KAREL SOUSEK - 02/15/2021

The team at ROUVY is working to provide a new web experience with a better user interface. The first phase of the web update is now up and running.

2021 ROUVY new website look and feel

We are happy to introduce a new look and feel of our website at new.rouvy.com. Based on numerous customer feedback and ever growing content, we realized that the current website needed evolution. Our vision is to build a clear and strong visual experience across all ROUVY touchpoints (both website and applications).

We want to develop our new website based on the feedback from you, athletes. This is the reason why we choose not to release all of the redesigned pages at one go. So, we start with the main pages at the moment.

By using a responsive, mobile and tablet-friendly design with vector-based assets, WCAG 2.0 contrast and better semantics, we believe you will like our new look and find it easy to use as well.

How to access our new website? 

You can easily access the new website by clicking the link at the top of our homepage - “We’re working on a new ROUVY website design. Curious? Check it out!”. You can also easily switch back to the current design by clicking on the link under the menu - “Change look and feel to original ROUVY style”.

Initially, you may find both websites, new and current, to be similar in content. However, in the second stage of development, we will be adding more sections and detail pages. As for my.rouvy.com, our main website for active athletes, you will be happy to know that based on your valuable and enormous amount of feedback gathered over the months, we have already started working on a new design and experience. This has resulted in so much more on the website’s roadmap for you; and we can’t wait to finish this final step and introduce it to you!

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please send it to support@rouvy.com. Thank you. 

Sincerely yours, 

The Team @ ROUVY



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  • troy31299 - 04/28/2021
    Not only with the total rankings but also with the individual routes, it would be nice if you could look at your own age group. So also male / female and 61+ and 71+
    • mrmart - 05/06/2021
      I agree. A system like that used by Parkrun would be great. As a 70yr old I can't compete with a 25yr old. I've ridden the Stelvio on here and came in around 6000th - that's really dispiriting. If I could compare with others my age it would really motivate me. As it is I'm finding Rouvy really elitist.
      How about some races for Seniors too?
  • smariobj59 - 04/28/2021
    what is still missing in the ranking list and in the races that allow evaluation according to age groups 61+, 71 + ...
  • frlef - 04/12/2021
    Hello, when will French be on the site?
    • ROUVY - 04/13/2021
      French should be available by the end of this year with a new version of the application.
  • troy31299 - 03/04/2021
    Sometimes there are invitations to races. It would be nice if it said whether this race belongs in a challenge. I now have to find out whether I participate in this challenge or not. That would make it much easier.
  • Selinda - 03/02/2021
    When checking our results in a challenge, could you please include a quick search bar so we could input our name under the women category? OR, please show our ranking within our gender category when we click the gender. Currently, scroll through all the women to see my rank among my fellow competitors. I prefer to see where I rank as a woman, since it's more realistic to my standing. Many thanks! Love the upgrades to the AR app, especially the "Recommend" window!
    • troy31299 - 03/04/2021
      And it would be even more fun if we could also select by age classification. Incidentally, I think that 61+ and 71+ may also come. The difference with someone aged 52 and 69 is very big.
      • Selinda - 04/15/2021
        Troy31299 - Excellent point! I would love to see those additions too (especially since we typically see these age groups at local races).
  • arnostlobel - 02/20/2021
    Thanks for making changes to the site. Improvements are always appreciated.
    A couple of not very critical comments on the new design regarding the "Routes" page:

    1. I would prefer if routes’ metrics were in my chosen units. I understand the whole world has moved to SI units and I personally have no problem with understanding meters and kilometers, but the US is stuck in the 19th century still, and those of us who live there are used to the imperial units instead.

    2. The side sliding is kinda cool and probably works great on small devices, but on a PC screen no so much. I get to see only four thumbnails at any given time and it requires a lot of side-scrolling (by a finger only, by the way – no scrollbar) or clicking the arrow to get through the entire row.

    3. I think I can learn the icons that represent the different groups of routes, but I am of the opinion that the icons would be more usable of accompanied by a tool-tip.

    4. Since the whole Rouvy web is getting redesigned, may I suggest adding another custom group – “My Scheduled rides”. I know we have the “Favorites” already, but that group gets abused. You see, it is a proper pain to search for a ride I know I want to ride on the RouvyAR. It is why I’ve made it a habit to put rides from my current challenges and/or career to “My favorites” even though they are often not my favorite rides and I delete them immediately after I finish the ride, if I do not forget to do so. I would prefer the My Favorite group to be for my really favorites routes only. Just a thought. Costs nothing to ask, right?
    • deperlo - 02/24/2021
      I agree with all these points. The inability to sort for the side scrolling which is a pain. the option for a list like in Workouts with sorting feature would be cool.

      The search feature is lacking rider name or grade options
    • karel_sousek - 02/21/2021
      Hi Arnost, thank you for your feedback! We will address your comments in future updates of our website, where possible.


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