YURIY RYASHKO - 30.09.2020

ROUVY’s previously announced features and pricing plan comes to fruition, together with multiple improvements of the racing platform and start of the ROUVY 20/21 Season.

The 20/21 ROUVY season starts now! Based on community feedback ROUVY’s team will release multiple improvements and changes to ensure the best realistic user experience. All ROUVY users will be able to enjoy new race options and features.  


Following the announcement of these incoming changes, new features will be effective in ROUVY AR 1.2.0 from October 1st, 2020. 





  • Introduction of “time-trial” and “race” modes displays the difference for the ‘drafting-disabled’ and ‘drafting-enabled’ results. 


  • Drafting will be enabled for the “race” by default (read more here). As in real life winning races will now be not only about pure power output but equally tactics and some good strategic thought as well.  


  • Rankings Update with Route Leaderboards reset - due to the implementation of the new speed model calculation all route records have been reset. All race results are saved in the season results. (All riders will have to create new route records again.)   


  • 2020/21 Career Season Start with new partners and up to $20K in the nominal prize value. Check out new tasks and start planning the season now! 


  • Virtual Running (public beta) - yes, now it is possible to run on ROUVY as well. If you’ve got or plan to acquire a treadmill, check this out. 


  • XHALE integration - extending the integrated ecosystem all XHALE users can enjoy an easy and automatic sync with ROUVY.




As the multi-months subscription plans are the most popular ones, we have decided to introduce them again!

ROUVY’s monthly subscription will be available for purchase at the price from $12 per month annually.


 SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS effective from Oct 1st, 2020

  • 1 month - $15/month
  • 6 months - $14/month
  • 12 months - $12/month




Most attributes of the subscription stay unchanged:

  • With one price and subscription all users can use all apps (both ROUVY AR and ROUVY Workouts)
  • Family Sharing’ feature (2 more family members per one subscription) stays unchanged.
  • 5 devices per one account/subscription limit stays unchanged as well.


Of course, there will also be a lot of official races and group rides ;). Have a great training season and stay tuned for further announcements!



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  • surfbikeswim - 19.10.2020
    Is there any plan to support Powertap hubs in Rouvy official races? if not, why not, they are at least as accurate as smart trainers? Is Ant+ on Android support now a Dec 1, 2020 target?
  • Cou-Reurke - 14.10.2020
    ROUVY, it is understandable that there is a problem sometimes, but communicate !! Nowhere to find, not on your FB page? not on your blog? Or maybe somewhere in the middle of nowhere? then it is a search because I find nothing! Let your customers know! Everyone is planning, booking online races ... and nobody can start! no communication - gives frustration ... your helpdesk must be overloaded, sure? please clarify.
    • ROUVY - 18.10.2020
      Noted, we will improve that. Thank you!!
  • boatdeck - 14.10.2020
    Struggling to get signed up for races. Register on the website, go to the app, and can’t find the event. Not even in my races. Sort by date or distance seems to give quite random results too.
  • edutoro1 - 05.10.2020
    A Huge upgrade would be to have lapped circuits!!!!... for example a velodrome for bike training or a running track for running training. Not only circuits this small... could be some route that ends in the same point it starts so one can taylor the length of the session with different amount of laps.
  • Tzhoughton - 05.10.2020
    I’m confused about the leaderboard. I understand why you reset it, but why do some show and some don’t now? Even with a smart trainer I’m not showing
    • ROUVY - 18.10.2020
      Only rides from smart trainers and the new Rouvy AR app version 1.2.0. and newer that are ridden in Time Trial are saved in the new Route Records
      Thank you!!!
  • deperlo - 05.10.2020
    So you can choose a different bike with different algorithms but I can not find any where what bike I used on a ride either in the ride or the leader boards. What is the point of having different bikes if I can not see what I used. Am I missing something about all this.
    • ROUVY - 05.10.2020
      Hello, here is the link about Time trial bike and road bike. From this link you will see the differences between bikes and how you can change the bikes. Thank you!
      • deperlo - 05.10.2020
        I understand the difference and how to choose them, my point is that when I look back at a ride or a leader board there is nothing that I can see that would tell me which of these bikes I had used for a ride


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