YURIY RYASHKO - 07/15/2020

Great news as some big improvements will be arriving soon! We’re excited to announce the upcoming drafting release (late summer ETA) and new features to be added such as bike selection, age group filtering, and updated speed calculations. 

With the earlier ROUVY AR updates this spring, all triathletes and cyclists can experience the updated speed simulation algorithm for triathlon and TT rides. It is worth mentioning that the new algorithm was developed based on the pro calculations (top IRONMAN athletes and pro peloton) for ITT and their bikes. With all aero settings for super-accurate TT optimization, most calibrations had significantly improved flat and downhill riding. The results turned out to feel a little unrealistic (ie. ”too much aero”) for many riders of our community as the portion of the pro athletes constitutes a smaller percentage on the platform. Clearly understanding the need to make the proper adjustments, the team at ROUVY is now working on another type of virtual road bike. It will bring a strategic game-changer to online races as each type of virtual bike will have a different geometry, and thus different aerodynamic values (more info below), just like in real life. In addition to the new bike type, we will release drafting and update all leaderboards. Upcoming events will soon get exciting when the races can be won not only by pure power but with a smart tactical approach and team strategy! Are you ready for this one???




  • Drafting feature will be ON by default during the ‘Training Mode’, ‘Group Rides’ and ‘Online Races’. 
  • Drafting will NOT be available in ‘Time Trial Mode’.
  • Races and events can be designed as ‘TT’ during the race creation process to disable drafting modes.




With the release of drafting we are also adding an additional category for our race types. Some titles of current race types will also change.


One title - “Race Mode” => will split into two titles/categories: ‘Time Trial’ and ‘Race’ 

(‘Online Race’ => ‘Race).




The goal is to have 2 bikes (and add later 1 more) in the ROUVY AR app - to give you the freedom to choose the ride feel of your choice. This means either to get back to where it was or use the current calibration. For this purpose the following new virtual bikes will be implemented:


Time Trial bike (the current ‘ROUVY AR’ calibration)
  • optimized aero geometry -> faster on the flat routes and downhill segments 
  • not optimal “body” position for climbing (because of the bike geometry) -> slower on the hills 


Road bike
  • Slower than the TT bike on flat routes
  • Faster than the TT bike on up hills.

Just like in real life, choose the bike that’s best for you for every race and ride! Along with the new bikes all leaderboards and route results will be updated in the new version.


MTB bike*
  • slower everywhere
  • the only one available on MTB routes

    *MTB bike is on the roadmap for the future, not in the closest releases.



  • Separate results for TT rides and eRaces
  • Only smart trainers in the lists/results (no other options) 
  • Additional sorting (and filtering) by Gender (male, female) and Age Group - (0-18, 18-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 60+)
  • Additional column - ‘gender’, ‘age group
  • New “Running” tab (“Last passes” tab will be removed)




The end of August is the orientation period for the release of all of the above. Nevertheless, drafting will occasionally be turned ON in different official race events for testing purposes before that. Keep an eye on the announcements.

We hope the planned updates will keep the great feel of outdoor rides and reality which has been a special ROUVY trademark since the beginning. With over 5,000 videos now in the library, you will be able to have much more fun and freedom of choice in racing pursuits around the world.

P.S. For those who would like to ask again; yes, ANT+ for ROUVY AR has a release timeline for mid-August and Wattbike by the end of the year. 



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  • jaycarrow - 11/01/2020
    How do I get the special skeleton clothing set I saw the last days in Rouvy?
    • yuriy888 - 11/02/2020
      participate in one of the Halloween races here https://rouvy.com/en/events
  • rfp1903 - 09/23/2020
    When is the selection of bike type planned on the AR version? As I understand, as of today, only the TT Bike calibration is available.
    • yuriy888 - 09/23/2020
      Very soon, in one week on October 1st, together with the update of the rankings and start of the new season.
  • rossm - 09/11/2020
    How do you change your avatar to Ironman bike gear and the Venum bike????
    • yuriy888 - 09/15/2020
      You should complete some of the IRONMAN VR races. Pls ask in the VR club for the current requirements.
  • bjarlubn - 09/04/2020
    Any update on when the New version of the Rouvy AR app will be released? Looking forward to try some of the New features.
    • yuriy888 - 09/15/2020
      Updates are rolled out non-stop every month and sometimes every couple of weeks, so just download and ride.
      • bjarlubn - 09/28/2020
        Ok. I can't find (or is not working) many of the features mention here(released end of aug.):
        • yuriy888 - 09/30/2020
          Update your apps tomorrow to find the earlier announced features rolled out.
  • todd-on-stillwater - 08/31/2020
    Switching from BlueGiga to an Ant+ dongle was the simplest and most inexpensive way to access Rouvy AR with my non-native-bluetooth pc. It works great. Thank you for the suggestion.
    Trainer calibration doesn't seem to be available in Rouvy AR. (yet?) For a single riding session, will a hot calibration done in Rouvy be valid for the training or race immediately following in Rouvy AR?
    • yuriy888 - 08/31/2020
      You are always welcome. We strongly advise to run the calibration via the native trainer vendor apps only where it works the best and with most updated firmware versions. For any further recommendations on that pls contact the respective vendor support desk.
  • prcunha - 08/21/2020
    Good news the ant+ release; bad news, no Android support, so I basically stay the same as I only use my galaxy tab. When will it come? I hope it won't be forgotten, as this is the basics, and, I repeat, if you don't have this figured out solidly, the rest is equal to nothing, however exciting you may be with it. Aero bike, and whatever bike!? Nice to have, but you thing I would give even a cent more for it!?
    • yuriy888 - 08/24/2020
      Hopefully, with the start of the new season, Oct 1st. Thanks for being with us and stay tuned. Cheers.


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