHKO - 09/30/2021

Another great chapter in the history of ROUVY is coming to its finish with the purpose of giving birth to something newer and greater.

ROUVY Career is a concept that was designed to keep any type of athlete motivated, all year round, irrespective of the season, weather or fitness condition. Keeping you focused through the ups and downs of the year-round period was the main goal in this year-long training Challenge.

And with 5 Seasons behind, it is a pleasure to see how the Career assisted many thousands of riders to come through and ignite the passion for training, helping to stay fit or get into better shape. The number of constantly growing participants and legends (more than doubling each year) proved it to be a great success.


Legends Club

20/21 - 484

19/20 - 186

18/19 - 91



The last annual (with a reset) ROUVY Season 2020/2021 ends today, September 30, 2021, 23:59 UTC


20/21 CAREER makers have a chance at

  • a real 1-WEEK trip in Tuscany from PedalItaly
  • Technogym Bench
  • Wahoo KICKR with a KICKR CLIMB
  • Saris MP1 Nfinity platform with an H3 smart trainer

and other valuable items. 

The draws will take place in the following month. 



The CAREER, as a continuous annual concept and feature, will cease to function from October 1st, 2021 and will NOT be working in any form until the new concept is launched.



The new and season-wise unlimited Career mode will start in January 2022. Starting with next week, the mosaic features of the new concept will be revealed step-by-step. And we are excited for what is to come :), where anyone will be able to build his or her own Career without a year-long period restriction!

In the meantime, enjoy the new platform features that come with ‘ONE ROUVY’, the non-stop Challenges and various events, or just ride through the endless and adventurous ROUVY catalog with over 10,000 video routes and 10,000 workouts. Truly, there is no need to do any route twice.



This is not the ‘end of an era’ but the next logical step of the ROUVY platform and team, trying our best in balancing, listening and adapting to the feedback of our core customers. Understanding the preference of many ROUVY athletes wanting to stay flexible with their own training agenda, the concept of CAREER will be re-shaped, to replace the annual time restriction with various motivational periodic achievements instead.  


The New Career features are to be unveiled step by step with the first details provided next week. 


Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter (in the web footer) or visit, once a month, for the updates. 


We thank our partners Wahoo Fitness, Technogym, Saris, ELITE Cycling, Santini Cycling, PedalItaly and Cycling Unlimited (TORTOUR) for making this Season so special for you. 


Thank you to all Career pursuers and congratulations to all Legends! You did great!


The best is yet to come!



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  • fabrice07 - 04/03/2022
    Hello ! My career doesn't start. I haven't any coin in my profile career. What's the problem ?
  • dk64 - 01/11/2022
    I liked the old season carreer story with doing lost of challenges and races. I look foward to the new life-time achievements. As long as you constantly post great challenges there are many routes to ride and I see enough motivation to do my best in these challenges.
    One thing that I noticed: You can earn coins in many different ways. That allows you to replace very demanding rides with easier rides (it just takes longer) I am not sure if this is appropriate in order to achieve legend status. For legend status you should make rides like "Mount Ventoux Circle" (130km with more than 3500 vertival meters) mandatory. So my claim is: Force people to survive in real challenges.
    • yuriy888 - 01/12/2022
      Yes, hopefully, those of you missing the old format will find it in the coming 'achievements' section.

      The majority of community riders do not want to survive and prefer enhancement of enjoyment in the training. Nobody is going to blame them for that. With the average session statistically taking less than 1h, it is clear that if we were to do so, doing the mentioned Mt. Ventoux would not be welcomed. And personally, I find sitting for more than 1-1,5h on the trainer quite challenging. The new Career aims to bring more 'less than 1h sessions' and great mood for the casual beginners (without race or leader board ambitions) and not rare 3+ hours grinders who are usually are enough self-motivated by own goals. Anyway, the concept will continue to be polished. So you are always welcome to send your thoughts and propositions for improvements to our help desk. Thanks for the feedback.
  • lifebehindbars - 01/11/2022
    As the saying goes yuriy, "you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time" I appreciate ROUVY efforts to attempt changes, but sometimes changing for the sake of change is not always a good idea. I made legend last year and felt a sense of accomplishment. It really motivated me. Right now I am recovering from shoulder surgery so I haven't been able to start my riding season yet. Having said that, I have been keeping up and watching people ride along with listening to all the comments. If I have to say the one most important thing for "most" of us would be "Motivation". I loved the structure of previous years but some of the repeat climbs were frustrating. Thanks for ROUVY.
    • yuriy888 - 01/12/2022
      Exactly. Motivation is something that the majority takes as a positive push-to-action. What you do not see is that the absolute majority is doing that for fun and stunning scenery around the world to stay fit. Only a tiny fraction of the user base of 'die hards' is ready to suffer on grinding climbs and TSS gains or stay to the prescribed agenda. The rest prefers to explore the world the way they want it. Wish you recover quickly!
  • webmd01 - 01/10/2022
    Riding on Rouvy in 2021 was perfect, the challenges and requirement to complete to level up before the end of the season was just what I needed to regain lost fitness and complete a hilly 185 miles in a day across Wales. After getting to National Champion and looking forward to what was possible in 2022 I found that it just ended. Update in January.
    Now the excellent Rouvy experience has gone. Since September I rode indoors just once and left 3 challenges uncompleted as I lost all motivation.
    Now that the "new improved blah blah" is here I have decided to stick with the old, the real ride footage and gradient changes are what drew me to Rouvy in the first place, so I will be making my own annual career levels from now on. if i wanted Mario Cart style avatars and race tracks I'd be on ZWIFT. It's a shame that the 10% that benefitted from the old format now have to say cheerio.
    • Stenly - 01/11/2022
      Súhlasím. Predchádzajúce kariéry boli pre mňa výzvou a motiváciou. Pamätám si keď som začínal s ROUVY ako som si hovoril že je pre mňa nemožné dosiahnuť Legendu a to ma motivovalo. Nakoniec sa mi to podarilo s vynaložením dosť veľkého úsilia a naplánovania si celého roka. Teraz si plán na rok neviem spraviť, neviem koľko je potrebných bodov na dosiahnutie jednotlivých úrovní, čo je potrebné splniť. Motivácia sa stráca.
    • HAIGY - 01/11/2022
      Webmd01: completely agree! Might have been only 10% but were highly dedicated and loyal 10%. Been with ROUVY almost since the beginning, career gave me a fresh goal each year, helped with motivation through the winter. Now trying different solutions to see if i can find a better option. Good for you in making your own career levels!
      • yuriy888 - 01/11/2022
        Guys, thanks for the feedback. Even in the majority of the former Career participants among you, most did not like the strictly prescribed set of tasks and what to ride. But we hear you, if you need a recommended Career path not to think what to ride next we will give a thought on that one. Part of that will be enhanced in the 'achievements' section anyway. Enjoy the places you will probably never visit in person, and stay tuned.
  • kenolisa - 01/05/2022
    Yuriy888, thanks for the info. Can this be made more visible to the public. Three 2022 rides so far in the the Rouvy app (not workout app) and no career credit. If that's not happening yet please let us know so we can be patient for a future server sync/update but if it's a question of updating the app also let us know since app not prompting for updates automatically like in old legacy app. As defining as career option is for Rouvy (vs say zwift) I am bewildered that this is not front and center of your landing page. There should be a bold link on main page to what one needs to get the new career going.
    We've all been waiting for over 3 months. It looks promising but roll out so far lacks messaging. Frustrating.
    • yuriy888 - 01/05/2022
      Thanks for the feedback and we are sorry for the update prompt bug, which is to be fixed asap. Normally, to get hold of any new feature one should update the app. Now the period is not limited, so should not be that much of frustration. Enjoy the rides!


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