Say hello to Eric! He is an accountant and a great cyclist in one person who explored Canada from coast to coast on a bike!

Eric, please tell us what work do you do? And when do you usually have the free time to ride ROUVY?


I am an accountant in the Canadian public service. Therefore, ROUVY time is on weeknights and weekends.


How was your training during the cold months when you did not have ROUVY?


Before ROUVY  and Cycleops Virtual Training, all my training was on a dumb magnetic trainer. I don't miss those days at all. I was and I am still watching movies and TV shows while training but I previously had to pay more attention to what was going in order to stick to the plan. Now, it is much easier with Trainingpeaks integration. Also, when I need to work really hard, there is nothing better than ROUVY  online racing. Competition helps to push more watts.



What other hobbies or sports do you like to do in your free time?


Other than cycling, I like running, reading and watching movies or TV shows. I will often kill two birds with one stone while on ROUVY.


Do you ride on ROUVY with your close ones? Like family, friends, co-workers.


No, I do ride indoor and outdoor with my wife but she is old school with a bike trainer. I will ride outdoor with friends but it's just easier to ride than planning an indoor group ride.



When did you find your passion for cycling?


More than 20 years in an outdoor physical education class where we were training for a one-day ride. I quite liked it, bought a real road bike and started traveling on my bike. 


I cycled across Canada coast to coast to coast. That is Pacific to Atlantic in 2003 and from Vancouver to Inuvik about a decade later. Now, the Dempster Highway was extended to Tuktoyaktuk so it is even possible to dip the bike wheels in the Arctic Ocean!



Which place would you go cycling to right now if you had no limitation?


Don't get me started with my bucket list! It is long and just getting longer, with a mix of races (such as Garmin Unbound, Steamboat Gravel Race, Belgian Waffle Ride, Chic Chocs Ultra 600, etc.) and multi-day travel (Canol Road, Tour d'Afrique, etc.)

How did ROUVY make your 2020 better?


ROUVY made 2020 better with the career mode. Those challenges and getting to the legend level gave me the motivation to ride more and longer.


Thank you!




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  • raffaele62 - 17.07.2021
    Hello and bravo, I also yesterday became LEGEND and so I know what a great effort and difficulty you have tried. and above all how much work there to become legend Congratulations again . sportingly friend Raffaele
  • Michel_Rivard - 16.03.2021
    Toutes mes félicitations Eric! Ton histoire est inspirante. Tu as d'autres très beaux projets de voyage de vélo longue distance à venir. Bravo à toi!
    • LaRo - 17.03.2021
      Merci Michel! Il ne manque que le vaccin pour pouvoir voyager à nouveau.
  • Selinda - 14.03.2021
    Love that your race bike is an Argon 18 -- way to support Canadian bikes! Also, that Cube bike, do you still have it? Those tri spoke wheels are super nice.
    • LaRo - 14.03.2021
      No, that Blue T-14 bike was sold years ago to a friend and the wheels to another friend.

      I love my Argon 18 Gallium Pro. It is so light! Too bad it's missing disc brakes.
  • Globulia - 14.03.2021
    Bravo Eric. Si je comprends bien, tu as recu ton gilet Rouvy... Je saurai qui saluer si je te vois dans le parc; par contre, j’y suis plutôt en vélo de montagne.
    • LaRo - 14.03.2021
      Merci, des fois, je m'aventure dans les sentiers en vélo de gravier.
  • LTomie56 - 11.03.2021
    Hello Eric - thanks for sharing your story
    • LaRo - 14.03.2021
      Thank you Larry! I am often looking for Rouvy Jersey when I am cycling in the Gatineau Park. Not many Rouvy legends around.
      • LTomie56 - 17.03.2021
        I'll try to wear mine more often. It would be nice to see another "Legend".


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