YURIY RYASHKO - 09/30/2020

Great news for runners and triathletes who welcome to add indoor running into their training regimen. Now, they can enjoy indoor reality also in running mode. ‘Augmented Running’ is now available for anyone for free as a beta feature. 

The new season brings fantastic news for lovers of virtual reality training. From October 1, 2020 ROUVY divides in 2 sections: cycling and running. We are excited to bring new updates to the ROUVY AR platform and its technology. Running is now available on all ROUVY AR applications: Windows, Mac, iOS, Apple TV and Android.


[Updated start-up screen]


Starting October 1st, 


- Run-only users will have the opportunity to use ROUVY completely for free (including expired trials) as long as they keep logging run-only activities (once “cycling” is selected, they will be prompted to subscribe)


- All paying users will have RUNNING feature included in their subscription and will be able to use both ‘cycle’ and ‘run’ options without any limitations and/or any additional charge.




To get a hold of the new feature you will need a running treadmill and some sensors.


For the first use the user has to select the preferred profile (cycling or running). This is how the running start screen looks after choosing the discipline.



Metrics shown in real-time while running:
  • heart rate
  • pace
  • cadence (equals to strides-per-minute) 
  • distance gained


Activity statistics and detail based on running metrics:
  • SMP - strides per minute
  • Average Pace
  • Heart Rate Zones


*RUNNING POWER (reporting from the footpod) or VIRTUAL RUNNING POWER values are not available at the moment. 


ON the course:

runners see the runners only in the terrain (no mixing with the cyclists)


Route selection

The list of categories and routes is based on the choice of the preferred discipline profile.

Special ‘running category’ will be highlighted in the running profile. 


Routes can be

  • running only
  • cycling only
  • both running & cycling


To get you started we launch a couple of running courses. There is much more to come and over time our ambition is to build a run course library on par with our cycling offering. For the moment, runners can run in Spain and UK locations. 


BETA limitations

  • Running results will not be displayed on the leaderboards. 
  • Users are not able to create or view an online running race 



Never minding the limitations It is now possible to run in the augmented mode. So, enjoy and have a great run!


[singing] RUN - RUN BABY - RUN RUN - BABY RUN! 



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  • briggy75 - 10/21/2020
    Two Questions. 1. Can we create run routes with video like we can for cycling? 2. Are there more run locations and video coming soon? I need some longer ones and variety. Cheers
  • iliaskap - 10/13/2020
    Hi ! Have anyone checked about compatibility with the new Garmin Foot Pod ?
    • ROUVY - 10/18/2020
      Hello, you can find more information about about supported running sensors in this article, thank you.
    • yuriy888 - 10/14/2020
      Hi, It is not supported yet. It will be coming later but hopefully this year.
  • privateer - 10/06/2020
    I know running functionality is beta now. Just wondering if smart treadmills are supported. None are listed among supported devices. I have Sole F85. Do you have plans on implementing smart treadmill support?
    • cnolan - 10/06/2020
      Hi Privateer, Looking at that treadmill you mention. If it has bluetooth that can share the speed and cadence to other devices. If i was you i would try to install the Rouvy app and just see if it will detect your treadmill. You might find it already works. I have used both stryd with Rouvy and been able to detect the treadtracker on rouvy (i have not tested it yet.)
      • privateer - 10/06/2020
        Hi Cnolan. Thanks for your reply. Rouvy does not see my treadmill in the list of speed sensors. I tried "Display All" and it does see it, but trying to connect it tells me this device cannot be added as a speed sensor. The treadmill works just fine with all all other apps I tried so far - Zwift, Sufferfest etc., but not Rouvy. So I am wondering if any treadmills are supported and anybody was able to connect a treadmill.
        • ROUVY - 10/07/2020
          hello, at the moment we are not supporting treadmills, but don't worry, we are working on it. soon soon we will update you about supported treadmills. But if you have a foot pod or other running supported sensors which are supported in Rouvy app you can use it. here is the link of running supported sensors, Thank you!!
  • cnolan - 10/02/2020
    Just tried it out for a short run with my stryd wind and ticker x (previous version). It was interesting. Plan on testing it out more over the weekend out of curiosity. Ran it on apple tv and installed it on the PC. Only 3 running locations from what I could tell. Speaking of a feature I liked on Rouvy, When i paired my Stryd and Ticker X hear rate. It showed the battery percentage in the app. Very cool I thought.
  • oos1 - 10/02/2020
    Short test with my Garmin F6, all fine :)

    (Except for recording the activity type as V-Ride instead of V-Run, will email support.
  • mickb - 10/02/2020
    Short test works well with Garmin Foot Pod ANT+ connection with Windows 10. However, test upload to Strava records the activity as a "virtual bike ride" rather than "virtual run". Strangely, I am unable to edit this as the "change activity type". Strava simply refuses to accept this Rouvy activity as a run!
    • ROUVY - 10/02/2020
      Hello, Please contact our customer service at, they will correct this error. Thank you for the feedback.


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