Summertime is here!! Summer is in full swing for those in the Northern Hemisphere! Most of you are riding your bikes outside, but Rouvy is still here with Challenges to motivate you in your training!! New Challenges also give you a chance to finish your Rouvy career! No matter whether you are riding outdoors or indoors, we wish you a nice summer!

What can you expect? What have we prepared for the last quarter of 2018/2019 for you?

At the beginning of July is one of the most famous events for cyclists - Tour de France 2019. Together with Wahoo Fitness, we are bringing you the Le’Tour Wahoo Challenge. The longest stage in the history of the Tour measured 482 kilometers. Try to ride this distance during the Challenge period, with a chance to win a Wahoo bolt bundle! 

Do you like summer grill parties? Well, here comes the next Hamburger Challenge, where you can burn all those calories from your summer parties! Here we go!!!

Next is the CycleOps M2 Challenge #2, where you can win an M2 smart trainer and be ready for the new season with a new “toy.”

Minoura is here for the second time. Thanks to the Minoura Challenge, you can look again at beautiful places in Japan, and get a chance to win the Minoura trainer!

We’ve also prepared a Challenge with BikeLab, which focuses on developing virtual racing for all cyclists - cyclists who want to combine normal cycling tours in professional training programs, and make them as enjoyable as possible on smart trainers. And you can get a gift card for their professional videos.

Do you experience summer showers or weather that’s too hot for your bike ride? Just hop on your trainer and ride inside! During the last quarter, we have tried to combine both outdoor and indoor Challenges! So, don’t hesitate to enjoy the summer with Rouvy Challenges!! And what’s even better? There is still something to win!

And finally, let’s jump to the menu:









Le’Tour Wahoo Challenge

July 6 - July 28

-> Details and registration





1 random draw for A Bolt bundle



Hamburger #5 Challenge

July 22 - August 18

-> Details and registration



Finisher's Badge




CycleOps M2 Challenge #2 

August 12 - September 15

-> Details and registration 



1 random draw for one M2 trainer from CycleOps 

Minoura Kagura Challenge #2

August 19 - September  22

-> Details and registration




1 random draw for one Minoura LSD Kagura trainer 



BikeLab Challenge

September 2 - September 29

-> Details and registration



3 random draws for BikeLab gift cards 




The Challenges for Q3 of 2019 have now been published. Registrations are now open, and we’re looking forward to your efforts. Let’s show others that you’re well prepared to beat the best and yourself in the first turn!


  • Unless it is a type of exclusive promo and directly stated, you don’t have to take any extra action to be eligible for a prize. Join and complete the Challenge task, and you have a chance to win!
  • To make it easier, we will send a reminder for the Branded Challenge a couple of days/weeks in advance. We recommend that you subscribe to the newsletter (if you haven’t already). We don’t bother with miscellaneous items, and send updates only when there is something important to say.
  • Standard Challenges will stay on the map and in apps with no special reminder.
  • Challenges for the first quarter of the season 2019/2020 (October - December) will be announced at the end of September.

Enjoy your training, and good luck in the Challenges for Summer, 2019!
Thank you for your participation!



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  • Edwardo - 07/14/2019
    Nowadays I'm finding myself riding more indoors than I used to years ago. With more wild fire poor air quality and very high UV levels at other times here. Rouvy really has be helpful over the last three years.


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