PETR SAMEK - 20.12.2017

We believe you have certainly noticed that there is a new category in the Workouts - Rouvy Guide. The idea was born in our Paincave - to make both our and your training routines even more enjoyable and effective. Are you in? Let´s get to know more in this article!

From Beginner to Elite, everyone is riding to achieve a goal, and we want to help you reach that goal. What does the term “Rouvy Guide” mean? What does it mean to be guided? The answer is easy; you don't need to think about your next training. Just choose one of the predefined workouts from the “Rouvy Guide” library, and you can be sure you'll improve your skills during the indoor sessions. These workouts are set up, based on cooperation with licensed coaches, to be as effective as possible. Even though these modern knowledge workouts are no longer than one hour, you will still face many hard intervals, changes and surprises. Why are these guides achievable for anyone? Because they are based on your FTP, so they adapt to your performance level and needs.

And now the most important subject - what are the guides about?

  • Structured intervals synchronized with the best Real Life Videos from our library.
  • Motivational music chosen for each interval to bring you the best experience.
  • Each workout is designed for various cycling skills.
  • Additional information available during the workout.


Existing workouts

VO2 Max Intervals


VO2 max - the measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense or maximal exercise. It is measured as milliliters of oxygen used in one minute per kilogram of body weight. One of the highest recorded VO2 max results (90 ml/kg/min) was that of a cross country skier. Top Pro Tour riders have averaged around 80 ml/kg/min. Chris Froome's VO2 max during TdF weight was recorded at around 88 ml/kg/min).


High Cadence Intervals


In this guided workout, you'll probably be forced to use a much higher cadence than you're used why would we create such a workout? It will lead you to increase your actual cadence a little bit. Why do you think elite riders spin their legs faster? Here are some answers:

When you pedal faster, you put less strain (i.e., force) on your muscles with each stroke. You ride in a lower gear, and, as a result, use your slow-twitch muscles. These muscles burn fat for fuel, are resistant to fatigue and recover quickly when allowed to rest. Also, studies show a higher cadence means an increase in blood flow to the muscles – which, in turn, means more oxygen in the blood and higher aerobic performance.

Don´t worry! Maybe you won't be able to maintain the prescribed cadence the first time, but try to get as close as possible and you will see improvement in a few weeks.


Upcoming workouts


  • Lactate Threshold Improving
  • Power Intervals
  • Low Cadence Drills
  • And more...


We hope you are enjoying our guides. Please don't hesitate to leave any feedback in the comments.

Happy riding!



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  • dobri - 14.10.2020
    Very nice idea and I think it is a nicer way of doing intervals then just looking at a graph but perhaps couple of flaws, unless I am using it wrongly. My HR monitor is linked but not displaying, not critical since the workout is based on power but it would be nice to see it. My cadence sensor is linked too but not displaying either, I can see the suggested cadence but I am not a pro and can only guess it so displaying actual cadence vs. suggested cadence should be displayed all the time. There is no possibility to relax or take it easier as the power is based on cadence I guess. e.g. I'm doing the last 1 minute interval at 150% FTP and with 20 seconds to go I am struggling to get to 150% but want to continue and I'm reducing my cadence but the App is continuing to increase resistance which lowers my cadence even more to a point that I have to stop as the resistance is now so high that I cannot turn the pedals unless I produce 5 times more that my FTP. Same with the 50% FTP break between intervals, we not all pro's and sometimes I just want to get of the seat, stretch the legs a bit and pedal slower but the moment the cadence starts dropping the App starts increasing resistance again and if I stop pedaling completely it requires a huge effort to get moving again even at 50% FTP. Nice but not user friendly for me.
  • garygoodbiker - 29.09.2020
    How can I set cadence in my created workouts?
  • mattyc - 19.08.2020
    I'm on a trial using the Rouvy guide workouts. Why can't i see video content? I only see the graphs.
    I'm on a Windows laptop running Windows 8.1
  • ljt1 - 09.05.2020
    Yes, I have the same problem here to . How do I access a workout on the app ?
    • si77 - 18.05.2020
      You need to download the Rouvy Workouts app (just scroll a bit further down the Downloads page, it is available below the Rouvy AR apps)
  • nicopapa - 24.04.2020
    I cant see the workouts in the RouvyAR do I do a workout ?
    • T.Wall - 28.04.2020
      I have been struggling with this as well. Will let you know if I figure it out :)
      Don't think it works on 'Apple TV'.
      User Interface for workouts seems complicated for a new user.
      Detailed 'how to youtube videos' required for Rouvy - we need DC Rainmaker.
  • michele.morosini - 24.04.2020

    A question on how your guides work: are they played in SIM mode or in ERG mode? In case we have the possibility to choose between ERG and SIM, are there particular recommendations to orient the choice?


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