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Thanks to the great popularity of Double Point weekends during our previous seasons, we’ve brought them back for another year! They will, once again, be twice monthly throughout the main season and then, once for a whole month! During specific weekends, your points in the Career Mode will be counted twice! Plus, we’ve even prepared one weekend where you can triple your points!

Rouvy Career season 2019/2020

A year has passed quickly, and Rouvy's new season is here again, starting right now! All Career levels, tasks and prizes have been reset and replaced with new ones. And new Challenges, as well as new great rewards, are waiting for you. Let the great motivational adventure begin!

Rouvy Legend - Angela Day

"Rouvy is an ideal solution if you are time restricted or experiencing poor weather and cannot get outside. It is great to be able to participate in the Career structure - this is really motivational" said Angela Day, a lady with a big smile while riding her bike despite sleeping with a pager as a Cardiac Technologist.

New and Improved App for Mac and Apple TV - Public Beta Release

Boom, boom, boom!!! It is time! With humanity accelerating its development in the 21st century, we are bringing you our new app concept with the long-awaited platforms, macOS and AppleTV. Just as expected in the 21st century, it is both super-powerful and super-simple-and-friendly to use. And surely, as you expected, there is a huge update of high quality routes, both AR-enhanced and standard ones.

Exciting UK rides from CycleRecon are here!

The first bunch of routes from CycleRecon have been released. As we informed you earlier in the summer, Rouvy acquired UK-based CycleRecon and its route video recording business. We are now bringing you the first processed part of their video assets - beautiful routes from iconic places. Up to 40 high-quality videos, including some famous UK Classics and Tour de France 2014!
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