YURIY RYASHKO - 30.09.2020

If it’s not broke don’t fix it, right? For those who think the Career Season path is very challenging, here is some assistance along the road. 

This season DOUBLE POINT WEEKENDS will be set monthly throughout the main season. 



During specific weekends, your points in the ROUVY Career will be counted twice! Use this opportunity to fuel your ROUVY Career progress at double speed.


Mark your calendars for these dates in 2020 & 2021:


  • October 9-11
  • November 13-15
  • November 27-29*
  • December 11-13
  • December 25-27
  • January 8-10
  • February 12-14
  • March 12-14
  • April 9-11
  • May 14-16
  • June 11-13
  • July 16-18
  • August 13-15
  • September 17-19


*Bonus for the upcoming Black Friday! Triple point weekend! Your earned points in this period will be tripled. 


NOTE: the system hours for Double Point weekends are Friday-Sunday, 00.01 - 23:59 UTC time zone.


How Points Are Calculated

Both indoor and outdoor ride points are calculated based on an equation of TSS(Total Stress Score). On these special weekends, points are calculated by the “TSS x 2” formula. So, on a Double Point Weekend, if your training TSS is 100, you'll receive an additional bonus with 200 Career points, instead of the usual 100 points.


Outdoor Rides

All outdoor activities must be done with a cycling power meter - just to ensure that we have your TSS information and this data is accurate, so we can count your points.


Indoor Rides

No changes here! Simply connect your trainer to ROUVY and pedal away.





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  • welshchamp - 12.01.2021
    I have been a ROUVY member for 3 years and only just realised there are double points weekends. You should make it more obvious to people. How do I check if I have been allocated double points for rides on these weekends ? My points seem to be consistent so I assume all the rides I have done on the double points weekend have not been allocated to my profile ! Surely this should happen automatically. Lots of people have commented that their points have not been doubled and your reply is to email Rouvy support ! You know of the problem so please fix it.
  • briandela - 30.12.2020
    Looks like there are maybe half the number of double points weekends as the 19/20 season. Any chance you’ll add more for 20/21?
    • yuriy888 - 04.01.2021
      Looks enough from our side, but you are welcome to send the desirable number of them and explanation here support@rouvy.com, thanks
      • briandela - 12.01.2021
        Honestly, this is one of the most disappointing responses I’ve received from a company in a while in terms of tone and choice of language.

        A simple “no, we don’t have plans to add more” would have been enough but putting it on the customer to justify something I didn’t ask for seems to challenge the customer to do something. Rather than working with them.

        Absolutely love the product but the support has been lacking.
  • hadeka - 28.11.2020
    I don't see my points being trippled? I did a ride yesterday and today and will one do tomorrow, where are the additional points?
    • yuriy888 - 30.11.2020
      contact support@rouvy.com in this case please, thanks
  • pedro.CCAlcayna - 26.11.2020
    How can I sync outdoor rides with ROUVY?
    • yuriy888 - 27.11.2020
      The outdoor activities should be recorded with a powermeter, then you can import them in your web dashboard. Cheers.
      • pedro.CCAlcayna - 27.11.2020
        Many thanks Yuriy888. Understood. To be more specific, is there any option/app to sync automatically? I would prefer to skip manual import. Thanks
        • yuriy888 - 30.11.2020
          Not sure for this one. Pls drop a message to support@rouvy.com with your setup/equipment details. They will advise if it is possible for your case.
  • sparty79 - 12.11.2020
    When will new challenges become available? I am stuck at the regional level, with all other requirements completed.
    • yuriy888 - 27.11.2020
      Updated periodically, just stay tuned.
  • lobopty - 12.10.2020
    Any chance to add rouvy official races available to all trainers?
    • ROUVY - 13.10.2020
      Hello Lobopty,

      We are working on more Official ROUVY Race for all trainers. Please be patient.
  • lobopty - 11.10.2020
    it's anyone are having problems getting the double points this weekend? I'm missing the double points from my ride yesterday and today!
    • ROUVY - 12.10.2020
      hello, please contact our customer service at support@rouvy.com they will be happy to help you. Thank you!
      • lobopty - 12.10.2020
        all set. didn't realize than the 2x only counts to career level but not to season results.
        • ROUVY - 13.10.2020
          Hello Lobopty, we apologize for any inconvenience that it might have caused. In this case, please contact our customer service at support@rouvy.com they will be happy to help you. Thank you!
  • alvasan - 03.10.2020
    Have an ANDROID APP similar to My.ROUVY.COM Where Routes and Events can be Choose. and Remained you Time about start 30 minutes before so of speak ( following your desire and your personal time to get ready to go pedaling)

    I take usually 30 minutes My set up is very compact because have every thing very close and handy


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