"I think Rouvy makes with the videos of real routes indoor training a lot more interesting than it normally is. There‘s a good selection of routes around the world, with good contributions from the global community.."

What is your home country and the town where you spent your childhood?
I am French; I was born in Venezuela, and lived in a number of different places when I was a kid, most significantly near Grenoble.


Woow, that is very interesting! :-) Please, could you describe your story of getting acquainted with cycling and your first bike?
I can‘t really remember my first bike in detail because I was a bit too young (small blue machine to which my family attached stabilizers, until I got skilled enough to ride on 2 wheels). As I grew up, my family would gradually take me further away for rides into the hills, so the bike changed to an MTB with multiple gears. Then, shortly after turning 10, we started going into the mountains, and I got my first road bike - way older than me - it was a traditional steel machine with mudguards, rear rack and downtube shifters that used to belong to my mother. I kept riding it into the mountains for a few years (for my first 100km ride, etc.), until I grew too tall for the frame. We still have a few of those old bikes, and they can still climb mountains, if asked nicely, but it has become a bit difficult to find replacement parts (unfortunately).

Where are you based at the moment?
I am currently living in the UK, where I have been working for a few years.

What are you doing outside of the training room (workplace)?
In my spare time (hmm, wait, maybe I wasn‘t supposed to say it like this?), I have a job as a software engineer / applied mathematician with particular interest in scientific applications / research.

How does it look your "PainCave"(bikes, trainers, accessories)? 

My indoor training setup consists of a road bike (cheap, reliable Cannondale Synapse alloy), my trainer and a laptop to control the trainer via ant+. Essentials include floor protection for sweat and a music system for distraction. I generally use a dedicated wheel for indoor training, in order to avoid damaging good road tires.