The first quarter of the 2018/2019 season is almost done, and with the start of the new year, it’s our pleasure to bring you fresh news and new sweet prizes.

The new Season 18/19 is really in full swing. And as we promised - we are bringing you the next stretch of Challenges for Q1/2019.

What can you expect? What have we prepared for you?
We are bringing you a second chance to win the great H2 Smart Trainer from CycleOps, which uses PowerTap technology for up to +/- 2% accurate power readings, has integrated cadence, speed and power data, and other benefits that guarantee an even better indoor experience.

Then, we are back with the Challenge from our partner in Germany - Biehler Cycling Wear - who produces our Rouvy branded jerseys, which you can still get in Standard Challenges or Career, and who now is coming with prizes for you. You have a chance to win the Biehler Syndicate package or some discount voucher, and you can choose for yourself what you would like from their brand new collection.

Next is a Challenge with our new ambassador - Radka Kahlefeldt. Improve your climbing abilities right here with her Challenge. Anticipate climbing in Radka’s Challenge to the highest mountain in Australia, where she currently lives.

Don't like long winter evenings? Do you want to have some fun at home? Do you want to shorten these evenings? Want to have some fun and still have a chance to win something?  Don’t hesitate to sign in to our Challenges! Our Challenges are designed to do just that, and are always easily found on the map and in your apps. So, finally, let’s jump to the menu:









30 Mile Challenge #3

21st January - 24th February

-> Details and registration.




Finisher's Badge





CycleOps H2 Challenge #2

4th February - 3rd March

-> Details and registration.


1 random draw for

CycleOps H2 smart trainer



Biehler Syndicate Challenge

25th February - 24th March

-> Details and registration.




1 Random draw for Biehler Syndicate package

1 Random draw for 50% discount voucher

1  Random draw for 25% discount voucher