"Cycling and personal life? I thought they are the same! Haha. When I get home from work, I eat some pancakes, get on the bike and just ride. No time for fluffing around...."

Greetings, Eddy!! At first we would like to thank you for your time for Rouvy interview!

What is your home country and the town where you spent your childhood?

It gets a bit complicated here.  My home country is Belgium, and I spent my childhood in the little town of Membruggen.  In our dialect, we call it “meumerke;” hence, my nickname on Rouvy.  However, in the nineties, I migrated to Canada, followed by a migration to Australia.  I became an Australian citizen in 2005.  Due to some personal mishaps, I moved back to Belgium, but experienced complications - since by becoming an Australian citizen, I lost my Belgian citizenship! Now I am considered an immigrant in my own country of birth!  Haha.  I am moving back to Australia when opportunity knocks though.