YURIY RYASHKO - 01/05/2021

ROUVY turns efforts in a virtual environment into great real-life results and experiences. What happens behind the scenes of a Grand Tour? Today we are going to have a look back from the first eyes of the awarded ROUVY athletes from Spain.

Today is the day to bring the winners of the La Vuelta Challenge on ROUVY into the spotlight. Thanks to the ROUVY’s official partnership with the Spanish pro-race a couple of athletes received a chance to have a look from the best imaginable spots: assistance car, helicopter and VIP finish area.


Being an official partner of the top gear manufacturers and multiple elite races ROUVY brings its customers the best mix of virtual and real worlds possible. Just like the main feature, your ‘training room’ efforts can always convert into something tangible and sometimes even unforgettable, be it a ‘state of art’ piece of equipment, an event start package, or a slick branded race jersey. In exceptional cases like that, the odds can turn your casual training session into a fun adventure not only through the screen of the monitor but directly into the pro race sights you are watching in your TV box.

It's a beautiful day, the sky falls
And you feel like it's a beautiful day… !

So, here is the next turn of such a day, and we will not let it just get away. ;)

Please meet Spanish Rouviers, aka “pipotinrodador” (on the right) and “mgafotas”.

Hi guys and congratulations again! Let us introduce you. Where are you from?
We are from Asturias, a beautiful province in the north of Spain. The territory of mythical rises as Angliru and Los Lagos.

Sweet! Where do you work outside of the bike world?
Nothing to do with the bike world... we are in the sales world.

How did you come first to hear about ROUVY?
We were actually with another simulator before but some friends told us about this and we subscribed as a group.

What went through your mind when you were contacted as a chosen winner of the La Vuelta Challenge?
To tell you the truth we thought it was malware because we could not think that was possible... But it was!

[Note for the readers: Unfortunately, that is the first thing that comes to mind with such notification but keep reading the ROUVY’s notifications not to miss your own luck.]

Which day and stage have you visited? What was in your VIP program for the day?
We visited stage 14: Lugo - Ourense. First, we met our driver: Juan Carlos Domínguez and visited the starting line. Then, we picked the official car and saw the riders inside the race. We were right ahead of the peloton! Afterwards we got on the helicopter and could see the riders from another perspective and finally, we were at the finish line to see the winner.

Have you ever been to pro cycling races before? Do you feel this is like a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience?
It was the first time and a great experience. You can see everything from another perspective and you realize the amount of organizational work that is behind each stage.

What have you learned that works behind the scenes otherwise than you thought?
Everything is coordinated and the communication is online. No way for improvisations. The first surprise: we did not know before that there were cars inside the race that were not for organizational issues.

Did you imagine before what it takes to do at least 3 stages of the Grand Tour in a row?
Well, we are not fast but we like resistance, so we are used to long distances day after day.

Are you able to correlate your impressions better with the racing sessions on the trainer now?
What is well done on the simulator is the way it loses inclination when reaching the end of the hill. It is very progressive, as in reality.


Rarely that does happen in one’s life. Do you feel more motivated and inspired for the winter period?

Of course, when you see all those bikers finishing those stages in those times, it demands you to try to reach a reference time with respect to them.


Your message or words of encouragement to Rouviers across the globe...

If you can think about it, you can get it!... Especially with the help of ROUVY ;)


We can’t agree more!!! :). Thanks for sharing your impressions and good luck in the races! Special thanks to UniPublic for the great organization of the VIP day!

Keep training and racing on ROUVY and one day it might be you! ;)



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