We have asked our users about various topics and experiences they have with cycling. Have a look, what answers did we get!
 1.     How long are the socks you wear 


· No socks unless it gets colder than 45 outside. I put on toe covers before socks.

· Is this a question to identify triathletes?

· UCI compliant

· Anything in between 14-16cm calf. Anything else is plainly wrong naturally




· Download route, get water bottles ready, pick movie or playlist for the ride, get clothed and hopefully get a 20 minute warm up. The more time I have before a race starts the more likely I'll be running late for it.

· Having coffee done before start and two bottles of water as well 

· Try to warm up before the race. Never works. Too many young children 

· Try to not to be late, hop on the bike last minute and push hard @ 90-110% ftp until collapse without a proper warmup and swear that it won't happen next time 


3.     What is the worst cycling faux pas you have done?


· I cause not one, not two but three crashes. The first two I took down teammates. The last was just me. I was way too experienced at that point to chalk it up to "newbie". It is also the only time I know I caused a crash, even racing. Never heard the end of that from my friends who were on the ride (and rightfully so).

· Riding a road bike in a group ride with a hydration pack on my back. Also apparently having the reflectors still on the wheels of your bike is not ok.

· Turned up at a triathlon, unpacked the bike from the car only to realize that the front wheel was still in my hallway

· Last year, just 100m away from my home. My little one always wants to be first, so I just wanted to push her a bit but somehow after two to three strokes my chain hopped off and I ended up with my foot in my right front wheel. So I fell over my bike while still being stuck in it. Result: broken elbow left, knee surgery left, bigger abrasions on my right foot and arm. So I left the Hospital with all four moving parts damaged.

· Driving 3 hours to a bike tour, spending the night then was getting ready the next morning before I realized I left my shoes at home... 

· 1st ride on TT bike: wrecked. Of course, I shielded the bike with my body so it didn’t get a scratch though. Good save!




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