ONDREJ SAVRNAK - 17.08.2017
Wow, take a look at what´s going out there! Have you ever wondered what it’s like to ride a Real Life Route indoors and analyze your Pedal Stroke at the same time? You are at the right place! With the release of Rouvy, we are super excited to announce a public beta for Virtues™ - the next step in cycling training evolution!

Perhaps you’ve heard about the PowerTap App created for PowerTap by VirtualTraining. It´s designed for outdoor data tracking and analysis, presenting itself as the first foray on advanced pedal metrics (APM) usage. So the next logical step was to get ahold of and implement APM support into our indoor platform - Rouvy (formerly VT).  In cycling (even non-professional), we hear our buddies, coaches and experts talking about power, trying to find the best solutions for training efficiency. In times when human bodies are close to the limits of their muscular output, details in training routines are crucial to beat the best. Quite often everyone is trying to find something which can help them to improve even more. Now is the time to come up with this game changer -- to offer something different. 

The step was logical, and we've started to work on the implementation of this feature in Rouvy. From the perspective of some, focusing on APD (advanced pedal data) indicators indoors makes even more sense than outdoors for pedal stroke efficiency training. Why? From personal experience and discussions with other athletes, it's obvious that we can control our pedal stroke so much better indoors, and focus on making the pedal stroke smoother. It´s quite easy to make the APD frame bigger/smaller by dragging overlay borders. Our iOS apps support all possible views; Desktop and Android offer “just” Force Vector view. As far as we know, APD would be useful not “only” for pedal stroke and overall improvement; we also see the great potential of APD in the bike fitting domain, based on consideration of power distribution during the stroke.