SAM JIROUŠ - 12.08.2020

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Dear ROUVY Rider,

We’ve had many exciting years at ROUVY, but for me, none so thrilling as 2020. If you asked me to describe this year so far, I would say it is a year full of learning.


The world seems to have changed overnight, but our goal remains the same - putting a real indoor cycling experience into the center of what we do.

When I was studying, I loved going out with friends for a ride, competing with my mates outside or simply exploring new places. To have this feeling at any time was mine and my brother’s vision when we were writing the first lines of the ROUVY app code. Today, the app allows you to travel the world from your living room, with friends from around the world, even if it is raining outside, already dark or there is simply too much traffic.

With ROUVY AR, iconic destinations that you may never travel to in real life became even more exciting and realistic. I am glad that at the beginning of the year, we were able to share this excitement with many professional riders that took part in “The Digital Swiss 5” racing series organised with the Tour de Suisse.

Gathering feedback from professional riders has helped us to understand what is missing from ROUVY when riding in a group. Drafting was one of the key discussion topics with the PRO riders, as you can feel a real difference when riding with your mates in a peloton. You can enjoy this feature soon, set for release at the beginning of the ROUVY season. In the meantime, look forward to a series of drafting races!

Becoming the official cycling platform for the IRONMAN races has opened our eyes to new ideas within racing itself. Time-Trial bikes with new aerodynamics or regular weekly races are great examples of how the athletic community can join together.

I believe that every athlete’s goal is to improve performance whilst having fun along the way. This is the same for us, the ROUVY Team - we are powered by constant improvement of the app that makes your sport activities fun.

We put you, avid athletes, explorers, into the heart of everything we do.

I admit, not everything always goes according to our plans and time schedules. The ANT+ support for ROUVY AR is long overdue and I am happy that we finally finished the implementation for this and the feature will be released as public beta on August 19th.

To be able to work on desired features, we need resources that would allow us to grow our team. In the last 21 months, Whilst  ROUVY AR has been uncharged, we have introduced over 130 AR routes, new avatars with custom jerseys, new races with our partners and much more.

To manage sustainable development, we feel the need for the introduction of a subscription plan for ROUVY AR and an update of the existing pricing plans. That is why, after 21 months of keeping ROUVY AR free of charge, we are now introducing a subscription plan.

Please find below the explanation of what this change means for you personally.

We are at the start of a new era for ROUVY and we would have never been able to achieve this without you. We value the relationship that you have with us and your loyalty. ROUVY is made up by people passionate for sports, whether in the ROUVY office or you, the rider on the road.

We want to keep moving with you towards more roads and features and we count on your support. Only together can we build something extraordinary!

Thank you.

Petr Samek, CEO


Find out more about the new subscription plans.



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  • bcarbert - 08.12.2020
    It took 2 tickets and multiple emails but the issue about race order was finally fixed. It shouldn't be so difficult to get a meaningful resolution.
  • gjbradford - 30.09.2020
    Another frustrating ride 40 min ride 30 m in spent messing with video that does not work then it starts then stops then starts. I think I have had one decent ride
  • swaimkm - 06.09.2020
    I can’t seem to get any response on a problem we have had connecting our Cycleops 400 Pro trainer to Rouvy AR. We first tried on iPad since that worked before on Rouvy. We upgraded IPad and got a 30 pin to lightning adapter for the Wahoo Ant+ Key. No connection. I then bought the Ant+ USB Dongle and installed on Win 10 laptop. The AR app sees the dongle but can’t find any sensors. The menus for Saris don’t even list Cycleops 400 Pro. Please get me help!!!!!!!
    • MikeMillar - 15.03.2021
      I am experiencing the exact same problem and tried the exact sequence of possible fixes including buying a Win 10 laptop. Like you, nothing worked. I haven't yet resorted to downgrading to a 300 as I really want to keep the automatic resistance functionality. For now, I'll use the older Rouvy Workouts app that gives me AR, but not the option of running races. The big question is will Rouvy at some point discontinue support for Rouvy Workouts and rely entirely on Rouvy AR. If that is the case, then my 400 Pro will be useless. If that is the case, I certainly will not keep Rouvy and will not buy Saris products. Rouvy (a corporate affiliate to Saris) should not be discontinuing support for what is essentially one of their own bikes.
    • michaelmclaughlin - 07.02.2021
      Here is what I did with mine. I converted it into a 300 pro. You won't get automatic resistance, but it turns a useless trainer into something that you can use. The yellow knob on the 400 is the exact same one that comes on the 300. The 300 uses manual resistance through that knob. Five minutes of tinkering is al it takes. You will need 2, 3, and 4 mm allen wrenches.

      The folks at Saris helped me.
      This is what they sent me.

      Here are the steps to get that bike converted:

      -Remove the black "stop" cap on the top of the yellow knob (there should be a black square on the side of the knob, push this in and up and you should be able to gently remove the black cap

      -Below the cap you will see an allen screw, undo this screw to remove the yellow knob assembly.

      -Grab the larger silver cylinder and turn counter clock wise to remove it from the bike

      -At this point you should see a silver bar sticking up, you can pull that straight out to remove it from the bike.

      -On this silver bar, there is a black assembly threaded onto it. On that assembly there is a very small allen screw, simply unscrew that to "unlock" the black assembly so that it may freely thread up and down on the bar. (there was no great way to describe this piece/assembly, so I have included a photo for you!)

      -After you have unlocked it, replace the bar, silver casing, knob and stop cap and the bike is good to go!

      Things to know about the conversion:
      1. The bike will now function as a Phantom 3/300Pro.  They  will get power, speed and cadence, but the resistance will be controlled by a turn dial at the top
      2. The bike cannot be turned back into a 5/400, so this upgrade is a “point of no return” so to speak
    • TonyVilla - 15.09.2020
      Hello I have the same problem, support said they dont have the script yet for that indoor bike, but I would like to know when they are going to have something cause I am using only the augmented routes and them dont work fine in any app..
      • TonyVilla - 15.09.2020
        may be they are trying to find the way the app recognize the 400 pro automatically, but I think would be good it work like rouvy workouts, selecting the sensors manually
        • ROUVY - 15.09.2020
          Hello, we are very sorry, but CycleOps 400Pro is not fully supported in Rouvy AR. Thank you for understanding. Rouvy Team.
          • TonyVilla - 15.09.2020
            I would like to know, if the 400 pro is not going to work with rouvy ar , are you going to repair the augmented routes in rouvy workings app?? (cause I have some issues), if augmented routes only are going to work in rouvy ar and in rouvy workings are going to be erased, cause I only use that function, it is not going to work for me. thanks
            • MikeMillar - 15.03.2021
              I'm not sure why it is so complicated for Rouvy to find the script for their OWN (Saris) indoor bike. Plus, if TrainerRoad has them (TrainerRoad is compatible with Cycleops 400 Pro), why can't Rouvy work them? If this is all a ploy by Rouvy to get people to upgrade their indoor smart bike to a Saris trainer, it may well have the unintended consequence of having people drop their Rouvy subscription and buy a non-Saris spin bike. Just saying.
  • lifebehindbars - 31.08.2020
    So we can search routes with specific criteria. Great, but then we will not be aware of most routes because of the limitation of 50 routes as you have stated. We will miss many routes because of this. How do we know what to search for? You could make it more tedious but I doubt it. (sarcasm). We are loyal and I for one love what your doing however, you can do better, especially in this area.
  • lonerider399 - 26.08.2020
    I any thoughts on making the routes and videos more realistic? There are two problems in my opinion 1) Video recorded by a car at car speeds, which often looks weird when replayed at bike speeds, 2) The camera seems to mounted fixed to the dashboard, which means that as the recording vehicle goes up a slope, the camera is tilted, and on the screen, the slope looks just like a flat section. As much as I enjoy riding real world routes, the visual representation of incline never feels realistic in Rouvy.
    • carstenrlv - 24.09.2020
      Ad 2: Indoor training is not a bicycle simulation. I have tested a horizontal camera position and it looks like shit... Uphill you can only see the road in front of you, downhill only the sky. Even sudden pans to the side are very annoying. Finally, you can see quite good gradients on objects at the roadside.
  • IanK53 - 23.08.2020
    Since the most recent update the AR Category is removed. From what I have read on FB this is by design. If so, it seem to me to be a mistake. I now find it much harder to search for AR routes on both the web site and the app.
    Seems odd to hide your flagship product and make it harder to search with the AR routes now interspersed with Std video routes.
    • bigmuflon - 23.08.2020
      Hi iank101. AR routes are in all categories except TOP non-AR routes right now. Therefore we removed the extra AR category... So, we try to make the AR route selection simpler. For all that, we recommend marking your preferred routes as FAVOURITE and that's the easiest way how to find your the most preferred routes quickly.
      • IanK53 - 24.08.2020
        Hi Bigmuflon

        Thankyou for you response.

        The fact that the AR routes are now interspersed with Non AR, makes it less easy to use and less intuiative imho.

        My main use case is that a group of us ride together each weekend. Thus AR Route.

        We have our common routes set in favourites so no problem there.

        From time to time I would search the AR Routes on the web site to look for any new ones which might be suitable for our group ride.
        Previously, this was quite simple. Go to the AR Category - set to seach via distance or ascent and checkout any likely candidates - have a quick look at the video and email everyone the link if it seemed OK.

        Last weekend, I seached the flat rides, found one with AR properties (https://my.rouvy.com/virtual-routes/detail/34186) that we hadn't riden before.

        Unfortunately, the properties of the ride were incorrect and it is not an AR ride.

        Scrolling though a large number of rides to find the AR ones is not particularly efficient. Even if there was a toggle button to "Show only AR routes" as a filter in the search function would be way better than current.
        • IanK53 - 24.08.2020
          Correction - the ride we did was https://my.rouvy.com/virtual-routes/detail/34244


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