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4 workouts focused on gaining your fundamental strength and fitness that you can build upon are waiting for you. Learn why endurance training is important even for interval training and sprints and get a quick overview of what sessions are ahead next week!

During the first/introductory week, you tried what structured training stands for. Now, it’s time to start with the week of specialized training, which is focused on endurance.

Like with every week of the January training plan of ‘Get Back In Shape’, the workout days are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s good to stick to these days and rest in between. If you should miss one of your training days, then don’t worry, you can always use one of the free days to complete the workout!


How to start


All you need to do to start your workout is to open the app, tap the ‘Workout’ button in the bottom right corner and pick the right workout for the day, such as ‘11.1. | Start easy’. If you haven’t updated the app after 1st of January 2022, be sure to do so!


Why is endurance training so important?


Endurance training involves longer, rather easy and steady rides intended to build your aerobic fitness. It gives you a basic level of fitness and an ability to train harder in the subsequent phases of your structured training.

Endurance workouts stimulate cardiovascular pathways as well as ask the body to use fat metabolism efficiently without stressing the ventilatory threshold. It means that you burn more fat, make your muscles work more effectively but can still chat with your mates on the ride!

Sounds too easy? Well if you want to improve your performance gradually for the long term, then without these endurance miles you will reach your limit pretty quickly. High intensity training gets you up quickly but will not move you forward in the long-term horizon. The PROs spend 75% - 85% of their training in low intensity training zone and you should too!

Find something you like on these long rides, think about your plans, play a song, or the best one - spend the ride in a group with other riders.


Start easy

Tuesday the 11th of January workout is an introduction to endurance training. 70 minutes on your bike at around 55% FTP is not a difficult workout and you may even get bored. You can take advantage of the easy pace, set up a group ride and chat with your friends during your session.

You are going to complete this workout on a stunning route that follows the shore of the turquoise Walensee lake on the border of the Alpine countries of Switzerland and Austria.

Check the route here

Endurance in Slovenia

Thursday the 13th of January workout is very similar to the previous one with longer duration being the only difference. Make sure you prepare enough liquids to consume during the session! To get some tips about nutrition and hydration during indoor training in general, you can check this older blog post.

The selected route for the workout is located on the tiny bit of the Mediterranean coast of Slovenia, squeezed in between Italy and Croatia. If the route seems familiar to you, it may be because it’s been a part of the 2021 Tour of Slovenia, where Primoz Roglic proved his role as a champion.

Check the route here



Build up endurance

Saturday the 15th of January is when the real deal starts! 3hrs at 60% FTP might be a much longer training session than you are used to. However, if you want to build up your endurance, you need to spend quite a few hours on your trainer. Make sure you go slow! In case you reach the finish of the route earlier than you finish the workout, don’t worry- you will be moved to the start of the workout.

Rolling hills and vineyards at the foot of the Spanish Pyrenees are going to keep you entertained throughout the ride.

Check the route here



Queen stage

Sunday the 16th of January is the last workout day of the endurance week. The logic of this session is the same as the previous one. Go slow and enjoy the scenery. Completing this training session means you finished the endurance training week. You can be proud of yourself!

Check the route here


The following week, 18th to 23rd of January, focuses on shorter and more intense workouts, so called ‘intervals’. Stay tuned and we will bring a similar overview of the upcoming workouts - at the same time and at the same place, next week!



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