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AUGMENTED ROUTES | A Game-Changing Technology Goes into Public Beta

Ba-da ba-da ba-da boom!!! Rouvy uses Augmented Reality to bring indoor cycling onto ANY road or course.

Dear Rouvier,

Presenting our newest feature (and in part - a completely new app), we would first like to thank you. We are happy and excited to bring you our coolest platform release EVER! The Rouvy Team takes pride in the fact that Rouvy is the first to make augmented reality technology publicly available to a broad cycling and triathlon community, as well as anyone who takes care of their fitness with a smart stationary trainer/bike. Please welcome the results of 2.5 years of complex programming work and years of university research.

Release title:  Rouvy AR - Public Beta

The official feature name:  “Augmented Routes”

Motto:  Real Roads. Real Riders. Real Feelings.

(Terminology:  While the term “Augmented Routes” will be primarily used to refer to this feature and Multi-Rider Mode on Rouvy, “Augmented Reality” or “AR” will be used equally for a description of the technology, as it completely fits its description on wiki:  "Augmented Reality (AR) is used to enhance natural environments or situations, and offers perceptually enriched experiences.")

With the background intro done, let’s jump to the cool stuff!


Features Based on Augmented Reality

Video Smoothing

Advanced algorithms reprocess the video on a frame-by-frame basis, which results in a more smooth riding experience. From now on, you won't notice the difference between your speed and the speed at which the route has been recorded.


*Note:  “Video Smoothing” will be available only for Augmented Routes for some period of time, with a later extension to other premium and certified video routes.


By the defaults, the video quality is set to "Normal". To experience the best and maximum avaialble quality of the video, the "Graphic quality" setting in the settings menu should be changed to "High" (right upper corner).


New User Interface

While it is always possible to switch to the old UI, the default setting will use this simplified look when displaying metrics. The new format will have more emphasis on Group Rides and online races. Be sure to also check out the new format of both the map and detailed statistics.



The defaults for the UI will be set to a new one, but you can always change the settings, if you wish to do so. To experience 3D objects and animated riders, make sure this button is always “green.” 


Workouts and Rouvy Guides will stay unchanged with the present UI.


Augmented Mode for Group Rides

To make it short and simple, the app virtually brings remote riders together onto any road on the planet by generating and processing animated and static 3D objects in 2D real videos. (In the future, using automated algorithms and Augmented Reality, Rouvy will take this concept to all 2,000+ available videos, and move race preparation to the next level of interactivity, fun and competition.)



IMPORTANT NOTE:  Any Augmented Route is good for a Group Ride. All riders that are concurrently (at the same time-momentum) riding the same Augmented Route at their homes are automatically synchronized, rendered and displayed on your screen. At the moment, all riders in both “Training Mode” and “Race Mode” are displayed on the course. If you like to see your own avatar on the road choose 'Near' or 'Far' in the "Camera" settings in the settings menu (right upper corner).  

You DON’T have to additionally subscribe/login anywhere to become a part of the group/social ride. If you don’t see other riders on the augmented course, it just means that there are none over there at the moment. To change that, you are welcome to go ahead and take the lead to organize your own Group Ride session in the Rouvy Athletes’ FB group. Also, it is recommended to ride in “Training Mode.” In “Race Mode,” you are not allowed to move your avatar manually closer to the group over the course. So, if you are late for the start and hit the “Start Race” button, you will not be able to catch up with the group or any other present rider manually. However, this choice is up to you as you can ride augmented routes and be visible to other riders in either one.   

To ensure you have company, you can ride with the Rouvy Team according to the schedule here.


Virtual Partners 

3 in the Win app, only 1 in iPad/Android apps. You can add any previous record listed in the results as your Virtual Partner, and that rider/result will be instantly reproduced/replayed on the course. (If you add even one or a couple of Virtual Partners, the accompanying Ghosts will get turned off automatically - but they will still be present in all other cases. To differentiate, Ghosts don't have an overhead FTP.) 

Real Partners

This option is available only in the Windows app and for riders connected to the same PC (up to 4 - more info here). We have just realized that with the present release "Real Partner" becomes a bit confusing  title. It is set to be changed in the next release to "Room Teammate" or something alike.

Rider’s Models 

Male or female (fortunately, since you can choose one so far, feel free to ride with the ladies while it is not official ;)). The model gender is automatically chosen according to your rider profile settings. There are 8 different jersey colors (but you are not allowed to choose yet). The colors are distributed automatically. It means the 9th rider on the route will receive the same color as the 2nd one. 

10 Augmented Routes:

  • Cortina-Valparola, Dolomite Alps/Italy
  • Grosser Arber, Bavaria/Germany
  • North Applegate, Oregon/US
  • Passo Fedaia, Dolomites/Italy
  • Passo Gavia, Brescia/Italy
  • Passo Giau, Dolomites/Italy
  • Passo Sella, Dolomite Alps/Italy
  • South Fork Smith River, California/US
  • Svojse, South Bohemia/Czech Republic
  • Valparola, Dolomite Alps/Italy


Official Release Schedule (updated)

- Public Beta start:  November, 1/2018 at 11:11 UTC. Windows, iPad and Android apps are available.

- Group Rides hosted by Rouvy are in the November schedule (stay tuned for updates). You are welcome to start your own as well. All negotiations are hosted in the Rouvy Athletes Facebook group.

- December, 2018:  iPhone app (released 03.12.18) and Online Races (released 12.12.18) functionality for the community. Find instructions how to set an online race in the knowledge base here.

- Official organized/scheduled races are planned for January/Q1, 2019.    

How to Start

The setup process is pretty simple and straightforward:

1.  Download the app of your platform choice (for the best experience, we still recommend Windows) on rouvy.com.

2.  Launch the app and Create an account (if you don’t have one). Otherwise, just update your last installed Rouvy version. Login (and connect the trainer if needed).

3.  Click “Augmented Routes” in the main menu on the left (you are there!). Click on the route you would like to ride (make sure to download the route before training for the best experience). 

4.  Then click “Start Ride” (if there are previously written records, you can add Virtual Partners) -> and then, click “Start Race” or “Start Training.” YOU ARE IN!

To catch up with a Group or leader, you can click the “settings” menu in the upper right screen corner; click “Find Rider,” type the username (and hit “enter” button), or just move your avatar icon on the course profile of the screen bottom (watch the video). 

What else you need to know:



We are very excited because we are sure this is to be the future of indoor cycling. The ability to turn any piece of the road into a virtual bike race sounds like fun, doesn’t it? In this way, our dream of having the most realistic, yet still the most efficient and fun preparation, will become a reality.

Please tell us in the comments what you think the future of your training room should look like, and give us your feedback. While the number of routes available in the public beta is limited on purpose, you can surely expect its growth over time. Things to come soon: drafting, official races, customizable models, video smoothing for Premium and Certified routes -- and more. 

And thank you for being a part of our inspiration to make that happen! It is done only for you, dear Rouvier and customer. Shaping the industry landscape is the role Rouvy founders could only dare to dream of, but it has become a reality now. The future starts today, so let’s slam it! Enjoy your rides!

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  • 07.01.2019
    looks good
  • 06.12.2018
    Recent experience: CycleOps Magnus, Android app:
    - Riding the AR North Applegate route, when I selected Race mode and then Warmup, it immediately displayed a 10 second countdown and started the Race. There was no warmup period.
    - At the end of the race, I selected cool-down, and it let me set the power level. That was all fine. When I paused pedaling during the cool-down, it immediately ended the ride and displayed the summary statistics. I'd like to be able to pause for stretching during the cool-down and then continue pedaling.
    • 07.12.2018
      Pls forward any issue to support@rouvy.com They are able to identify your setup and help you quickly there. Thanks for understanding.
  • 05.12.2018
    If one doesn't want to use drafting, hopefully it could be turned off.
    It could be handy for example for time trial training, where drafting is an important factor.
  • 04.12.2018
    I've already commented on how the AR Routes are brilliant!! and I cannot wait for more routes to be added.
    As for the comment directly below... I really really hope drafting won't be brought in, I do not believe it is needed. Thanks.
    • 05.12.2018
      Thanks for the feedback and good words, enjoy! What is so unacceptable in drafting for you?
      • 05.12.2018
        I would rather you explain why and how you believe it will improve my training performance?? for someone who loves climbing and suffering! who likes to see himself try get PB's on climbs and improve his position on leader boards thru only his power alone. Drafting doesn't seem right for indoor training,that's just my personal opinion, and I understand I will probably be in a minority and make no excuse for voicing my view of it... Thanks Mart
        • 06.12.2018
          Just like weather conditions, drafting is not about performance improvement. It is just a given fact. So, everyone has to deal with it somehow, because at some point, it can influence the race results. The majority likes the idea because it would be the same as in the real-life situation which every rider has been used to. I guess there is no subject for argument if it is to be a matter of the "on/off" click. Thanks for sharing, any opinion is respected over here.
  • 04.12.2018
    I think this technology is nice unique feature, great job!

    When will you introduce drafting and is it planed to make this feature possible for every video route?
    • 05.12.2018
      Thanks for the good words and feedback. Drafting will come soon, stay tuned. Bringing AR to all routes will take time. There is no specific date now. However, new routes are to be added on a constant basis.
  • 03.12.2018
    FYI...I should also add that I use (3) virtual partners as well.

    I should also comment on how much I like the AR rides as well...very motivating, love having the virtual partners and ghost riders to keep me pushing! Looking forward to future enhancements and improvements.
    • 05.12.2018
      Thanks for nice words. Ride on and stay tuned!