YURIY RYASHKO - 30.09.2020

The year on ROUVY has gone by quickly and a new season is here, starting now! All Career levels, tasks, and prizes have been reset and replaced with new ones. A new format of Challenges, as well as new great rewards, are waiting for you. Let this season's cycling adventure begin!

The previous season was a special one and ROUVY continues to grow quickly thanks to every one of you who have been active to make it possible. ROUVY’s team was spread thin as the hosting of the official virtual races took a lot of focus and development. Nevertheless, Career mode has seen rider’s growth and engagement skyrocket, so here we are to continue a great tradition. This is the only place riders can earn the coveted ROUVY jersey with nothing but your consistent training efforts! Cool and desired jerseys should be worked for, shouldn’t they? 



This season we’ve got new partners and an unprecedented amount of high-value prizes. In terms of tasks and their structure, there will be an additional format for Challenges. Challenges will be split into the short and long term goals. To be able to proceed in the career ladder, participation in the Official ROUVY Races is another new requirement. There are multiple reasons proving the indoor trainer has become a cyclist’s year-round friend. ROUVY CAREER is set to keep you focused and motivated across all months. The Career points were adjusted, so reaching the majority of levels is easier and more fun now!    


IMPORTANT NOTE: 20/21 Career is strongly recommended to complete via ROUVY AR apps only as “racing” functionality will not be a part of the ROUVY Workouts soon.



As with the Challenges, the 20/21 annual Career is again full of great prizes! We are grateful to our long-term partners and welcome new Italian ones who will give you a chance to win something at every level as you progress. With these prizes, we hope you find the motivation to train consistently. Below you can find a short partner intro and overview:


Santini Cycle Clothing is #1 for Bike Wear in Europe. Made in Italy. 



  • For all: 20% Discount for purchases on the website
  • Every month's random draw: Cycling kit






A brand for the promotion of all virtual race formats worldwide hosted ENDU (a digital platform for competitions with hundreds of thousands of athletes)


  • 1st PRIZE: Free tickets for you to participate in a Virtual Granfondo in Italy. During 2020/2021 PEDALITALY will organize a number of unique e-races of some of the most famous and breathtaking Granfondo events in Italy. Enjoy virtually racing on some of the most famous climbs known to cyclists in some of the most beautiful destinations in Italy.


  • 2nd PRIZE: PEDALITALY will reward you with a €1.500,00 voucher to participate in a one-week “Lucca Bike Tour” in the heart of Tuscany, Italy operated by ChronoPlus. During this unique seven-day bike tour in the heart of Tuscany, you will cycle through the hills around Lucca, surrounded by an ocean of olive trees, vineyards, oak and cypress groves and wild forests. You will be introduced to the most beautiful and evocative hamlets in the area and you will be led through the national park of the Apuan Alps.


  • 3rd PRIZE: Free tickets to join a PEDALITALY guided virtual tour. Virtual tours give passionate cyclists from all corners of the globe the opportunity to virtually cycle from the comfort of their own home in unique Italian locations such as Tuscany, Chianti Area, Lake Garda, 5Terre, Amalfi Coast, Dolomites, Barolo Area and many more.




Established in Italy in 1979, Elite is one of the biggest global players in the production of home trainers, water bottles, bottle cages and technologies for the indoor cycling world. In 2020/21 the Company is official supplier of 10 WorldTour teams – 2020 Tour de France winners UAE Team Emirates, 2019 Tour de France winners INEOS Grenadiers, Team Sunweb, Bahrain McLaren, CCC Team, Movistar Team, Team Israel Start-Up Nation, AG2R La Mondiale, Groupama-FDJ and Cofidis.



Grand prize:

  • Direto XR


Every month's random draw:

  • 2x Vico carbon cages + 2x Fly bottles 750ml
  • 2x Custom Race Plus cages + 2x Ffy bottles 550ml
  • 2x Cannibal XC cages + 2x Jet bottles






Wahoo Fitness has a full ecosystem of sensors and devices for runners, cyclists, and general fitness enthusiasts. Wahoo’s award-winning line of products include the KICKR family of smart indoor riding equipment and accessories, the ELEMNT family of bike computers, the TICKR family of heart rate monitors, as well as Speedplay dual-sided pedals.



  • Grand prize: KICKR smart trainer with a CLIMB grade simulator
  • Quarterly draw: KICKR Headwind






The TORTOUR is the largest multi-day non-stop ultracycling event in the world. The race with start and finish in Zurich demands everything from a cyclist and his team: In just two days, a 1000 km long nonstop race over several Alpine passes around Switzerland can be mastered – day and night, solo or in a team.




  • 10% Discount on the registration for the TORTOUR Ultracycling 2021


Grand prize:

  • Free registration for a solo athlete at the TORTOUR Ultracycling 2021 or 2022


(Hotel accommodation near the Event is included; If a winner decides to participate as part of a team the discount will be proportional to the number of team members. A team of two would therefore have a discount of 50% (flight/transportation to the event location needs to be paid by the winner)






Saris Cycling Group is a manufacturer of bicycle products committed to making bike trainers, racks and infrastructure in Madison, Wisconsin. 



The grand prizes:

  • 1 x Saris MP1 Nfinity
  • H3 smart trainer


Every month's random draw:

  • 3 speed/cadence sensors per month






Technogym is a manufacturer of fitness equipment based in Cesena, Italy. 50 million people in the world train on Technogym equipment every day.



  • The grand prize: Skillbench







  • ROUVY branded jersey for Legends



ROUVY is the place where training efforts and virtual experiences are rewarded in the real world! Like with the ELITE’s Experience Day at the Giro d'Italia in the past, this year you can win a One-Week Bike Trip in Tuscany, Italy with PEDALITALY and entry to the ultra-cycling event with TORTOUR! Isn’t that exciting?!


Double Point Weekends:

You can be looking forward to the Double Point Weekends as well. Save all the dates now - find out more here.



Your Career Level (or “My Career,” as you are used to seeing in the menu) resets every year to STARTER. Career resets will never affect any personal and all-time statistics. Your personal results for the 20/21 period are saved in the Season Results section on my.rouvy.com.



As mentioned, there will be an extension to the format of Challenges. We will be adding long-term challenges in addition to the weekly goals you’re accustomed to!


Short-term Challenge

  • Time constrained: Challenges will last for a couple of days up to a month (on average)


Long-term Challenge

  • Timeline: more than a month - up to half a year 


Challenges will be updated and added periodically.


The part of the new Challenges for the beginning of Season 2020/2021 is now published and the level tasks are set. Registrations are open and we ́re looking forward to your efforts on the pedals. 


So, enjoy the 20/21 Season and good luck in the draws! 



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  • full-quiver - 06.10.2020
    Completely agree with comments below regarding career mode, smart trainers and long routes. Please create options to participate and advance in career mode as we were looking forward to a new season only be disappointed by these changes.
  • luchovillanueva - 02.10.2020
    I guess that all users that have traditional trainers (i.e. non smart) and using direct power measuring device (e.g. power meter pedals such as Favero Assiomas or Garmin Vectors or Powertap) have been left out from Rouvy Career, since the official Rouvy Races are only for "Smart Trainers".

    I am sure that many, if not most of the direct power measuring devices are just as, or more accurate than many "smart trainers". The speed simulated by Rouvy is based on this power and thus should be just as accurate.

    It looks like users with direct power measuring devices don't even show-up on leaderboards; not even under "all devices". Not even next to the infamous IC Bike!!!

    if Rouvy is only going to cater to "Smart Trainers" then it should be clear about this to its current users and potential new users, and should delete the "Non-Smart or Classic Turbo Setup" option form its "Hot it works " tab on its home page.
    • jelin11 - 04.10.2020
      Thanks for bringing this up! I was extremely exited with this new season (2020/21), even if the bars for career advancement have been raised quite a bit until this moment that I found out all of Rouvy Offical races require a "smart trainner" to participate. WT*! I only have a spin bike and I want to be accurate and fair, so I upgrade it with Assioma duo pedals. The career advancement has been the major motivation for my last season, and now this is taken away from me. Rouvy please be fair for power meter riders like me. I only ride indoor, getting a bike with smart trainer is not practical for me. A smart indoor bike is not what I can afford. Please do something, or you will be losing another customer very soon. thanks!
    • briandela - 02.10.2020
      From my understanding, speed on Rouvy taken from the actual speed sensors for races and not calculate based on power.

      The primary difference when using the smart trainer is that it directly adjusts for incline/grade by essentially adjusting the 'resistance', adjusting speed unless you can generate power to keep the speed constant.

      I have both Vector 3 and a Tacx Neo 2t and the experience with the Neo 2T is a lot more realistic then the Vector 3 to real riding from a speed perspective (again, just my personal experience).
    • kevingre - 02.10.2020
      The biggest difference, when you're using results for course records or live races is the non-smart trainers are like having the correct gearing no matter how steep the climb. With my Neo 2T, some of those climbs almost kill me with regard to low cadence, whereas a simple trainer and a power meter would allow you to always pedal at your preferred cadence and simply generate your sustainable watts. In addition, it's super easy to crush any downhills as you never spin out your gears. You can generate 300 watts going down a 10 degree grade.

      That said, while I don't think you can compare the two in race results or records, it certainly shouldn't matter for Career advancement, as there is really no issue with completing "race mode" requirements specific watts or times. You could do them all at 50 watts so not sure why it matters.

      Of course, I'm pretty sure you can still create online races yourself that count toward Career Advancement, but I haven't tried that in this new season.
      • luchovillanueva - 02.10.2020
        I agree that in terms of the "correct gearing" concept a non-smart trainer paired with a direct power measurement device, might offer a small advantage because, as you mention, you always have the right gear. Theoretically though, on a smart trainer setup you should also be able to have the appropriate gearing for any course and climb (e.g compact or semi-compact with cassettes going up to 32 t) that allows you to sustain a given power at a given grade, and not have to "suffer" with super low cadences. Just like outdoors.

        Yes, on a smart trainer you have to shift up or down to find the right gear, but this should only take a few seconds and the advantage/disadvantage is probably negligible.

        Concerning the downhills, and specially for 7% + grades, you reach the maximum Rouvy downhill speed of 72 KPH very quickly, even without pedaling. So even if you can find the resistance to push higher wattage there is basically no gain to be obtained and just just accumulate fatigue.

        in any case, the only thing that I am requesting/suggesting is that in parallel Rouvy also create the Official Rouvy Races for non-smart trainers. This would not change in any way the experience for the "smart trainer only" racers, but would allow non-smart trainer users to advance through the Rouvy Career. Note that user created races do not count for Rouvy Career advancement.
        • kevingre - 03.10.2020
          I guess I wasn’t clear, I was actually agreeing that they should allow career advancement on dumb trainers. And I absolutely agree they should have events for both.

          That said, I can’t agree that a dumb trainer is as hard on Rouvy as a smart trainer. I’ve put a lot of miles on Rouvy and in my experience a dumb trainer is much less tiring.

          Just try Fallen Leaves on a Neo2T and then on a dumb trainer and I think you’ll agree. And my medium cage Shimano is only rated for a 28t so that’s what I run on my Neo. Those 20+ percent hills are tough on a 39-28 for an old guy like me. My cadence is sub 50 many times.

          And speed on Rouvy downhills is very weight-dependent (as it should be). There are many downhills I have to get over 110rpm to max out my speed.
          • luchovillanueva - 03.10.2020
            Kevin, thank you for your comments. I can definitely believe that 20+% grades on a 39-28 must be really hard! That is for certain in the virtual world and also in the real world! But I believe it is more due to the gearing that you have than to the smart Trainer. Just out of curiosity, are you using the same bike, with the same gearing on the dumb trainer? and how do you measure power on the dumb trainer? is it with Rouvy's virtual power or with a powermeter on your bike? are you able to generate more power and thus go faster on the dumb trainer? Sorry about all these questions, but It might help us/me further understand how all this works.
            • kevingre - 03.10.2020
              Definitely agree my gearing makes it harder than it should be. Since I live in a flat region I run a 52/39 and 11-25 outside. And while I can change my cassette for the Neo, I haven't wanted to mess with changing cranks to ride inside :)

              For the dumb trainer, depending on the bike, I use a Quarq or the FAVERO Assioma Duo pedals. But I rarely ride that any more and have only used it when I have had to wait for a new hub for my Neo (those wear out way too fast on it imho).

              With regard to average power, the only time I have seen big difference is on really varied rides (like Fallen Leaves mentioned earlier) or on extended downhills (as I mentioned, I have trouble holding power on downhills - but to be fair, I guess that just means I NEED those high cadence drills!).
        • briandela - 02.10.2020
          Agree fully to create parallel races for those who don't have non-smart trainers.

          On the fatigue point, I think this is the important thing. I get a lot more tired when using the Neo 2T than I do using the Vector 3.
    • jvance - 02.10.2020
      Yep - I would have no problem with people using actual power meters. My Kickr Core drifts too much as it warms up, so I take advantage of a neat feature it has - you can pair an ANT+ power meter to the Kickr and it will report those numbers and use them to control resistance.
  • mindcrime - 02.10.2020
    Will there be any official Rouvy races in Australian time? I don’t fancy having to get up at 2am to do a race to move up to the next career level!
    • ROUVY - 02.10.2020
      Hello, Yes, we will try to cover all time zones.
  • briandela - 01.10.2020
    Really excited for the new season. One thing which I can't find an answer to in the help docs.

    For those Career levels which require completion of a Challenge (pretty much all except Starter). Do all the rides for the challenge have to be ridden while in that level or does the challenge just have to be completed while in a level.

    Specific example:
    I start in Starter. I do a ride which is part of the Climber challenge while I'm in Starter. Completing that ride gives enough TSS to get to the Rookie level. Rookie requires completion of a challenge to get to the next level. Is it enough to do the other three rides in Climber to satisfy the need for a "Challenge Completed" even though one of the rides in Climber was done at the Starter level.
  • phoenix65 - 01.10.2020
    I expected a little more variability in your challenges routes. Col de Colmiane was just a week ago part of the French challenge and now again in two new challenges? Stelvio appeared in the Italian one a few weeks ago and is set again too? I know you can do better ;-)
    Anyway, kudos and thumbs up
  • antlers - 01.10.2020
    So I am going to be locked out of the career advancement because only Rouvy Workouts supports my trainer? That is not going to encourage me to renew my subscription.
    • ROUVY - 05.10.2020
      Hello, What kind of trainer do you use? May you please contact our customer services at support@rouvy.com they will be happy to help you.
      • antlers - 05.10.2020
        My trainer is a Kinetic Smart Control, less than three years old. It is a controllable trainer that works like a charm in Rouvy Workouts, but is not recognized in Rouvy AR.


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