Thank you for joining us in 17/18, and making it so special. First, we are happy to notice that Rouviers, aside from seeing each other online, have started meeting together offline as well! (Expect an update with the details on that one soon.)

Second, the private beta testing for our new functionality (#1 milestone in the last year) went just great, with tons of overwhelming feedback received. We send multiple thanks to all beta testers for their input, and unveil the release schedule now:

  • 1.11. at 11:11 UTC - Public beta for augmented reality (it includes new routes, female/male rider models, optional jerseys, group ride)
  • December:  Online Augmented Races
  • 2019:  Official Scheduled Races and Group Rides 

During the Public Beta period, AR are to be available to all subscribers, both Standard and Premium. 


It was a great training year, which proved our initial concept to be valid. It would not be correct to call it a “New Career Concept,” but rather, an “Initial Career Concept.”

As articulated previously, CAREER on Rouvy has never been something to hinder individual training itineraries. Whether Career tasks and training load match your individual training plans or not (probably not), we have no clue how to pair those (if you do, please let us know in the comments).  

As you may have already noticed, we have switched the CAREER format to a strict annual timeline. So, now it should look more like a “sorta League,” and below are the considerations for doing so:


  • Your Career Level (or “My Career,” as you are used to seeing in the menu) will be reset every year to zero.
  • All results - up to a date of reset - are counted as those reached in the last/current season.
  • Career resets will never affect any personal and all-time statistics. Your personal results for the 17/18 period are saved in the Season Results section on
  • Former Legends will receive a special badge and/or a highlighted rider model in the augmented mode.


Double Point Weekends and Outdoor Scores:

  • The Double Point Weekends will stay, and the schedule is to be released soon.
  • Anyone is welcome to mix and proceed with the outdoor rides, where applicable.

Positives of the new format:

  • Every single athletic competition is always timely. So, we believe the new concept is making it more dynamic.
  • You'll be able to see how hard anyone rides and performs in the Career from year to year.


As with the Challenges, the annual budget for Career 18/19 is again up to $10,000 in different sweet prizes! Kudos and much gratitude to our great partners, who provide you with a chance to get something valuable in every level as you proceed. In Rouvy Season 18/19, the following prizes will make your road into Legend status look very attractive:

  • CycleOps:  3 random draws every month for socks and beanies; 1 final draw for H2 smart trainer
  • Kinetic:  A draw for 1 heart rate monitor every month
  • Elite:  1 draw for an experience day with a Pro team at one of Giro d'Italia’s stages!
  • TrainingPeaks:  A draw for 2 quarterly subscriptions every month; 1 draw for 1 annual TP  subscription
  • Wahoo:  1 draw for 1 new Wahoo KICKR CORE smart trainer
  • PowerTap:  1 draw for 1 PowerTap magnetless speed or cadence sensor every month
  • Rouvy:  a branded jersey for each Legend

Elite, as a new partner in the Career for the ELITE level, came up with a fantastic prize:  “an experience day at the Giro d'Italia stage.” See what it may look like for the winner



Isn’t that super cool and exciting???

Keeping all that in mind, you now have an opportunity to build up a new career ladder in 2018/2019. Go-go-go! The journey is more important than the end. Life teaches us that there is nothing more stable than ongoing change. So, have fun on the road!

Challenges for Q1 of the training season 18/19 are on the Roster

As promised, we are publishing the first stretch of Challenges for the beginning of the Season 2018/2019.
You get a chance to win sweet prizes and cool-looking Finishers Badges!
There are multiple reasons proving the indoor trainer has become a cyclist’s year-round friend. Our challenges are designed to do just that, and are always easily found on the map and in your apps. Finally, let’s jump to the menu:






Haleakala Challenge

8th October - 18th November

-> Details and registration.

  • 1 draw for Annual TrainingPeaks Premium subscription

  • 1 draw for Semi-annual TrainingPeaks Premium subscription