TEREZA HUŘÍKOVÁ - 04/23/2019

Hi Petr, welcome again to the Rouvy Ambassador Team! It’s really a pleasure to see you riding with Rouvy. While we are on this topic, how did you come across this way of indoor training where the app simulates outdoor riding?

For many years from October to March, most of my cycling miles happened indoors. I have always been racing hot Ironman races like Hawaii, Arizona, or Malaysia through the winter time and training indoors helped me prepare efficiently for those races. Training indoors also allows for exact training motives without traffic disturbances as well as allows for necessary heat acclimatization. Jumping onto the trainer in my shorts only also saved a lot of time compared to preparing my outdoor clothing and cleaning the bike afterward. After almost 20 years spent on the legendary Computrainer, I upgraded to CycleOps Hammer. That opened the door to allow me to finally give Rouvy a try!