YURIY RYASHKO - 09/30/2020

ROUVY’s previously announced features and pricing plan comes to fruition, together with multiple improvements of the racing platform and start of the ROUVY 20/21 Season.

The 20/21 ROUVY season starts now! Based on community feedback ROUVY’s team will release multiple improvements and changes to ensure the best realistic user experience. All ROUVY users will be able to enjoy new race options and features.  


Following the announcement of these incoming changes, new features will be effective in ROUVY AR 1.2.0 from October 1st, 2020. 





  • Introduction of “time-trial” and “race” modes displays the difference for the ‘drafting-disabled’ and ‘drafting-enabled’ results. 


  • Drafting will be enabled for the “race” by default (read more here). As in real life winning races will now be not only about pure power output but equally tactics and some good strategic thought as well.  


  • Rankings Update with Route Leaderboards reset - due to the implementation of the new speed model calculation all route records have been reset. All race results are saved in the season results. (All riders will have to create new route records again.)   


  • 2020/21 Career Season Start with new partners and up to $20K in the nominal prize value. Check out new tasks and start planning the season now! 


  • Virtual Running (public beta) - yes, now it is possible to run on ROUVY as well. If you’ve got or plan to acquire a treadmill, check this out. 


  • XHALE integration - extending the integrated ecosystem all XHALE users can enjoy an easy and automatic sync with ROUVY.




As the multi-months subscription plans are the most popular ones, we have decided to introduce them again!

ROUVY’s monthly subscription will be available for purchase at the price from $12 per month annually.


 SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS effective from Oct 1st, 2020

  • 1 month - $15/month
  • 6 months - $14/month
  • 12 months - $12/month




Most attributes of the subscription stay unchanged:

  • With one price and subscription all users can use all apps (both ROUVY AR and ROUVY Workouts)
  • Family Sharing’ feature (2 more family members per one subscription) stays unchanged.
  • 5 devices per one account/subscription limit stays unchanged as well.


Of course, there will also be a lot of official races and group rides ;). Have a great training season and stay tuned for further announcements!



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  • prcunha - 12/16/2020
    What about android ant+ support? It is long due, and it was supposed to be here by December the 1st! a couple of weeks gone by, and still nothing...
    • yuriy888 - 12/17/2020
      Sorry, we are bad with predictions, the status can be defined as "coming soon". Why not try to use Bluetooth on Android which all Android devices support just natively?
      • surfbikeswim - 12/17/2020
        I agree that suggesting people should just use bluetooth is not an appropriate answer. I want to use powertap hub via Android for my use case and this was supported previously. I live in a flat area and with bluetooth am forced into much lower cadences than I would like on the climbs and changing cassettes all the time would be a pain.
      • prcunha - 12/17/2020
        Because, just as an example, my hrm is a garmin hrm-tri; or, other, I rather have the power2max of any of my bikes running the show than my elite direto, for plenty of reasons, not the least because it is what measures my power output outdoor, and indoor in trainerroad... really, is it necessary any explanation why someone wants it, and why it should be a basic and fundamental feature? Come on!... not ok!
        • yuriy888 - 12/18/2020
          Ok, thanks for the explanations. I agree, data consistency is important, though from what I've seen Elite trainers are incredibly accurate with 1-1.5% accuracy. Stay tuned for the updates.
    • miket50 - 12/16/2020
      Echo that Q. I took a short break expecting it to be rolled out on 1 Dec as detailed earlier, returned to the old app after downloading the updated 1.3.1 Rouvy AR on 2nd December which still doesn't support ANT+ on Android, and have been checking daily to see if Rouvy announced "now available to support ANT+". Would be nice to have a definitive date even if it is 2021 as I had even considered obtaining a bluetooth bridge so I could start using it.
      • yuriy888 - 12/17/2020
        Pls see the comment upper on the status. I am really curious why don't you use the native Bluetooth connection on Android and considering a BLE bridge?
        • miket50 - 12/17/2020
          Simple. As Rouvy had "coming soon" my assumption was that it would be available soon to support ANT+. I did actually purchase a NPE Cable several months back to try Zwift on an iphone. Didn't like Zwift (was also getting dropouts) so returned it. Completely slipped my mind that I could have used the NPE Cable as a bridge for Rouvy AR. I just thought, I'll stick to Rouvy on my Android and wait for Rouvy AR to have ANT+ support. Anyway, it was a bit of a hassle setting up the NPE Cable on an iphone given that their app isn't Android-supported and then having to use an Android phone for Rouvy. I wasn't impressed with Zwift on the iphone (screen is too small) whereas, in my experience, Rouvy works well on Android at least with the phone that I have which has a bigger screen.
          • yuriy888 - 12/18/2020
            Both iPhone and Android work reliably via BLE with our apps without the need for additional bridges. Nevertheless, ANT+ is to in the queue. Thanks for the feedback.
            • miket50 - 12/18/2020
              It probably does, but I’m on a dumb trainer with just ANT+ sensors on my bike so a BLE bridge would be needed. Without ANT+ support, it makes dumb or "classic" trainer users on an Android platform need exactly the same set-up that they would require to run Rouvy AR (or Zwift) on an Iphone. I'll take that as a continuing "don't know when ANT+ will be available" and thus start considering whether I will bother with Rouvy AR and purchasing a BLE bridge. I was more interested in the TT function on Rouvy AR, if anything, but have been pretty content with things as they have been.
              • yuriy888 - 12/18/2020
                Ok, understandable. Thanks for your patience. Things are taken care of, but take time. Stay tuned.
  • mayberryrf - 12/14/2020
    Done. Thank you for your kindness.
    • yuriy888 - 12/15/2020
      Always welcome. Thank you for your patience.
  • mayberryrf - 12/14/2020

    I was shocked to realize that not only did my race results Saturday (Caves Route) not appear on the Leaderboard, but my prior previously posted Leaderboard Results at Cape Naturaliste, North Applegate, and Alpenbrevet - Oberalppass have been REMOVED from the respective leaderboards. All had been posted since November 30. What happened?
    • yuriy888 - 12/14/2020
      pls drop a message to, our help desk will assist you, thanks
      • milos57 - 12/14/2020
        Yuriy, thatnk for your suggestion. I did that. It would be more efficient if you ask them to read some of the comments written here. Support answers are copy and paste answers.
        • yuriy888 - 12/14/2020
          There is no better place to turn to have your questions answered. Answered below on how it works. Thank you for being active.
  • milos57 - 12/05/2020
    Just finished race and sort of sad to see that all participants are in the same category. It ok to race all together but at least make ranking available based on age category.
    Sombody commented that it takes forever to upload race. After four hours still uploading activity. :( Strange enought that I can see my ranking in a race but can not see my activity in agenda.
    Second comment:
    When you go to the web site and list all available races, to me, it doesn't make sence that at the top of the list is a race which will be held in January of 2021 and not the race which will be later today. So, if you want to see what are upcoming races you have to scroll down to check it out. Maybe somebody see it differently but this is my note about it.
    Third and last comment:
    This one is to you Rouvy guys who read this and comment and ask us to submit the complain to support. We are already submitting complain to you guys, and support team should read those comments as well.
    • yuriy888 - 12/14/2020
      Thanks for the feedback, the things you mentioned have been taken into consideration. The support team is getting those blog comments to read as well but only for the newer articles. The best place for feedback is the support desk, there is the product feedback is sorted and issues are taken care of. Regards.
  • Rixter - 11/23/2020
    One of Rouvy's big draws is the scenery. It gives people the opportunity to ride virtually where they may never get a chance to in real life. Why not showcase that by taking a screenshot every 10 or 15 minutes and include that when uploading to Strava. The only photo to upload is the rather uninspiring start line with the elevation profile. This is not going to help Rouvy attract more curious riders
    • yuriy888 - 11/24/2020
      Thanks for the feedback. That was already considered in the past. The automatic capturing and upload is possible to implement but there are different sections on great routes with both beautiful and ordinary scenes. Also, there are thousands of community routes with limited or non-controllable quality. This would have overflown Strava with questionable visuals. So, Rouviers are welcomed to make screen capturing themselves and share respectively.
    • deperlo - 11/24/2020
      Good idea, I take screen shots of the movie afterwards and upload them to Strava occasionally, bit of a hassle though.
  • petrolhead1 - 11/09/2020
    Just logged back in after a few months to find my ranking cut back to 'Starter' ignoring all the hard work and effort I put in earlier this year. What's the point of the effort if it isn't going to be recognised consistently. I don't think I will be re-activating my membership this winter. There are plenty of other places to log my training where effort is recognised.
    • yuriy888 - 11/20/2020
      Your efforts are always recognized as your all-time statistics are saved. Just like in real-life riders should prove what they are worth every year in the new circles of races every year. 'Career' is just one of the features among multiple others. Hopefully, you can find all the needed puzzle parts to reach your training goals and stay comfortable in this virtual home. You are welcome to send your feedback for improvements to thank you
      • Rixter - 11/23/2020
        I agree 100% with @petrolhead1. A career is just that, it's all your accomplishments over many seasons. Rouvy has got this wrong.
        • yuriy888 - 11/24/2020
          @Rixter, what should be the lifespan of the Career in your opinion then? How many seasons should be counted for?
          • Rixter - 11/25/2020
            A career is just that, it's for your entire lifespan. If you think of your work career it doesn't end each year. I think you need a Season ranking and a Career ranking system. Seasonal ranking gets reset on Dec 31st
            • yuriy888 - 11/26/2020
              Ok, with a non-defined life span you would like to have a defined ranking.? I guess the current system serves it.
              • Rixter - 11/26/2020
                A career should not be reset every year. That is not the definition of a career. By resetting every year you're actually referring to a Season's accomplishment. The current system is not working.
                • fantapol - 12/02/2020
                  I agree with Rixer. Career cannot be reset every year, but I do agree that consistent training should be needed to keep the current status (just like in real life)
                  My suggestion would be that each month career level drops x points if user doesn't log any active rides and once the user starts actively training again, they can easier get back to their previous status. I like the way Strava does monthly fitness chart. It goes up when I do consistent workouts, but once I slack a bit,, it drops little by little.. It keep me motivated to maintain high level of fitness/status, but it shouldn't be just erased each year... it misses its purpose and benefit.
                • yuriy888 - 11/27/2020
                  I admit, there may be some inconsistency in the terminology but not all users even have an annual subscription. It gets back again to the question of the operating life span and what will happen once it is over. If you have a clear vision how Career on ROUVY should work, pls submit it to Thanks for the feedback.
                  • Rixter - 12/07/2020
                    I think I have a good solution.
                    1) Careers last a lifetime, they are not seasonal. I think a career should follow similar to amateur rankings Cat 5, Cat 4, Cat 3, Cat 2, Cat 1, Pro. (this his how it's done in my part of the world)
                    2) You never go back once you reach a Category level. A Cat 2 never goes back down to a Cat 3
                    3) To reach a particular Cat level should take several months or maybe even more than one season.
                    4) Within each season you should complete challenges and other milestones that may earn badges, prizes, etc, AND also earn points.
                    5) As points accumulate, you advance up the Cat level. For instance, everybody may start at Cat 5 and it takes 1000 points to reach Cat 4. Perhaps it takes another 2000 points to reach Cat 3, and maybe an additional 3000 points for Cat 2. Total cumulative points to reach Cat 2 would be 6000 points. These are just examples.
                    6) Along the way you could be a Cat 4.1, 4.2, 4.7, etc depending on what percent you achieved at that level. This isn't exactly like real life, but it can show a rider progression at a level rather than a single big-bang and suddenly they are at the next level.
                    7) Once you reach Pro (after Cat 1), that's it, the highest level possible. In Zwift I know two riders who've reached Level 50, which is pretty far along. All they got was another virtual jersey to unlock. Admittedly at some level you can't get any further, though you can continue to complete monthly challenges and complete for badges and prizes.

                    So that's my thoughts on the subject.
                  • Rixter - 11/29/2020
                    I've submitted several things to Rouvy support and nothing changes. I think I'll save my effort for something else
                    • yuriy888 - 11/30/2020
                      All tickets are taken care of. Some things may be taken into account and changed only for the next season, so stay tuned. Thanks for being pro-active anyway. Kind regards.


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