SAM JIROUŠ - 10/02/2020

Triathlon is as interesting as it is intense, full of wild, wonderful, wacky, and at times over-the-top people. Together, we form a community that may seem strange to outsiders, yet it’s one where all of us—from beginners to elites—undeniably belong. And so, during the lead-up to our IRONMAN World Championship celebration, we salute you!

By Holly Bennett


1. You, whose bike pace is best described as "leisurely," yet you wear your aero helmet with pride—and sometimes backwards.


2. You, the calorie-counting, ratio-watching, body fat-measuring nutrition know-it-all, secretly nailing a hot fudge sundae after your long run.


3. You, the Pics or It Didn’t Happen social media junkie, who posts about your every stroke, pedal, and stride. (And counts the likes and comments.)

4. You, who thinks that a freshly laundered finisher tee and new compression socks count as dressing up.


5. You, the expert on all things, who struggles to carry a conversation without including the words "watts," "intervals," and "GPS."


6. You, the gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan purist, tipping back a post-race extra-cheese pepperoni pizza, ice cream, and beer.


7. You, the elusive PR-seeker, whose performance came up short due to GI issues, headwinds, crosswinds, undertraining, overtraining, the wrong coach, a crazy work schedule, dropping/forgetting/forgetting to take your salt tabs, or all of the above.


8. You, the bodily function boaster, who documents and overshares the details of your every "movement."


9. You, the fitness fashion-challenged crew—from the underwear-under-your-bike-shorts beginner, to the you’ve-been-at-this-for-decades-and-so-has-your-threadbare-tri-kit veteran.

10. You, the Kona first timer, who, from the moment they step out of the airplane, wouldn't dare be caught missing the Underpants Run or a morning Dig Me Beach swim, eating a breakfast not involving an acai bowl, or sporting a limb without an M-dot tattoo.


Yes, each and every one of you talented and entertaining triathletes, we love and salute you! Our sport wouldn't be nearly as wonderful without you.




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  • pajo - 10/23/2020
    Ahahaha, excellent and very entertaining post to someone who is only checking out triathlon. For now...


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