Despite the fact that, for some time, competitors will not be standing physically at the starting line of the road for the Czech Cup - ŠKODA CUP 2020, they will be able to take part in the first virtual race organized under the auspices of the Czech Cycling Association and its partners next week. In addition, the races will also be open to the general public, so don't miss the opportunity to compete with our best professionals!


Rather than remind you that the current situation has fundamentally affected the organization of sports events, the CSC has decided not to wait, and, under its auspices, to mediate online races on the ROUVY platform. Everyone who owns a smart trainer will be able to enjoy the racing atmosphere and the feeling of absolute exhaustion for a time, because no matter what ambition you bring to the race, you will do your best and who knows where that will lead you..


And when will you tune the form?

5.15.2020 at 4pm UTC - eGP Czech Cycling Federation - Toscany

5.22.2020 at 4pm UTC - eGP Czech Cycling Federation - Mt. Ventoux


Cyclists will be able to take part in both races, regardless of age and level of performance. The first three finishers in all categories will be awarded a material prize according to the schedule of the youth ČP on the road - TECHNISERV CUP - and will receive a financial reward of 5, 3 and 1 thousand crowns, respectively. The category of hobby riders will also be evaluated, and in addition to material prizes for the top three participants, the winner will be sent a national team jersey of the Czech team.


"Races of this type are a great way to diversify your training. I've already graduated like this myself, and the environment will simply draw you in. I hope that no one will hesitate to participate. In addition, I can tell you that really big names from the world of professional cycling will start, which offers a unique opportunity for everyone to compete with them,” says the national road cycling coach, Tomáš Konečný, who will comment on the live broadcast, together with Tomáš Jílek. You will be able to watch it on the ROUVY YouTube channel.


"In addition to our leading professionals and the largest Czech teams, there will also be national teams of individual disciplines at the start, nominated by national team coaches. These teams will then change for the second start based on the results from the first race. For the competitors, it is a motivation to fight for a place in the national team, and at least vitally wear a national jersey, which will be really different in the application," adds CSC President Petr Marek.


We can reveal that you can look forward to racing with Stybar, Kreuziger, Hert, among many others.


You can register for the race here:

eGP Czech Cycling Federation - Toscany

eGP Czech Cycling Federation - Mt. Ventoux





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