SAM JIROUŠ - 08/06/2020

ROUVY user Vic Weinberg will take on a massive challenge this week as he aims to complete 7 back-to-back Olympic distance triathlons in 24 hours, in order to raise money for the Heart of Kent Hospice. 


Totalling 325.5km overall, Vic’s triathlons will span 7 continents, using the ROUVY app to complete the bike leg of his impressive challenge.


We spoke to Vic ahead of his challenge on Friday to find out more about the challenge and his motivations behind it. 


Why don't you start by telling us about your fundraising challenge - why are you doing it and who for? 


In May 2019 my brother in law Paul was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. He died on 9 June 2020, leaving behind my sister and their two children. Paul spent the last month of his life at the Heart of Kent Hospice. He received amazing care and they gave Paul and his family the best possible ending in tragic circumstances.  The hospice relies on donations for 80% of its funds and during this difficult time are facing closure due to all their fund-raising events being cancelled and charity shops being closed.


Why did you choose to do 7 triathlons? 

I was looking for challenges I could undertake inside to raise money in Paul’s memory. I’d already taken part in some virtual Ironman races on ROUVY and had really enjoyed them. It was a great way to forget lockdown for a while and release some of the pent up competitive juices. All my friends know I love competing in triathlons so no one would donate for me doing one or two -  so why not one in every continent!.


How can people support you?

The page for people to donate to the hospice is here


We wish Vic all the very best of luck in his triathlons on Friday - please support him if you can!




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