YURIY RYASHKO - 15.07.2020

Great news as some big improvements will be arriving soon! We’re excited to announce the upcoming drafting release (late summer ETA) and new features to be added such as bike selection, age group filtering, and updated speed calculations. 

With the earlier ROUVY AR updates this spring, all triathletes and cyclists can experience the updated speed simulation algorithm for triathlon and TT rides. It is worth mentioning that the new algorithm was developed based on the pro calculations (top IRONMAN athletes and pro peloton) for ITT and their bikes. With all aero settings for super-accurate TT optimization, most calibrations had significantly improved flat and downhill riding. The results turned out to feel a little unrealistic (ie. ”too much aero”) for many riders of our community as the portion of the pro athletes constitutes a smaller percentage on the platform. Clearly understanding the need to make the proper adjustments, the team at ROUVY is now working on another type of virtual road bike. It will bring a strategic game-changer to online races as each type of virtual bike will have a different geometry, and thus different aerodynamic values (more info below), just like in real life. In addition to the new bike type, we will release drafting and update all leaderboards. Upcoming events will soon get exciting when the races can be won not only by pure power but with a smart tactical approach and team strategy! Are you ready for this one???




  • Drafting feature will be ON by default during the ‘Training Mode’, ‘Group Rides’ and ‘Online Races’. 
  • Drafting will NOT be available in ‘Time Trial Mode’.
  • Races and events can be designed as ‘TT’ during the race creation process to disable drafting modes.




With the release of drafting we are also adding an additional category for our race types. Some titles of current race types will also change.


One title - “Race Mode” => will split into two titles/categories: ‘Time Trial’ and ‘eRace’ 

(‘Online Race’ => ‘eRace).




The goal is to have 2 bikes (and add later 1 more) in the ROUVY AR app - to give you the freedom to choose the ride feel of your choice. This means either to get back to where it was or use the current calibration. For this purpose the following new virtual bikes will be implemented:


Time Trial bike (the current ‘ROUVY AR’ calibration)
  • optimized aero geometry -> faster on the flat routes and downhill segments 
  • not optimal “body” position for climbing (because of the bike geometry) -> slower on the hills 


Road bike
  • Slower than the TT bike on flat routes
  • Faster than the TT bike on up hills.

Just like in real life, choose the bike that’s best for you for every race and ride! Along with the new bikes all leaderboards and route results will be updated in the new version.


MTB bike*
  • slower everywhere
  • the only one available on MTB routes

    *MTB bike is on the roadmap for the future, not in the closest releases.



  • Separate results for TT rides and eRaces
  • Only smart trainers in the lists/results (no other options) 
  • Additional sorting (and filtering) by Gender (male, female) and Age Group - (0-18, 18-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 60+)
  • Additional column - ‘gender’, ‘age group
  • New “Running” tab (“Last passes” tab will be removed)




The end of August is the orientation period for the release of all of the above. Nevertheless, drafting will occasionally be turned ON in different official race events for testing purposes before that. Keep an eye on the announcements.

We hope the planned updates will keep the great feel of outdoor rides and reality which has been a special ROUVY trademark since the beginning. With over 5,000 videos now in the library, you will be able to have much more fun and freedom of choice in racing pursuits around the world.

P.S. For those who would like to ask again; yes, ANT+ for ROUVY AR and Wattbike have a release time-line for mid August. 



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  • boatdeck - 28.07.2020
    Rouvy is fab but please add the Stages SB20 to the smart bike options. Thanks.
    • yuriy888 - 05.08.2020
      In the process of verification for the official compatibility. For the workaround, you can choose some other smart bike model, or "general trainer". Cheers.
  • kapi - 27.07.2020
    I was surprised, drafting worked really good at Bad Homburg race (much better than at Zxxxx ;-) Good job Rouvy-Team!
    • yuriy888 - 05.08.2020
      Thanks for the feedback, keep riding!
  • jvlieghe - 22.07.2020
    Very excited to see drafting come to the ROUVY races, great job you people are doing! Keep up the good work!
    • yuriy888 - 05.08.2020
      Thanks for the feedback, stay tuned!
  • Rogeriobs - 17.07.2020
    Hey Rouvy guys, when the connection thru the Ant+ will be available?
    I aways see message on screen that says "Ant+ comming soon"
    I've been using Rouvy but thru the mobile and it's a very suck once that screen is very small.
    • yuriy888 - 05.08.2020
      Hi, mid/second half of August. If you are an Apple user https://support.rouvy.com/s/article/Big-scren-support-AirPlay-Apple-TV?language=en_US For more big TV connection instructions pls drop a note to support@rouvy.com with your setup details. Thanks.
  • dexcon99 - 17.07.2020
    Can only echo prcunha below.
    • yuriy888 - 05.08.2020
      Thanks for stopping by, answered below.
  • MatthiasHeil - 17.07.2020
    And while I'm at it: Any timescale for making the AR app work with the Elite Direto? These days I tend to be the only person in most races who uses the old app and I'm way off the pace because of the ridiculously inflated speeds. How is this fair to existing users?
    • yuriy888 - 05.08.2020
      Elite Direto issues were addressed in version 0.12.8, if you are using a higher ROUVY AR app version pls contact our help desk for troubleshooting. For the speed mismatch between the apps, the issue will be resolved once AR will be the only app for virtual rides. RT is working hard to make it happen. Stay tuned, and thanks for your support and understanding.
      • MatthiasHeil - 06.08.2020
        When you fix a bug (and announce that it's been fixed, here and via email from the helpdesk),
        do you actually check first that the problem has gone away? And if not, wouldn't that be a
        sensible thing to do?

        Anyway, I've upgraded to the latest version of the app (yet again), done exactly the
        same test that I've done (and told you about) before, and absolutely nothing has changed.

        "Log" of the latest test is here:



        Please see the captions on the strava screenshots for further explanation (though
        it's exactly the same as before, apart from the fact that it now takes forever
        to upload a ride, something that others have reported too recently. You're
        making it worse not better.

        I appreciate that you have a lot on your plate and am grateful that you're at least
        replying to these issues, but please focus on ensuring usability for existing users before
        adding new features (something that will inevitably introduce new bugs, because that's just the
        way it is, and that's fine). And PLEASE do some quality control before releasing new revisions.
        • yuriy888 - 06.08.2020
          Matthias, I appreciate the details but the blog is not a place where we can help you. So, pls always forward any issue directly to support. Regards.
          • MatthiasHeil - 06.08.2020
            Have already done that but thought this may be of interest to other direto users who might also be under the mis-apprehension that the problem had been fixed. Anyway, I’ll leave it at that. No need to reply.


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