LUKAS TOTH - 04/07/2021

ROUVY releases some new, great features with the ROUVY AR 1.5.4 update: Group Ride is now available for all athletes along with improved route profile visualization. The Group Ride feature enables everyone to create and ride in a pack and at the same time, the all-important profile information is now visible under all conditions.

As the spring season unfolds, so do new, exciting updates from ROUVY. Starting with the first one. The new route profile visualization at the bottom of the ride screen now is cleaner making values above the rider pin about route length and elevation gained easily visible. At the same time, the highlights of the elevation segments in different colors stay there allowing for a clear understanding of what gradient would be coming up on the course.  


Now coming to the core feature which was earlier released in Q1 for the official race organizers alone. Having completed the public testing period of the Group Ride feature, ROUVY releases it for all, now. (Please note, the GR still stays in the BETA mode. But more enhancements are on the way!) An experienced ROUVY user will find the same easy-to-use and one-click event creation screen similar to a “race” one.   


IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to update your app to the latest version of ROUVY AR! The released features will work only for the owners of versions 1.5.4 or higher



Group Ride allows you to share your rides with your friends or other athletes from around the world. Enjoy riding in a group, stay motivated, do not worry about your performance, and simply, enjoy exploring the world! Challenge others to join the ride without any podium aspiration. And remember that only TSS points are counted towards ROUVY Career (not the group ride event itself). 




When exploring the world with ROUVY Group Rides, you will be able to stay together with the Group Ride Leader, irrespective of your performance. Keep pedaling and the “ROUVY Magnet'' will keep you close to the group ride leader - simply by giving you extra power. If you decide to challenge your group ride leader and ride much faster than him or her, our magnet will pull you back to the group ride leader, allowing you to stay with the group yet enabling you to give the extra effort you want to.

-> To learn more about How the “Magnet” scenario works and for other group ride details, click here


The Group Ride Leader is visualized, at any given point, in 3 places simultaneously: on the profile, in the nearby list, and within the avatar group, by a yellow overhead color.


What about the social aspect of the Group Ride? Is there a way to interact with the Group Ride Leader and amongst each other?

Communication with questions & answers is welcome during the ride. At this stage, we recommend you use the free Discord app. Group Ride Leader creates the room and invites participants who can then interact via audio, in real-time. (ROUVY will collect all the customer feedback and also consider introducing other means of interactions, including pop-up messages and text messaging in future releases.)


How to create a Group Ride on ROUVY?


The ability to organize Group Rides is now available for any ROUVY user;  it is just a ‘one-click’ setup process on ROUVY. Simply log in to my.rouvy.com on the dashboard. Go to “Explore”-> ”Group ride”. 



Click the “+Create group ride” button, fill in the mandatory fields and then click the “Create group ride“ button at the end. Easy-peasy, you are done! Find the link to your group ride event in the list, to share with your friends or the ROUVY community. 


(If you have questions or still need a more detailed description, find the extended step-by-step instruction here.) 


How to join a Group Ride?


-> From the app: switch from “route” to “event” at the bottom right. Then click on “My events” in the right tile to switch to the “upcoming” events. Type “group” or “group ride” in the search field, and voilà... you will see the list of upcoming GR events. Choose the one that suits your schedule, click “Register” to finish the registration. 



-> On the web:  Go to the “Events” section on rouvy.com. For open events, instructions and the link to join will be provided in the event description. For closed rides, invites will be sent to selected athletes or protected by a password. The filtered list for both official and community group rides can be found here


ON THE RIDE DAY: The rest of the process is the same as for the race day. Be on time with the downloaded route in the app, switch from “route” to “events”, choose your group ride from the “current events” list, click the “start” button to see the count down, and ride away!.   


Official Group Rides with the Pros


The official group rides are available here. Mark your calendars for the upcoming ones with the pro riders in the Tour of Brasilia week (registration links coming up soon):

  • April 17th - 8:00 am Brazil (12pm CET)

          Group leader: Franklin Almeida (franklinalmeidabikefit), Cris Duque (crisduque)

  • April 19th - 7:00 pm Brazil (11pm CET)

           Group leader: Ricardo Alcici (RicardoAlcici) 


And stay tuned, as there will be more over time! See you on the course!


Any feedback or requests for specific improvements are welcome at support@rouvy.com


Enjoy the rides! 



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  • JimmyB_Canada - 01/23/2022
    Rode my first event ride today and it was great! Unfortunately I could not see any of the avatars even though it was an AR route. What did I do wrong?
    • lauratorres - 01/27/2022
      Jimmy, what was the name of the ride?
  • orzecap - 12/15/2021
    The route profile visualization that was added at this version for me is not as good as it was in earlier version (pre 1.5). With this change, my flatter rides now show no elevation changes visibly where they used to show them. Now the rides are like a flat yellow line when there actually are hills. This is a real user experience loss. Perhaps there could be an option to allow users like me to have the old view and others to have the new view depending on the type of ride they are doing?
  • lauratorres - 11/01/2021
    We did our 1st group ride Saturday (Cow Creek) and we could all see each others avatars. Then we did our 2nd group ride on Sunday (Houston AR) and no avatars of anyone on the ride. Any ideas?
    • LukasToth - 11/01/2021
      Hello, "Houston, AR" is not the AR route. You have to choose the AR route to be able to see your avatars. In this route's title, the "AR" means Arkansas.
  • leonardoeroico - 04/17/2021
    Bom dia! Participei hoje do Treino Oficial para o "GP Brasil de Ciclismo Virtual" que acontecerá dia 21 de abril. A experiência com a rota não esta satisfatória. Muitos congelamentos do vídeo e os avatares sumindo. Sinal do BLE começou a apresentar oscilação, algo que não ocorria antes. Testei várias resoluções de download do percurso, porém me parece que o problema se intensifica com o maior número de atletas simultâneos.
    A sensação de grupo está bem ruim também... em declives, mesmo com grande potência aplicada, o grupo passa em alta velocidade e potências bem menores que a minha.
  • faena - 04/16/2021
    Merci pour cette nouvelle visualisation du profil beaucoup plus élégante que la précédente.
    C'est au niveau de l'import d'acticités sur Rouvy que des améliorations doivent être apportées. En effet, il est impossible de modifier quoi que ce soit !!! Auparavant, ça l'était !
    Merci tout de même pour l'état d'esprit et les différentes fonctions de cette application.
    A bientôt sur un nouveau parcours.
    Sportivement vôtre.
  • furkapass - 04/09/2021

    thanks for the update. Personally, I really don‘t like the new route profile visualization. On smaller screens you can barely see anything (differences of colors) - The line is too thin. And the older profile looked way better and cooler. The new Layout of indication of total height and route lenght can stay where it is - that is better than before.
    • ROUVY - 04/13/2021
      thank you for your feedback. We will forward your request to the development team. They will edit it or fix it. We hope that in updates to come this will be fixed.
      • orzecap - 12/15/2021
        I completely agree on the route profile visualization not being as good as it was previously. With this change, my flatter rides now show no elevation changes visibly where they used to show them. Now the rides are like a flat yellow line when there actually are hills. This is a real user experience loss. Perhaps there could be an option to allow users like me to have the old view and others to have the new view depending on the type of ride they are doing?


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