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Rouvy Season 17/18: Branded Challenges and New Career Concept

This year we are so excited to bring you not only a new branded outfit, but also a new quality of our product & service. While you’ve been achieving your fitness and athletic goals, we contributed an enormous amount of effort to make it happen.

Not sure if you realize it or not, but we are living in a moment when a shift in general mindset is happening. An indoor smart trainer has no longer become a “winter-only” seasonal thing. Bad weather? Overly hot in the morning like in Israel, Arizona, Texas, Australia, South Africa, Arab Emirates… (you name it)? Too dark or smoggy in the evening? Or drivers in your vicinity are assholes with no respect for a bicycle, and you are not in the mood to tolerate them over handle bars? It is too critical to keep the training schedule, or maybe it is time to improve your pedaling stroke technique with advanced pedaling data on Rouvy Virtues? The list goes on and on… Multiple reasons prove the indoor trainer has become a cyclist’s year-round friend. To follow and support the trend, from now on Rouvy timing cycles will be arranged by annual season periods. 

Branded challenges for October - march

You asked us for more challenges on the Rouvy platform, and we listened. Here are the new ones! The most interesting part of this good news is that there are top notch prizes attached. We marked these challenges as branded because in each challenge you get a chance to win a latest generation product from our partners in a random draw. A finisher’s “badge + a smart trainer” is better than just “a badge.” Right? :) All challenges are always easily found on the map and in your apps. An unprecedented annual budget of prizes for challenges during the season is up to $10,000. No more words are needed - check them out!     


Name / Dates


TrainingPeaks Kona

20th October - 22nd October

Details (finished)

Random draws for 4 Athlete Subscriptions ($296 in value) for all riders who completed the challenge.


Tacx Challenge

30th October - 26th November

Details and registration

1 random draw for Tacx Neo Smart Interactive Trainer for all riders who completed the challenge ($1599,00 in value)


Elite Challenge

13th November - 11th December

Details and registration

1 random draw for Elite Drivo for all riders who completed the challenge ($1,300 in value)

Kinetic Rock-n-Roll

27th November - 24th December

Details and registration

1 random draw for Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Control for all riders who completed the challenge ($749 in value)

CycleOps Challenge

6th January - 28th January

Details and registration

1 random draw for CycleOps Magnus Smart Trainer for all riders who completed the challenge ($599 in value)


Wahoo Climbing

5th February - 25th February

Details and registration

1 random draw for new Wahoo KICKR + CLIMB for all riders who completed the challenge (over $1,700 in value)

TrainingPeaks 70.3

5th March - 25th March

Details and registration

Random draws for 4 Athlete Subscriptions ($296 in value) for all riders who completed the challenge.

Important notes

  • Unless it is a type of exclusive promo and directly stated, you don’t have to take any extra action to be eligible for a prize. Join and complete the task of the challenge, and you are in there for a chance to win!
  • To make it easier, we will send a reminder for the branded challenge starting a couple days/weeks in advance. Facebook is not a reliable way to keep up with Rouvy updates, so we strongly recommend you subscribe to the newsletter, if you don’t already receive our newsletters.  We don’t bother with miscellaneous items, and send updates only when there is something important to say. 
  • Standard Challenges are to stay on the map and in apps with no special reminders.
  • Challenges for April - September are to be announced in February/March, 2018.   
If you think this deserves the attention of your cycling friends, please help us spread the word by sharing this blog post on your social media and online resources. 

New Career Concept 

As you may have guessed from the above and the title, we´ll switch the CAREER format. Your Career Level (or “My Career” as you are used to seeing in the menu) will be reset every year to zero. Thus, all records will be archived in seasonal results. You'll be able to see how hard anyone rides and performs over the years. We have a couple of reasons to do so. First, some users have already reached Legend status and experience a lack of motivation. Don't worry. You will stay a legend for all time! (At least in our minds, till new ones arrive :-)) Second, different people join our indoor bike lane in different quarters and even years. How do we match them altogether for prize eligibility or comparative analytics? Every single athletic competition is always timely. So, we believe the new concept is dynamic, and will bring new mental vibes into your cave to help you stay focused and loaded during the season timeline.

Important notes

  • Career resets will never effect any personal and all-time statistics. 
  • All current results, up to a date of reset, are to be counted as those reached for Season 16/17.
  • There will be an all time “Hall of Fame” for Legends.
With that, here is the updated schedule setting. 
So, you have a few days left to progress in current levels. As all levels will be reset with no exceptions, we tried our best to make it a “no regrets” thing. Same goes for Challenges - the annual budget for Career 17/18 is up to $10,000 in different sweet prizes! Kudos to our great partners, who provide you a chance to get something valuable in every level as you proceed. The idea is simple - the more you ride, the more reward you deserve. Life teaches us, that there is nothing more stable than the ongoing change. So, let’s welcome the next one. And we believe it is a great one! 
Description and details of the new Career for Rouvy Season 17/18 will arrive next week.
Enjoy your rides and challenges in the new season! 

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  • 08.11.2017
    A little direction would go a long way here. Enough of this cryptic approach already. Do you even read the blog comments?
    • 08.11.2017

      I located A "Reset" button (not sure if it is THE "Reset" button) under Rankings - Season Results. It's above the rankings table on the right hand side. I hit it, and it seemed to do nothing.

      Related, I seem to recall an email 2+ weeks ago that said everyone's Career was going to be automatically reset to zero. So why the need for a Reset button? And still no instructions from the "company."
      • 09.11.2017
        Hi @pdk001. That's misunderstanding. Reset button set the filter of season rankings to default values... It doesn't relate with the reset of career etc. we have to rename the button asap:-)

        We have started the new season and we keep your career level from season to season. We reset your progress in the current level ONLY. It means that all tasks/points in the current level are not finished/points are zero. Reason is simple. We updated the list of tasks and points for each level. Also we calculate the points as 1 TSS = 1 career point yet. We want to use this process for next seasons too.

        Only legend can request to reset the career and start the career again. In this case you have to request the for reset the Rouvy technical support.
  • 08.11.2017
    Where do we all find this said "Reset" button..... if I have to start a new season it might as well begin now....

    I've looked - and my old eyes are either missing it or it IS really well hidden.
    • 09.11.2017
      It is - you have to go to 'Rankings', 'Season Results' in the top (of page) menu... I hit 'Reset', but nothing happened or is happening - I just finished a ride, gained over 100 TTS points which shows in the 'Season results' ranking, but my 'Career' is still blank...
  • 08.11.2017
    So, with a little help from Rouvy legends, I found the ‘Reset’ button and clicked it. Now what?
  • 05.11.2017
    I'm with Cyclopaat here, I don't fully understand what has changed and how it is affecting the career concept? If I'm not mistaken, you've added the Season concept and left the Career as it was. This looks acceptable to me if these are the only changes you will implement. Interestingly, by looking at the Season stats, I realized that only around 25% of users have reached a level beyond Talented, and less than 8% of users are Elite or above. In the seasonal Top 10, only 2 of the 10 are above Talented. These stats seem to indicate that most users (>90%), do not really care about the career levels and are not actively focusing their training on progressing to the next level. I wonder why you are putting so much emphasis on a feature that so few users seem to be interested in, while ignoring almost completely other features that would most likely appeal to a majority and attract new users as well, goal specific training plans is one feature that comes to mind, improving the awkward route editor is another one.
  • 04.11.2017
    I'm sorry, but what does this new concept mean exactly? All I see now, is the same path as - if not 100% identical to - what we had to go through previously. I.e. I have to start with a FTP test. Seriously?
    • 04.11.2017
      Hi Robert,
      not at all, you don´t need to start from "zero" like from the first level. As a Legend you´ll have kinda choice what do you want to do. Today you´ll get more info.
      • 04.11.2017
        Much better - currently, it only shows the old progress levels. Perhaps it would be better to publish all info at once, instead of this secrative distribution of small chuncks...
        • 08.11.2017
          What happened with ‘Today you’ll get more info’?
          • 08.11.2017
            Oh cool - you just wrote another post today, which I only noticed thanks to Twitter...
  • 30.10.2017
    Lots of interesting valid comments. I am a Legend and have to admit that I did take a lot of satisfaction out of reaching that status. But, very quickly, I became bored because I did not have any thing to aim for, so I"m looking forward to the new system. But, and this is a big but, I definitely hope that the new Career program does "not" label" me a beginner and I also hope that it somehow indicates that I did achieve Legend status.
    • 30.10.2017
      Hi Larry,
      You´ll be challenged again if you want to. :) We have some options for Legends in our new concept. And you´ll be always considered as rouvy Legend.