TEREZA HUŘÍKOVÁ - 02/01/2019

Rouvy announces brand ambassador program for the first time. We are looking for passionate athletes who have a love for cycling and use Rouvy as their favorite partner for indoor training.

Who should be a Rouvy Ambassador?


  • A passionate cyclist or triathlete
  • Who is enthusiastic about fitness and following a healthy lifestyle
  • Enjoys indoor cycling as a workout regularly
  • Has a public Instagram account or Facebook page
  • Is frequently active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Has more than 1,000 Followers
  • Is influential within the growing the cycling community 
  • Is familiar with Rouvy and its features 
  • Is comfortable with current technologies



Requirements and responsibilities:


  • 1 post or shared post of Rouvy with quality content every 14 days during November - March, 1 post per month during April - October on Instagram and Facebook using hashtags @gorouvy and #indoorcyclingreality.
  • Random posts with a call-to-action are more than welcome.
  • Be willing to contribute to Rouvy Blogs during the year.
  • Allow all photos posted with the required hashtags to be used by VirtualTraining s.r.o. for marketing purposes, including but not limited to use on social media and website.
  • Link to rouvy.com from social media profile or bio.
  • Be active on Rouvy Athletes discussions.
  • Organize and join Online Races and Group Rides.


Rouvy offers:


  • 1 x One-year-free Rouvy Premium subscription with family sharing
  • 1 x set of jersey and bibs in Rouvy design
  • 1 x Rouvy bidon and towel
  • Opportunity to visit Rouvy headquarters in Vimperk, Czech Republic


If you are interested to become a brand ambassador for Rouvy, register here.

Applications closed.  



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  • emidioland - 03/12/2019
    I want become Ambassador just for a opportunity to visit Rouvy headquarters in Vimperk, Czech Republi. Love!
  • lucky1230m - 02/14/2019
    Hi I lost 110 pounds and completed 2 Ironmans this app helps me and my family to stay healthy rock on Rouvy
  • PaulKonop15 - 02/07/2019
    Rouvy is an excellent app for anyone who wants an easy way to train year round!! I
  • emidioland - 02/04/2019
    Excellent initiative! I hope to become your ambassador for 2019! (fingers crossed).
    In case you do not have to become one, however, I advertise you, love!
  • jbmaher - 02/03/2019
    Team Portsmouth in Hampton Roads VA is the largest charity cycling team and has been riding 14 years now for a number of chronic diseases, including diabetes. About 1/3 of our riders have some level of diabetes which actually parallels national statistics. Since 2005, we're raising almost $700,000 and a majority of this fundraising has gone to fight diabetes. You can read more about us at teamportsmouthusa.com. Cheers and as its team captain, I hope to be selected as one of the 2019 Rouvy Brand Ambassadors since we train year round with many of our cyclists using Rouvy with their indoor smart trainers as part of the winter training regimen. In fact, we're now beginning to form AR types group rides for our team members during weekday evenings and on weekends when the weather is not compatible for cycling outside.
  • fabaroa - 02/03/2019
    How about type 2 diabetics? I was an amateur athlete until that disease took over my life. I could be your ambassador to that community.


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