YURIY RYASHKO - 08/12/2020

With the rollout of ANT+ communication support coming on August 19th for ROUVY AR, the ROUVY Team announces the upcoming pricing change and a great limited lifetime subscription offer!

Dear ROUVY rider, 


Thank you for being a part of the ROUVY family. We appreciate the contribution you have made! Due to your active position, the platform was able to reach the place where it is now - a platform for a thriving athletic community with an endless variety of training options. 


With the arrival of the ROUVY AR 1.0.0 next week comes the time to announce the new subscription plan that will enable the company to take on board new team members for faster product development. This means the requested features will be delivered in shorter timelines and with higher quality.    


From August 19th, 2020, together with the ANT+ release all expired trial accounts on ROUVY will require an active subscription to any of the available pricing plans.  


What do the new pricing plans mean?



If you are a current subscriber, keep riding as you did! The introduced subscription plans do not affect your current subscription - for the same price, you will get more features. 


If you keep renewing your subscription without any time break, we guarantee your current pricing plan will never change at all - you will keep THE SAME PRICE for a LIFETIME


For iTunes and Google Play subscriptions


ROUVY no longer supports the purchase of subscriptions via iTunes and Google Play. 

If you are a ROUVY iTunes or Google Play subscriber, please contact and we will help you to migrate your subscription to the new subscription type. Migrate your subscription today and enjoy riding with all the benefits!




  • 1 month - $12/month
  • 6 months - $11/month
  • 12 months - $10/month


If you subscribe now, the chosen plan and price will be LIFETIME GUARANTEED!



From October 1st, 2020 ROUVY’s monthly subscription will be available for purchase at the price of $15 per month. 



  • Most attributes of the subscription stay unchanged:
  • With one price and subscription, all users can use all apps (in other words - those paying for ROUVY Workouts already don’t need to pay anything extra)
  • One subscription and account works across all apps, both ROUVY AR AND ROUVY WORKOUTS. 
  • All currently paid users who do not stop/pause subscription are GUARANTEED their price for a LIFETIME! 
  • Users who purchase one of the subscriptions now and do not stop/pause their subscriptions are GUARANTEED their price for a LIFETIME! 
  • Family Sharing’ feature (2 more family members per one subscription) stays unchanged.
  • 5 devices per one account/subscription limit stays unchanged as well. 


Hurry to get your subscription now! See you on the augmented roads and races!




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  • marior - 10/12/2020
    The current AR app and general direction Rouvy is taking is rather disappointing I think. They say that the career should be used in the AR app but there is still no ability to start career related tasks straight from that app. The AR app also does not trigger the on-screen keyboard on two windows tablets I am using so it is nearly useless since it is not possible to search for routes and therefor getting to the career routes without having to use multiple apps or websites via favorites. This is not how a modern app should work.
    Then they make official Rouvy races mandatory in the career but have no races at normal times in the southern hemisphere. So it is not really possible to take part in a career if you are not in the Northern hemisphere.
    They have had many more users and income but the AR app is really disappointing. With many basic features basically not working right now , we are unlikely to renew our subscription.
  • gwsmith - 10/05/2020
    We are coming to the end of our first Rouvy Premium - 6 Months (EUR) subscription. We love it and want to keep rolling membership. The website says our next renewal is scheduled to 2020-10-26 10:59:49 for € 55.02. Will this happen automatically or do we have to do something manually? We prefer automatic renewal. Thanks for all the great rides we have had so far.
    • yuriy888 - 10/05/2020
      That may depend on the place of acquisition of the subscription. Pls drop a message to with your username, thanks.
  • fkenik - 09/23/2020
    I just bought a wahoo kickr20 and can get a 1 month free trial. Do i still need to order the 1 year for $10 a month by oct 1st or wait until I use the 1 month trial then order. If I order now, can I start the 1 month trial in Nov and then start paying $10/month in Dec? Do I order now and start paying in Dec?

    Also do you support the Kickr Climb?
    • yuriy888 - 09/23/2020
      Yes, we support Kickr Climb, it is working automatically via the Kickr smart trainer. If you activate a 30-d trial now and then subscribe till Sept 30 via web, you will get a 10/month price. Your card will be charged only after the end of the trial. If you subscribe after Oct 1, you will be charged with a new price when the trial period ends.
  • fdrago - 09/22/2020
    Is there any other option to use workouts ?
    • yuriy888 - 09/22/2020
      At the moment there is no other option to get hold of workouts than using a ROUVY Workout app. Eventually, they will become one but not at this moment.
  • fdrago - 09/22/2020
    i cannot found workouts on ROUVY AR. There are only routes.
    I made 3 favourits - 1 route and 2 workouts ,but there is only route on favourits on my ROUVY AR
    • yuriy888 - 09/22/2020
      Use any of the ROUVY Workout apps for the desktop or mobiles. You can find all here in the download section.
  • antoniopovedam - 09/19/2020
    Hola, felicidades por su trabajo.
    Tengo un problema, a partir de la actualización de la aplicación mi entrenador BKOOL que funcionaba muy bien, ahora se desconecta permanentemente cuando estoy entrenando. ocurre justo a partir de la actualización, les agradezco si me dan soporte.
    • yuriy888 - 09/21/2020
      Hi, to troubleshoot your problem pls drop a message with a detailed description of the issue to Our support team will help you there. thanks
  • nureochiba - 09/17/2020
    Is Apple Watch Heart rate monitoring supported? Blood Oxygen level on the Watch series 6? If not, when will these functions be supported?
    • yuriy888 - 09/18/2020
      I do not know which HR products from the Apple ecosystem have an open protocol. Pls drop a message to our help desk at for the check of your setup. There you will also get info on the ETA of support of the specific devices. Thanks.
  • smurfy72 - 09/17/2020
    Hi I have the standard subscription which is showing as archived, will i still pay the price for this going forward as the lifetime promise? Also you say there are added functions what are they please?
    • yuriy888 - 09/18/2020
      Hi, if you have currently an active subscription, just don't stop paying and you will keep the same price for a lifetime. If you pause, you will be forced to re-subscribe at the newer rates. If you don't have any active subscription now, subscribe till September 30 at available rates now and don't stop it to keep it for a life-time to enjoy ROUVY at cheaper rates. All significant features are covered on this blog under "features" tag (the link ) and announced in the newsletters and social media. So, just read the newsletters and keep your apps updated every month to be tuned-in in for everything new. Thanks.
  • brian_dk - 09/16/2020
    I still have a free trial period running. If i subscribe now, will I start to pay now or when the trial period ends?
    • yuriy888 - 09/17/2020
      If you subscribe through the ROUVY web the money will be deducted only after the free trial period expires.


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