TEREZA HUŘÍKOVÁ - 05/22/2019
If you have read our article about new Rouvy Ambassadors, you might know Tiago Aragao. He became a Rouvy Ambassador for being a passionate athlete, who uses Rouvy for staying fit. But, he not only follows his life quote, “Confidence comes from discipline and training," in his life of an athlete. Since 2002, Tiago is also a head coach at the Training Center & Physical Evaluation in Portugal and Brazil. He helps athletes achieve their goals by testing their performance on Rouvy every day. Read more about his experience. 


The growth of indoor bike training technologies and cycling software allows the rider to optimize some specific workouts with marked variations in intensity, making it more reliable and efficient today, and a good solution in some cases.




First, it is important to mention that the rollers have undergone an enormous evolution in the last few years, being enabled to perform new functionalities and solutions. We have had indoor trainers that gave us the power for a long time; however, this measurement has become much more reliable with this training equipment.  This makes them excellent tools to support training, without the risk of errors in the indicated power as high as they used to be. Often, the indicated values were up to a 10 - 15% error, which, at high intensities, compromised the efficiency and goals of the training.


Ex. A reading error on the order of 15% will translate into a margin of error that will oscillate between 340 and 460 watts, considering 400 watts as the "target" training zone. That is, with a less precise training roller, it becomes completely inadvisable to train.

However, for the same "target zone" (400 watts), a reading error of only 2.5% gives us a margin of error that varies only between 390 and 410 watts; thus, translating into a very useful and valid training tool.


Thus, today, we have some indoor bike trainers with very acceptable reliability, making this training method an increasingly used option that has excellent results in the evolution of the athletes.