Spring is here! The sunlight is lasting longer each day, and someone is starting to train outdoors, but we are still working on keeping you motivated for indoor training with Rouvy! We are bringing you a new round of Challenges for Spring, 2019, where you can win great prizes, test your conditions and improve your cycling skills for the summer!

What can you expect? What have we prepared for Spring, 2019 for you?

First, we are back with the TrainingPeaks 70.3 Challenge, where you have a chance to win a Premium TrainingPeaks subscription, along with other triathletes!

Next, we would like to show you some nice places in the Czech Republic - where “Rouvy was born.” So, we have set up the Rouvy Challenge for you, where you can ride for a Rouvy brand jersey.

Then comes the Giro D’Italia 2019, and with it, our Elite Giro Challenge.  That’s where you have a chance to ride some of the routes from this year’s Giro - in particular, the identical route from the 16th stage of Giro, 2019 - Passo Gavia. And what’s even better for this year? You can win some very cool prizes from Elite that have the Giro’s theme. Nice, right?

But even now, in the spring, you can win a new trainer. Together with CycleOps, we’ve prepared the next CycleOps Challenge, where you have a chance to become the owner of the M2 Smart Trainer, which uses PowerTap technology for up to +/- 5% accurate power readings, has integrated cadence, speed and power data, so you don’t need any external sensors.

For those of you who train only outdoors during this time, we have a traditional special as well. You can ride indoors or outdoors, and join the PowerTap Challenge. Just ride 200 mi./322 km. and have a chance to get a new smart Wheelset from PowerTap!

Lastly, we would like to introduce you to Minoura - our new partner from Japan. Rouvy is now compatible with the Kagura trainer, and together with Minoura, we are happy to offer you an opportunity to get one of these great Japanese products.

Is the weather still not very nice, or is it getting too dark quickly after work, or don’t you have the time to go out? Want to have some training fun, improve your physical condition for the summer and still have a chance to win something? Don’t hesitate to sign up for our Challenges! You have a chance to win many of beautiful prizes and cool-looking Finisher’s Badges! You can easily find our challenges on the map and in your apps.

And finally, let’s jump to the menu:









70.3 Challenge

April 15 - May 12

-> Details and registration.






Premium subscription



Rouvy Challenge

April 22 - May 19

-> Details and registration.

1 random draw for a Rouvy branded jersey  


Elite Giro 2019 Challenge

May 11 - June 2

-> Details and registration.


1 random draw for  ELITE jersey and bibs

1 random draw for the Fly Giro d’Italia kit (3 bottles with the official graphic of Giro)

1 random draw for a pink Custom Race Plus Cage

CycleOps M2 Challenge

May 20 - June 23

-> Details and registration.

1 random draw for one M2 trainer from CycleOps  

PowerTap Challenge

June 10 - July 14

-> Details and registration.

1 random draw for PowerTap AMP 3550 wheelset





Minoura Kagura Challenge

June 17- July 21

-> Details and registration.


1 random draw for one Kagura trainer



The Challenges for Q2 of 2019 are now published, registrations are open and we´re looking forward to your efforts. Let’s show others that you’re well prepared to beat the best and yourself in the first turn!


  • Unless it is a type of exclusive promo and directly stated, you don’t have to take any extra action to be eligible for a prize. Join and complete the Challenge task, and you have a chance to win!
  • To make it easier, we will send a reminder for the Branded Challenge a couple of days/weeks in advance. We recommend that you to subscribe to the newsletter (if you haven’t already). We don’t bother with miscellaneous items and send updates only when there is something important to say.
  • Standard Challenges will stay on the map and in apps with no special reminder.
  • Challenges for the last quarter of the season 2018/2019 (July - September) will be announced at the end of June.

Enjoy your training, and good luck in the Challenges for Spring, 2019!
Thank you for your participation!




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