If you are a sports enthusiast, who enjoys spending time virtually exploring new places, training precisely for races or you just like cycling, ROUVY is your #1 choice for exploring the world from your living room.

We use technology called “Augmented Reality” to take you on a virtual cycling journey. What does that mean? Augmented Reality combines real video footage of a road with embedded 3D objects and a precise GPS profile, resulting in a real simulation of any road in the world. 


ROUVY is the platform that allows you to ride your favorite road at any time - from your living room - it is that simple.



If you are curious about how AR works, get a detailed description by clicking HERE


What do you need to start enjoying an  indoor cycling experience with ROUVY?

You simply need a smart controllable trainer that can change resistance based on the data provided by an app. 


After getting a suitable trainer, you need to download the ROUVY App to your smart device (smartphone, computer, tablet or Apple TV). For the best experience, we recommend using Apple TV. Just connect the trainer to the App, set up your bike and start riding! It is that easy. 



For more information on how to start with ROUVY, click HERE.


Thousands of cycling routes are waiting for you in your living room. 

ROUVY offers over 4,000 route films, 70 iconic places, various race courses and over 7,000 km. of certified routes across continents, allowing you to visit places you might never see in real life.


Haven't found your favorite road yet? No problem!

You can record your own road and upload it to ROUVY by using our editor.


Are you ready to simulate training on any racing track?

You can search for a specific racing course in the ROUVY App, hit the start button and simulate the conditions of a real race from your home. By doing this, not only can you learn about the racing route, but you can effectively set up a racing strategy ahead of the competition. 



This feature is really popular amongst road cyclists, who can prepare for their races and get to know routes that are thousands of kilometers away from them. Click here if you want to know more about how to use ROUVY in race preparation.


The precise training you have always dreamt about.

You can also use the ROUVY Workouts App for starting a structured workout on any route. There are over 6,000 workouts you can do on ROUVY, and even if you do not find the one you are looking for, you can set up your own training. Simply read this article on how to do that, and get ready for your next race. 



ROUVY will also help you in other aspects, such as an analysis of your pedalling, by using Virtues™ - advanced pedal metrics. This feature will help you to understand your pedal balance and efficiency. Read more here



Stay motivated, have fun!

Having fun while preparing for your races is crucial for your success. There are many features that will help you to connect with others, and enjoy your indoor training to the fullest. 

Take part in a Challenge 

Challenge yourself as you reach the goal of the Challenge. Join others and engage within our vibrant community. Find out more HERE


Work on your cycling career 

All of your year-long efforts count! Become a Legend, and enjoy exciting rewards:  up to $10,000 and some of the best training products ROUVY partners have to offer as you progress in your career. Find out more HERE


Become the winner of the Leaderboards

Every route has its own leaderboard with the fastest riders on the route. Are you ready to compete with others? Train hard and be the best!


Race with the Pros

Experience the virtual peloton, and enjoy racing with people from all over the world. IRONMAN, Mallorca 140.6, Tour de Suisse, TORTOUR, KPŽ and many other races are taking place on ROUVY. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date!

Ready to spin those wheels?

By now, you know what to do to do to start your indoor cycling journey. The whole set up is very simple, and will only take you a few minutes. 


Also, do not forget to connect your STRAVA account - we will take care of the activities upload and provide you with detailed analytics of your performance - and your TrainingPeaks account in order to upload your own training sessions.



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