JAKUB CVANDA - 06.12.2022
Peguera, Mallorca - it's a warm Saturday morning in the middle of October and the Challenge Peguera Mallorca - middle distance triathlon - starts on the Torà beach. Almost 800 triathletes are set to complete the race including a 1.9 km swim in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, a 90 km technical bike route through amazing countryside scenery, and a 21,1 km run along the crowded boulevard of Peguera. This year is different, two athletes from Rouvy’s development team are taking part in this year’s challenge.


Challenge Mallorca is a middle-distance triathlon based in Peguera, a tourist village on the west coast of Mallorca, just 20 minutes away from Palma. Peguera offers spectacular cycling and running routes through one of the most amazing parts of the island. It’s not just about the competition, however. Being part of the race is also about soaking up Mallorca’s beautiful beaches and sceneries. All while indulging in Spanish food, coffee, and drinks.

Our developers and passionate athletes David Vaštík (also known as Vašťa) and Matúš Kocka have been lucky enough to experience it all. Vašťa joined us at the beginning of 2022 as one of our backend developers. Matúš has been part of the Rouvy peloton for almost two years. Matúš works as an infrastructure engineer maintaining and developing our compute instances and databases.

Vašťa was kind enough to share his experience with you all.


First of all - it's not very common for developers to be sportsmen, especially triathletes, for its versatility and complexity. What do you like about triathlon, and what was your motivation to attend Challenge Peguera Mallorca?


Well, my triathlon journey wasn’t that easy. I'm not very good at swimming and I don’t like running - you wouldn’t think I was a triathlon lover. Moreover, I have been interested in team sports my whole life.
Before I joined Rouvy I was just an avid cyclist, but during my first month, I accidentally befriended a group of triathletes and suddenly was registered for the Mallorca race.
On the other hand, if there is something I like, it’s challenges and Mallorca definitely represents one of them. Even though the training is kind of a pain for me, it keeps me motivated to stay fit.


It looks like you are very close to sport and you have quite a sports history. What is your sports background?


Yes, it’s true. I love sports and have been doing many of them throughout my whole life. That usually led to the fact that I wasn’t able to do any of them very well :). I was mostly devoted to ice hockey. I played it since I was four and unfortunately quit three years ago. Frankly speaking, I still miss it a little.
I also used to play inline hockey, tennis, and football. During winter I love to go to the mountains and go skiing with my family or friends.
I have become a cyclist in the last 10 years or so. I fell in love with cycling when I bought my first road bike. In 2017 I attended my first middle-distance triathlon - PálavaRace where I said to myself that I want to try it again with better results.